'Why can't all nights be like this?' Anthony 'Tony' DiNozzo asked himself as the quietness of the apartment soothed into his skin.

It was a quiet March evening, neither warm nor cold. It was peaceful- there had been no major accidents and work was fine. They'd just got a new member named Nikki Jardine, a germaphobe. She was funny to him.

Closing his eyes, he settled back onto the sofa, hands behind his head- life was good.

Knock, knock.

Opening his peepers, Tony sighed as the thumping on the door got to a heightened pace.

"I'm coming," he yelled in an annoyed tone, unhappy that his serenity had been interrupted.

He finally wrenched open the door, expecting Kate to be there to tell him about a case or his elderly neighbor Therese asking him to help her, as she'd been locked out again. He looked out to see…

…Nothing. Not a person in sight.

Jumping to the immediate conclusion of a knock-door-runner, Tony was about to close the door. That was until he heard a small sniffle coming from the direction of his feet.

It was a baby.

He looked down in the upmost surprise.

Oh crap, he'd done what every free-wheeling bachelor had done.

The baby opened its baby blue eyes and stared up at him in curiosity. It was only then that Tony realised a note was placed on the baby's chest. He bent down; picking it up, leaving the child safely in the carrier it had come in.

Born 15th March at 23:00

Weight: 5 pounds 9 ounces.

You may name her as you wish, as long as one of her names is Talia, Tali for short.

Take good care of her- she is beautiful and deserves love. I cannot give her the upbringing I wish her to have, but you can. I hope one day I can see her when she has grown.

Tony checked the note one more time to see that it was genuine, before folding it into his pocket.

"It looks like I'm your daddy," he picked the carrier up, the baby gazing at him; "You're a very beautiful girl like your mama said. I'm sure she loves you very much and I want to respect her wishes. Your name is now Talia Marie DiNozzo."

He walked back into the apartment and shut the door behind him.

This wasn't the peaceful night he had wanted.

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