Roddy walked through the Malone household nervously fingering something in his pocket. It was later in the evening, so there weren't many lights on. He and Rita were supposed to spend time together that afternoon, but she had gotten busy. Her mum was pregnant with the 45th Malone baby, so she had been running back and forth from the store all day. Roddy sighed and kept walking. He almost screamed when 2 of the middle Malone siblings, Jojo and Mimi, ran right into him. Jojo fell and Mimi clung to Roddy's leg. She grinned.

"Hello Roddy!"

Roddy chuckled nervously.

"Hello Mimi, Jojo."

Jojo stood up and hugged Roddy's other leg. He grinned and looked up at him.

"Roddy, have you seen Rita? Mum's looking for her and no one has seen her since this morning!"

Roddy blinked.

"Hm…that's strange. No, I haven't seen her…but if I do, I'll let you know."

The two siblings smiled and let go of his legs, then ran off.

"Thanks Roddy!"

Roddy smiled and continued walking. Well, actually it was more like pacing. You see, he had been living with the Malones for about half a year, and had taken Rita on more dates than he could remember. And every time the date was over, he would give her a quick kiss, then dash to his room. He always wished that he had enough courage to actually 'seal it', and he had thought about it, a lot. But every time he was about to, he would look into her green eyes and suddenly his brain turned into scrambled eggs. He couldn't think straight and his knees went weak.

Roddy was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn't notice that Rita had kissed his cheek and was now walking past him.

"Hey Rod."

Roddy blinked and shook his head.

"Huh? Oh Rita! Hey, your mom is looking for you…"

Rita groaned.

"I know…she wants me to go get her some juice…why didn't she ask me to do that when I left this morning?"

Roddy shrugged silently and watched her walk to the Jammy Dodger. He found it extremely hard not to watch her hips. Rita spun around.


Roddy blinked and looked up.


Rita laughed.

"Whatever…do you want to come along?"

Roddy nodded.


Rita turned and walked up to the cockpit as Roddy hopped onto the Dodger.

"Stop staring at my butt."

Roddy chuckled nervously.

"W-what? I wasn't…"

Rita turned and stared at him. He looked at his feet.


Rita smirked and started the boat, as Roddy stood next to her. A few minutes later, Rita parked the boat and the two of them were walking to the heart of town.

"So where are we headed exactly?"

"Just to the store. We'll get her some juice, then we can head home."

Roddy slipped his hand into his pocket and held the small object tightly.

"Well…I was thinking that…maybe we could…hang out a little here? I found a really, um, nice spot I wanna show you."

Rita blushed softly.

"If you want to take me on another date you could've just said so, Rodders…"

Roddy chuckled.

"Yeah…but this is…different. A good different though, Ri."

Rita smiled at the nickname.

"Sounds good Rod. We can get Mum's juice afterwards…"

Roddy grinned and took her hand quietly, then led her to a small tunnel at the edge of the sewer wall.

"Careful…watch your head."

They walked through the dark tunnel silently, with Rita clutching Roddy's hand.

"Almost there…"

Rita looked ahead and saw daylight.

"Roddy…where are we going…?"

"It's a surprise."

Rita followed blindly, heading for the light. Roddy smiled as they reached the end. He jumped down and helped Rita. She squinted as her eyes adjusted to the light.

"Here we are…"

Rita looked around and gasped softly.


They were underneath a metal bench in a small park. It wasn't a public place, you could tell by the fence and the "KEEP OUT" sign. There was a medium sized pond with fake swans in it, small lights surrounding the park, which illuminated it with a soft glow. Flowers were pretty much everywhere, and heart shaped plastic rings hung on the fence.

"Roddy…how did you find this…?"

"I was just…roaming around…and…I heard some talking from the beginning of the tunnel…I got curious, went inside, and just…found it. It was pretty much the same, although it didn't have any of the…um…hearts. I uh…I put those there." He rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

Rita smiled and hugged him tight.

"It's amazing. I'm so happy you chose to share this with me."

Roddy grinned and held her close, then led her to the edge of the pond. They sat there talking and laughing, until Rita stretched and looked around.

"It's getting kind of late…maybe we should head home."

Roddy took a deep breath.

'It's either now or never Roddy…'


Rita was already standing, and watched as Roddy stood up in front of her. She noticed that he was looking more nervous and awkward than usual.

"Yes Roddy?"

Roddy smiled as he got down on one knee, his heart beating so hard that he was afraid it would pop out. Rita's cheeks turned bright pink.

"Roddy…are you…"

He smiled nervously as he pulled the box out of his pocket.

"I have a very important question to ask you…"

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