A/N This has no connection to any of my other fics at all.

Also, all that I know about the Doctor's family on Gallifrey is from Wikipedia research, and just that he has a granddaughter named Susan, so I apologize if this seems AU to better versed whovians! :)

River pressed a soft kiss to her infant daughter's forehead, golden curls tickling the girl's face.

"Good night, sweetie." she whispered.

She left the room, shutting the door quietly behind her, before setting off to find the Doctor.

She found him in their bedroom, his back to her as her stared out of the window, looking out at the universe. River walked over to him, taking him hand, sensing that he was upset about something.

For several minutes, he said nothing, squeezing her hand gently. After what felt like hours, he spoke.

"I had children once, before, a long, long time ago. Back in Gallifrey."

"I know." said River, frowning at his look of despair.

"I loved them so much, River, and my wife too. And I was there for them every time except the time that mattered. When Gallifrey fell, they all died, and there was nothing I could do to save them. My little girl, her name was Razinia. We used to call her Raz. She was still a young child, she had never even regenerated when Gallifrey fell. I almost got there in time to save her, but I was still to late. She died in my arms, and there was nothing I could do. And my oldest son, he had his own family, his own children. I stole Susan from him and then I stole the rest of his family too. I ran away from Gallifrey, and I ran too fast and too far, and I wasn't there when it mattered, River. What if the same thing happens now?"

River embraced him, squeezing him tightly as if it would make the pain go away. She hated it when people hurt her timelord, especially when the person inflicting the punishment was him himself.

"It won't." she whispered. "I know who and what you are, Doctor, and I know that you won't let me - won't let her - down."

"But what if I do?" he said, his voice pained and laced with fear and misery.

"You won't. Won't let me down. Or Raz."

"Who's Raz?"

"Your daughter, sweetie. My daughter. She needs a name, and I can't imagine a better one."

"I love you River." he whispered burying his face in her hair.

"I know that, my love. I love you too."