Written by: Laeyball, Lilikap.

'Of Angels And Peacocks'

Dear readers, due to the fact that both of the above writers have long felt the need for an overhaul of "Angel Hunt", it was amicably decided that a joint approach to said overhaul would prove to be both useful and entertaining.

We hope you - the reader - will find this fictional account of a fictional account … both useful - and entertaining!

Chapter zero: Prologue.

Sabrina shifted nervously in her seat. The man in front of her was handsome, serious, and had everything she wanted in a man. It might have been their second date but it was more than enough to make her realize how attracted they were to each other. She took

a small sip of white whine and smiled. He leaned on and kissed her softly.

''I still can't understand why you want to leave so early.'' he asked smiling.

''I have to meet some friends. It's been a long time since I've been in LA.''

''Lucky you found me then.''

They kissed again.

''I'm sorry Josh. I have to go to the ladies room, freshen up a little. Be back right away'.'

''Sure thing, Bri. I'll be waiting.''

He smiled and took a sip from his glass.

Sabrina paced towards the door after politely asking a waiter about its location. She opened the door and when she closed it she didn't even understand the cloth that was pressed against her mouth. She struggled against the person holding her and managed an elbow to her opponents abdomen. She pulled away and breathed heavily, her mind starting to flicker.

She turned to face a young muscular woman. Behind her was an older lady. A bigger, older lady.

Sabrina swallowed hard.

Without giving them any time to think she launched herself forward and ducked. She managed to evade them and started running.

She managed a brief glance at Josh, who was still sitting where she had left him, noticing nothing. Blindly she changed direction and ran for the back door. She found herself on the street and started to run again. She heard them panting heavily behind her, knowing she could outrun them any day.

But not today.

Everything blacked out. She fell but scrambled up immediately, the pain from the forming bruises bringing her back to reality. She had to get away before she fainted. She turned into an alley. It was dark and the only thing that kept her from crashing into something was the dim moonlight. She evaded some crates and fell head first into someone. She started to apologize but stopped as she saw that the thin muscular figure had began to laugh. A girly laugh, seeming very weird coming now out of this full grown woman. The woman then fished a pair of brass knuckles out of her pocket and eased them over her fingers.

Sabrina took a step backwards.

''Hey, I got nothing on me! If you want money-''

Her words stopped as her head jerked right, taking all the punches force. Blood trickled down her nose where the fist found her. She only just managed to maintain her balance and darted to the right. There had to be some way out. She was one to stay and fight. But now her head was

light and she knew that she didn't stand a chance against them like this. What had they given her? Everything was spinning around like a merry go round. God, she hated it. It made her want to throw up.

Sabrina collapsed in a corner and lay there, losing consciousness completely.

When she awoke, she had no idea of the time lapse. It could have been ten minutes - it could have been two hours later. She got up and took some trembling steps then stopped, bent over and emptied the contents of her heaving stomach on the ground. She felt worse than sick. Then as she raised her aching throbbing head, she saw a phone booth. And heard some steps approaching. And a voice.

''Hey, Aggie! I think we lost her!''

It was the weird girl-woman.

''We lose her, we lose the other! Come on! Keep looking! She can't have gone far!'' Sabrina heard a harsh voice, maybe the bigger woman.

''She's probably lying on her back somewhere, sick like a dog, come on!'' said the girly voice.

It was now or never. She would take the chance.

Kelly picked the phone on the third ring.

''Hi Kell.''

''Sabrina! Where are you?''

''Look, I gotta talk to ya I-''



The voice got lost into the static and then returned again.


''Yeah, Bri. You said you were gonna meet us tonight! We're all here! Come on! Tiff wants to meet ya!''

''Kelly listen to me! I can't-''

''Oh, come on Bri! You promised! You're an hour late!''


The static buried her voice again. Kelly sighed and slammed the receiver down. It had to be some kind of trick of Sabrina's, to avoid explaining.

''I can't believe her!'' she grumbled to herself.

Sabrina was late again. Sabrina was always late! Grah!

The next day was beautiful and sunny and Kelly was sitting on the sand wearing her swimsuit. Of course Sabrina still hadn't appeared. Next to her Tiffany was watching Kris with disbelief as she disappeared between the waves of the California sea. She felt still a little uneasy between the two very good friends but it really helped that they both offered her a surfing lesson. Well, Kelly might have never surfed in her life, but still, just sitting with her under the hot sun felt nice. Kelly pointed somewhere with her finger.

''Look, there she is!'' she laughed, pointing out a wave as it seemed to fight Kris.

Kris was wearing a gorgeous swimsuit that left little to the imagination and they saw her smile and steady herself on her board.

Tiffany looked at her and raised her eyebrows.

''This looks like so much fun! Are we really gonna do that?'' she asked Kelly.

''Oh, sure! She'll ride that thing all the way into the beach!''

A massive wave suddenly brushed Kris and threw her off. Kelly blinked and Tiffany put a hand on her mouth. Kelly smirked.

''Well, maybe not all the way into the beach.''

''Oh dear!''

''Oh, she's okay, come on.''

Kris found herself washed into the beach and yelled.


She managed to find her way to her friends. Tiffany patted her back.

''Are you okay?''

''Oh, yeah... I think so!'' she coughed. ''I'll tell you what, this ocean looks a lot better than it tastes!''

Tiffany gave Kris one off her serious looks. ''I learned something about surfing today.''

''Oh, and what's that? Asked Kris, holding back some chokes on the salt water.

''When you fall in, don't scream.''

''Well, that's absolutely right!''

Tiffany laughed and sat on the sand. The two girls did the same. They gazed at the ocean.

''So, this friend of yours Sabrina... she didn't come last night. Did something happen?''

''She told me she was on a date and she would come at ten sharp, but then she called and I couldn't make out what she said." Kelly answered.

"Sorry Tiff, I hope you don't feel bad. She isn't always like that...'' Kelly finished, uneasily.

''Nah, I don't . She just isn't a very... responsible person I guess.''

''No! She is responsible!" Kelly retorted in defence of her absent friend.

"I just can't understand what got into her last night! Normally she at least calls and say she was sorry. Don't get the wrong idea.''

Tiff bit into her tongue. She had said something crass again. When would she learn that no matter what happened, these two already had a friend, their ex-colleague? And a very nice one - they always talked about her, Sabrina. How could she ever fit in?

Kris suddenly laughed at something and Tiff decided to follow suit, not wanting to stay out of the conversation, even though she hadn't heard anything of what had just been said.

''I have a question!'' announced Kelly.

''What?'' they asked at the same time.

''Can you imagine Bosley surfing?''

They all laughed but then got interrupted by the ring of the phone.

''That sounds like the phone.'' Kris stated and raced up to answer it.

She picked it up.


''Charlie? You sound like you're calling from the moon!''

''Kris... need you... bring Kelly and Tiffany.'' she heard the voice through the static.

''But they're here! You know that. Where are you?''

''Take a plane to Mazatlan. Bosley is on his way.''