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"Will, I think it's time you let it go."


"Look, everyone has a story of the one that got away! Did I ever tell you about that man down in York who actually fought me off with his dying breath?"

"You told me. Now stop distracting me, Grell."

"But Will-"

"See you tomorrow."

Everyday, Will would do whatever reaping job needed to be done, file away his report, and then return to the human world to search for that damn wizard. His search hadn't gone successfully. He was sure Ignotus had figured out a way to see through a reaper's invisibility.

He had stalked the houses of Ignotus, his parents, his brothers' old house, and the houses of everyone Ignotus had ever met. He had looked up the man's record, but he must have been using magic to do something to it, because huge sections of the book were blank.

"Will, wait up." Grell followed him out of the office, completely abandoning his own paperwork. "This is getting ridiculous. Just do the extra paperwork. This is not worth it.

"Keep quiet." Will looked nervously around, making sure no one heard what Grell had said. He whispered quickly, "It's not about the paperwork anymore. Do you know what they'll do to me for causing so much damage? Allowing a mortal to use an invisibility jacket? Unauthorized usage of blank cinematic records? I'll be lucky to stay in the dispatch at all."

Grell looked amazed. He had obviously not thought of this. "Do you want my help?"

"Goodness no."

Grell gave a small smile, "Not even just emotional support?"

"I'm leaving Sutcliffe."

"To follow that brat?"

"No, I actually have a reaping assignment. Perhaps you should get back to your job?"

Grell rolled his eyes and stalked off to his desk. William hoped the assignment didn't take long, he did want to search more for Ignotus.

Today's assignment was rather standard, a young boy dying of a dreadful disease the doctors couldn't identify. It was a quick case, as the cinematic record was so short.

"About time you showed up." A voice said behind him. Recognizing the voice instantly, he took out a handful of powder that he now carried at all times, and spread it across the room. Immediately a clump landed around a human shape directly behind him.

He pointed his death scythe at the human and prepared to jam it through the shape, when there was a flash of light, and his death scythe fell to the floor.

A wand poked out from the air. "Honestly, I go through the trouble of tracking down every sick and aging person in London I could in order to find you, and you immediately try to kill me! It's been hard, you know. I didn't realize how many reapers there were."

Will stood frozen, staring at the wand until Ignotus finally removed his cloak. He had grown slightly older, but he still looked young. "Well," Ignotus said, "You haven't aged a day. Not that I expected you to."

"What do you want?"

"Well, for you to stop hunting me down would be a good start. It makes it harder to earn a living when I'm always hiding under this." Will looked at the cloak, for indeed it was a true wizard's cloak now, not a reaper's jacket. It was shiny and silky, almost as though it were made of liquid. Ignotus was truly a magnificent inventor.

"I'm afraid that's not entirely possible anymore," Will said, looking directly into the man's eyes, "You see, I made a critical mistake letting your soul escape. I'm going to need it."

Ignotus gave a half smile, "That does put a damper on our relationship."

"I can make it painless," Will said, "By all rights, you should have died a year ago on that bridge."

"I'm afraid I'm rather attached to living." Will began to reach down for his death scythe, but Ignotus shot a quick curse at it, causing the scythe to roll further away, "Sorry, you won't be taking my soul today."

Will narrowed his eyes at him, trying to determine the best course of action. "I will never stop hunting you, and you will never stop hiding from me."

"Looks like it." Ignotus smiled, "I suppose that means that we're at an impasse." Will stared at him in silence, waiting for the mortal to make his first move. "I met a girl, you know," Ignotus continued, "A nice girl, and I want to marry her. But you—your shadow follows me. Us. I can't be running all the time. I need some stability."

Will did not break his stare. "You knew," Will calmly, "You knew before the others what I was, and you believed me." Ignotus frowned before nodding. "Then you know that I am not the sort of being to offer sympathy. Many people wish for happy lives. I wouldn't give it to them even if I could. It's not in the nature of a grim reaper."

Ignotus nodded slowly and his gaze fell to the floor. He then looked back up and glared into his green-golden eyes. "I thought as much. I didn't think it'd be that easy, really."

"Then why," Will asked, frowning "Did you track down every dying person in London to find me?"

Ignotus swallowed. "Well, I had an idea, you see." He gave a nervous smile, but it disappeared quickly. "I thought I'd follow one of Antioch's old ideals. If someone's trying to kill you, kill them first." Will froze. "I was hesitant, you know, I'm not sure how one kills Death. Will magic work?"

Will stared at the wand tip. He honestly didn't know. No other Reaper had been stupid enough to test whether magic worked on reapers. "It was a mistake." He said, more in order to stall than anything, "I shouldn't have broken protocol. It had always worked for me before, but I know better now, and I'll never do it again. But right now, I need to clean up after my mess, and if that means the death of one mortal, than so be it."

"You're not exactly in a position to be threatening me," Ignotus said, but Will could see the beads of sweat dropping down, "And besides, do you really think simply killing me will be the end of it? What about the items you gave us? Antioch's wand has already passed into legend. And Cadmus' stone has passed to Marvolo with the rest of his belongings."

"Well then, I'll just have to track them down, now won't I?" Will said, frowning.

"No!" Ignotus said, his wand shaking, "Don't you dare go anywhere near Marvolo!"

"What will you do about it?" Will asked.

"I'll kill you!" Ignotus said through clenched teeth.

"If you were going to do that," Will said, still calmly, "you would have done it already." Will and Ignotus locked eyes. Ignotus' opened in shock at Wills words. Slightly kinder than before, Will said, "Just as it is not in my nature to show sympathy, it's not in your nature to kill."

"I have to." An actual tear fell down the mortal's face, "It's the only way!"

"You think it will be over if you kill me?" Will asked, thinking quickly before Ignotus could try and kill him, "You've seen how many reapers there are. If you kill me, there will be an investigation. You think it's bad with one reaper as your shadow. Imagine hundreds. Thousands."

Okay, so it was mostly a lie. Grell would obviously know what happened, but other than that, one rookie officer might not be missed that much. Ignotus didn't know that, though.

Ignotus fell to the floor defeated, his wand drooping at his side. Will inched towards his death scythe, making no sudden movements to provoke the wizard. "Please," Ignotus begged, "Leave me alone."

Will paused looking down at the man. "Death waits for no one, no matter their magical ability. That's something you arrogant wizards don't seem to understand." Ignotus let out a sob.

As the man sobbed, Will slowly stepped towards where his death scythe lay on the floor. "You're a clever man, Peverall, I'll give you that," He said to distract him, "Even though this entire situation was based more off of my mistakes rather than your achievements, I must admire your ability to even survive this long."

"Then give me time," Ignotus said. Will paused, both unsure of his meaning and what to do. He was mainly focused on getting to his scythe. "What's a century to you? Just let me live my life and I'll come with you, gratefully."

Will wondered for a moment. He was often prided for being a cold-hearted man, (Grell loved him for it) but Ignotus had probed he could be very resourceful at times, and a century long game of cat and mouse did not appeal to him. "It…" He said hesitantly, "It is difficult for me to track you while you wear the cloak. In fact, it is near impossible to hunt for you."

Ignotus looked up at him, considering his words and what they meant. "Thank you," He said, and disappeared on the spot, cloak and all.