Chapter Three: It's Only for Practice!

"H-hey, Yozora! What are you doing?"

Yozora used her arms to pin me against the wall. She brought her face close to my ear, and with a face wearing a slightly sadistic smile, whispered into my ear.

"I found out about it, you know? About all of those pictures, no, posters, that you keep on your walls in your room. What was it that Kodaka said? Ahh, that they were all of me before I cut my hair short? And you sniffed the wig that I wore before every night before you go to sleep? I always knew that you were a perverted piece of meat, but I didn't know that you were on this level!"

I twitched as her breath tickled my ear and averted my eyes away from her.

"So what if I did? D-do you have a problem with it? Stupid Yozora."

"Hah, only you, Niku, would have the guts to talk back when you're the one clearly in the wrong. Ahh, what should I do to punish this bitch that seems to be in eternal heat?"


With that, Yozora brought her lips closer to mine, and just when I thought hers would touch mine, her teeth bit down on my lower lip.

"Hnn! Ih Hursh! Yoshoya!"

Without replying, she stared into my eyes, and I could feel something moist and soft enter my mouth. Y-Yozora stuck her tongue in my m-mouth!


I didn't move a centimeter as Yozora started sucking on my tongue. Gently, gently…

"Niku, you're getting your drool all over the table!"


"Sena, you should hurry up and wake up before Yozora does something to you…"

Is that Kodaka?

Slap! I felt a sting on my forehead, and raised my head only to see Yozora standing in front of me across the table in the clubroom.

"Finally, you woke up. Now hurry up and mop away all of your meat juice off of the table."

That was all a dream? Well…of course it was a dream. There's no way the real Yozora would do anything such as... what she did in my dream. And wait, why did I even have that dream? Am I frustrated? Is that it?

I look around the clubroom. Since it was a day off, only Yozora, Kodaka, and I came. Since the others didn't come, we decided to put a hold on club activities until Monday.

"What are you standing there spacing out for, Niku? Hurry up and wipe."


I quickly turned my flushed face away from Yozora and wiped up what I'd left on the table.

"And, by the way, Niku, what was it that you dreamed about? You had this disgusting smile on your face and were making w-weird sounds."

Yozora's face turned slightly rosy just before she finished completing her sentence.

"Ahh…that? Um…I was…"

Ahhh! What do I do? I definitely can't tell her about what I really dreamed about!

"I…I dreamed about k-kissing Kodaka!"


Yozora spewed out the coffee that she was drinking, and her eyes grew larger in disbelief.

"W-wait! You're not joking, right Sena?"

Kodaka blushed, and took a step away from me with his arms held up defensively.

"Y-you dreamed about kissing Kodaka?..."

Yozora stared at the ground, so I couldn't tell for sure what her face looked like.

"Well, yeah."

I scratched the back of my head while feeling slightly awkward.

"Come with me, Niku."

With her face still stuck on the ground, Yozora took hold of my wrist and lead me into an empty storage room.

"W-what's wrong, Yozora?"

"Niku, did you forget that I am your girlfr—no, pretend girlfriend? You've sure got some nerve if you decided to go and have a dream about kissing Kodaka."

Don't tell me that Yozora is maybe…jealous? Wait, no way. I'm not the one who she likes. She must just be pissed that I dreamed of kissing Kodaka, the childhood friend that she's always liked. Of course she wouldn't want to do anything such as kiss me…But, I wonder if there's even a slight chance?

"C-could it be that you're jealous, Yozora? J-just kidding!"

Yozora's face lit up in flames and she started to sputter out words.

"W-what the hell are you talking about, you damn rotten piece of meat?"

Then a moment of silence came as we both looked away from one another. This is so suffocating.

"Well, do you want to do it, Niku?"

The sudden proposal surprised me, and I turned to look at Yozora.

"Y-you know, we could use this opportunity to practice, you know? For when we get real boyfriends."

"Ahh…yeah. I guess you're right. Then, you won't push me away or anything, right?"

"Am I an idiot who would tell you to do something only to tell you to stop right afterwards?"

I could feel my heart rate increasingly rise as I brought my lips closer and closer to Yozora's face. Then, while brushing her bangs away from her face, I gave her forehead a light peck.

"Was that good enough for you?"

"Y-you must be an idiot, Niku. Why the hell would you need to practice kissing foreheads? When you go out with someone, isn't it more common and difficult to kiss on the lips? Why didn't you practice doing that instead?"

Despite her stingy words, her cheeks and ears were dyed a light pink.

"A~Ah, so you wanted something more? You're unexpectedly perverted, aren't you, Yozora?"

"Close your damn mouth, Niku! I just wanted to try it for practice, practice only!"

The rest of the day passed by quickly, and by no time, it was already time to go back home.

"Ahh, Yozora was so cute today~…but"

—I can't stop wondering about what she thinks about me, and what she thinks about Kodaka. But then again, I might just be over-thinking things…

Author's Note: Thank you to all those who've read this! The atmosphere of this chapter was quite different from the other chapters since less people attended the club. I hope that didn't put off a lot of you. Hopefully this chapter didn't disappoint. Thanks to everyone who commented. I enjoyed reading every one of them. Special thanks to everyone who favorite and followed it. Until next time.