Huzzah! The ending! The name of this chapter? "A Winner Is You!" This was an adorable scene for Popple, and I love the way I ended it. This is where chapter 3 kind of counts. But I consider it as almost a cliffhanger, wouldn't you say? Popple's adventure is just beginning. Look out for more of his excitement, see? Thanks :)

This was my first story, Caio!


Popple woke up to the smell of cake being baked. He was on one of the couches outside of Peach's kitchen. He sat up and grimaced from pain. He was sore from his purple cap to his worn out shoes. Toadbert appeared with a tray of syrup and tea to help recover his headache. Popple gladly took it and sighed, "What happened?"

Toadbert simply replied for him to wait. A few minutes later, an annoying bird shouting, "FYI," carried a box out the window towards Dimble Wood- probably towards Bowser Castle. Peach, Mario, and Luigi emerged from the kitchen with a cake and sat down around a coffee table. The Bros were still a little uncomfortable around Popple, even though he wasn't that big of a threat.

"Mr. Popple, yes, I know it's not Poppleton, I thank you, gratifyingly for your brave act, and the explosion might have killed the weakened Mario Bros while you remained strong enough to face it. With your help, everyone is well and healthy. With your help, Mario and Luigi were able to get needed resources. But hearing from your reputation, what has made you change?" Peach asked.

"Well, I grew up in the Beanbean Kingdom, see? And I was always looked down upon, from the sprout stage. When I came here to sell Bean Goods, ya see, I seen these Toads were nicer than I thought. I never even expected you to be this nice, how 'bout that? Things are different in the Beanbean Kingdom, and I needed this change a long, LONG time ago. I couldn't let my last… happiness go away (jeeze, this sounds too cheesy)." Popple replied.

Peach could practically read his thoughts,"No, that was noble of you. A true knight. I knew from the start you were good inside."

"But I'm not a knight, I'm a thief! Always have, and the only other thing I'm good at. Stealth 'n' Steal."

"Perhaps something else…? A secret talent?" Popple reached inside his pocket and felt the four beans. He pulled them out and studied them. "Perhaps you could farm these near the castle, and make a profit out of selling coffee beans. I want you to have a choice in your life, and a chance."

"But that isn't my life! A farmer? Seriously?" He snapped. "Might be a good way to pass time, get cash, an idea, sure. But not for my adventure taste."

"Adventure… hmm… That gives me an idea. The Beanbean Kingdom is always in need of a courier for messages between kingdoms, and we need a spy for Bowser. He is an incredible threat, yet I know he is soft beneath. Perhaps you could tell us his evil plots so we would be prepared? It will require a lot of stealing from his minions, and stealing from the King himself. What do you think?" Popple contemplated and seen his thrifty and sneaky role in this still good hearted job.

Popple smiled, "It takes a thief for that one. The Shadow Thief's back in business! I'll be takin' that," and he reached down for his slice of cake.