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Saturday night, Santana POV.

I was waiting in front of the theater for Lizzie to show up. She's late, like always. It drives me insane, but no matter what I do or say, she always keeps me waiting when we go somewhere. I thought about getting her a watch for her birthday last week, but that would only make her mad. I wonder if she could tell time or really just doesn't care about keeping me waiting.

We've been together for two months now and so far so good. Before I asked her to be my girlfriend, I introduced her to my roommate Brittany. She always checks out my hook ups before I do anything stupid. Brittany thought that Lizzie wasn't my type. I guess she's right a little about that, because Lizzie can be fucking annoying sometimes, but she's hot so that makes me weak.

I glanced at the clock and saw that it already was 20:30 and the movie starts at 20:40. I looked around the street, but she was still nowhere in sight. I wiggled my phone out of my pocket and called her cellphone.

The phone rang a couple of times, but she finally picked up.

''Hi hun'' Lizzie said.

''Hi baby, where are you? Are you still at work'' I asked and tried not to sound too irritated.

''I'm on my way''

''The movie starts in about ten minutes, you know I hate it when I miss the beginning''

''I know, I'm almost there Santana''

''How far away are you''?

''Just one block, where are you?''

''I'm already here''

''Okay great, what are you wearing? It's easier to find you between all those people.''

''I'm wearing the only clothes outside the theater, because I am the only person outside the theater since everyone already went in!'' I said a little frustrated.

''Is it really that bad if we miss the first part''

''You know I love this movie''

I heard some noises at the background, but she didn't answer me.

''Hello?'' I asked.

''Santana!'' I heard Lizzie's voice and I turned around the see her walking up to me with her phone in her hand.

''Finally, you made it'' I sighed and gave her a peck on the lips.

''Yeah, sorry I'm late''

''Here, I already picked up some snacks for in the theater'' I said and handed her a little bag with food in it. She gave me a weak smile and took it from me.

''You do know that it's forbidden to bring your own food into the theater right?'' She said.

That's also another annoying thing about her. She never takes any risks and is as adventurous as my grandma, but sometimes I manage to get her to do something naughty. I guess tonight that's not happening though.

''Yes baby, I'm fully aware of that'' I sighed and dropped the food in a nearby trashcan. I turned around and grabbed her hand to pull her with me inside the theater ''Come on, we have to go in now''

When I tried to walk in, Lizzie pulled me back with her hand.

''Uhm wait Santana, we need to talk first'' She said with a weird expression on her face.

Usually when someone says that sentence in that weird tone, it doesn't mean anything good. Maybe she's not so into this movie as I was. She squeezed my hand a little and looked up into my eyes.

''What's wrong?'' I asked with a frown. I hope this doesn't take too long, because it's going to be pointless to go see the movie if we wait any longer.

''I just feel like we should, uhm.. relax for a while you know'' She said and looked down at our intertwined hands.

''Okay listen, I promise I'm not going to make a move on you inside the theater. I want to see this movie too okay?'' I sighed and turned around, but she stopped me again.

''No I mean, like give each other some space. We've been spending so much time together lately and I just want to, you know, do other things'' Lizzie said.

I finally realized what was going on here. She looked like she was throwing a brick at my face and actually, I felt like that for a second. She looked at me with so much pity, that it made me sick.

''Are you really doing this? Are you really breaking up with me?'' I asked with a frown and pulled away my hand from her.

No one ever broke up with me before and it felt weird. The most weird part about it is, that I didn't even care that much. I just felt embarrassed and stupid about it.

''Where the hell does this come from all of a sudden? You told me you loved me!'' I let out and tried to remain as calm as possible. The last thing I want to do is make everyone watch this pathetic dumping scene.

''Yeah but that was you know after…''

''After we had sex yes, so what? That doesn't count?'' I said harshly

''No that's not exactly what I meant, but..''

''Hold up!'' I said and cut her off by putting my hand in the air in front of me. ''Is this why you were late again? You were busy thinking of ways to break up with me?'' I said a little to loud.

''Come on Santana, don't talk to me like that. You're better than that'' She sighed.

I got more and more frustrated at the way she was talking to me. All the built up frustration that I managed to keep in so long, were coming up.

''I'm not. Stop talking to me like I'm some kind of moron. Just let me ask you one question and just know that I'm not all that crushed by this break up, but why?'' I asked and tried to sound indifferent.

''Okay well, you say that you love me, but you are more interested in different sex positions than actually talk to me about how my day went. You seem like you got it all together, but you are actually really emotionally unavailable. You also talk about that roommate a lot and that freaks me out sometimes, also you…''

''Okay thank you, I think that's enough'' I said sarcastically.

''I admit that this is my fault too, I don't always treat you in a right way. We both deserve better than this. Let's stay friends okay?'' She smiled and tapped my shoulder with her hand.

''Sure'' I said and gave her a big fake smile. I took her hand of my shoulder, but she pulled me in an awkward hug.

''You're going to get through this Santana, you're tough'' She said and patted my back. I kept my arms hanging down the side of my body and tried to keep it together and not push her off me. What the hell is wrong with this girl.

''You can let go of me now Lizzie. Since you already made me miss the movie, I'm going home now'' I said and stepped back.

''Oh okay, I understand'' She said.

I put my hand up in the air for a taxi and almost immediately after I did that, a taxi pulled up next to me at the sidewalk. I opened the door and stepped in. Before I could close it, Lizzie grabbed the door.

''I'm glad that you've taken this so good Santana. We can always be friends.'' She smiled.

''You know what Lizzie, the sex wasn't all that good anyway. And since it's apparently the only thing I care about, you can go fuck yourself now'' I smiled and pulled the door closed. Her smile faded from her face and her mouth fell open a little. I waved at her with a big sarcastic smile and told the taxi driver to take me home.

Saturday night, Brittany POV

It had been a busy Saturday at work for me. I felt tired from studying the whole week and working in the weekends. The whole day I felt like I had to go somewhere tonight, but my mind was just too tired to remember what it was. I cleaned the last table and threw the cleaning towel over my shoulder too pick up the empty cups from the table. Santana was probably enjoying that new movie right now with her annoying girlfriend Lizzie. I really can't stand that girl, but I always try to stay as nice as possible whenever she's at our home. Sometimes it's a really uncomfortable, because I know Santana doesn't like my girlfriend Sophie either. I think it's because Sophie can be a little feisty sometimes, just like Santana.

I got used to it that Santana didn't like her, because I know how hard it is to get into Santana's circle of people she actually likes and is nice to. When I first got to know Santana two years ago at college, she was mean to me too. It took me three months to become friends with her and believe me that was a big struggle. After a while we grew so close that we decided to leave those tiny dorm rooms on campus and live in an apartment in the center of the city. It was nice to have our own place and we've only gotten more close ever since. We know everything about each other, even the details you rather don't want to know. Santana and Sophie hardly say anything to each other whenever Sophie comes over. I think that's for the best though, because you never know when one of them is going to snap. I started dating Sophie like two months ago and Santana started dating Lizzie around the same time.

''Hee Brittany, I'm going home!'' Rachel said and shook me out of my thoughts. She threw her jacket over her work uniform and walked towards the exit.

Rachel goes to the same college, but I met her here at work. She was nice, although she talks a lot about things that I mostly don't understand.

''Okay, have a good night. I'm almost done here too'' I smiled.

''Thanks, have fun at the concert!'' Rachel smiled and waved at me before walking out of the café.

What was she talking about? Shit, that was it! Sophie and I were supposed to go to a Rihanna concert tonight. I'm not very into Rihanna, but I promised Sophie that I would go with her.

I looked over at the clock and saw that it was 20:30 and the concert starts at 21:00. I quickly ran towards the changing room and threw off my work uniform. Luckily, I also keep some new clothes in my locker here, in case I spill drinks over myself. I'm not very handy so my boss told me to do that.

I changed into new clothes and grabbed some make up out of my purse. I ran towards the small mirror in the back and quickly applied some foundation to cover up the tiredness around my eyes and to put on some mascara. I gave myself one final look before grabbing my purse and my car keys and ran towards the exit.

''Bob, I'm gone! See you next weekend!'' I yelled to my boss and left the café.

I made my way to my car and I was about to step in when my phone buzzed in my purse. I quickly grabbed it and saw that I had one text from Santana and nine missed calls from Sophie. I unlocked the screen and quickly read what Santana texted me first.

INCOMING SANTANA: She's late! Again! I'm so frustrated right now…

I decided to reply her later and besides, they are probably in the movie right now so she probably shut off her phone.

I scrolled through my contact list to call Sophie back, when suddenly my phone rang. I stepped in the car and put on my seat belt before answering the phone.

''Hi honey'' I breathed out. I was a little out of breath from running.

''Brittany, where the hell are you, are you still at work?'' I heard Sophie saying with a hint of frustration in her voice. She could've sound angrier I guess.

''No no, not even close'' I said and chuckled a little like it was ridiculous of her thinking that I was still on my work. I quickly connected my phone with the hands free modus in my car and started driving.

''The concert starts in 10 minutes!''

''I know, I'm coming honey! I'm almost there!''

''How far away?'' She sighed a little relieved.

''I think I already see you!'' I said and started to drive a little faster. It's not that far away from here anymore.

''You know how much this concert means to me Brittany!''

''I know how much this means to you, that's why it means a lot to me too'' I said and parked the car near the concert. I quickly grabbed my purse, disconnected my phone from the hands free modus, and started running.

''Well apparently it doesn't, because you're still not here'' She said harshly.

''I already see you!'' I said.

I saw her standing in front of the entrance and I recognized her immediately at her dark long hair. She turned around and gave me an offended look. She stood there with her hands up in the air with disbelieve on her face.

''I'm here, I'm here! I'm really sorry'' I breathed out and tried to catch my breath from running. When I went to give her a kiss she turned her head a little so my lips hit her cheek instead of her lips.

''We already missed 'California king bed''' She said.

''Oh one song, that's not so bad right'' I smiled, but Sophie kept looking mad at me.

''It's her best slow song!''

''Well the good news is that she has so many other good ones'' I said to try lighten up the mood.

Sometimes Sophie can be a little too harsh and usually she apologizes after it. But sometimes it's just too much for me and I start wondering why I even like her if she yells at me half of the time.

''Here's an idea. Next time, instead of being late, just throw some hot sauce over me. That's kind of the same thing like missing 'california king bed'. You know what, I think we should take a break'' She said with an weird expression on her face.

''Are you breaking up with me?'' I asked confused.

''I guess so''

''I was tied up at work, I'm sorry! You know when I had a busy week that I tend to forget things easily'' I said to try to calm her down.

''Maybe you should care a little less about work, and a little more about the girl that you're dating'' She said sarcastically.

''Sophie that's not fair'' I sighed. She knew how much effort I had to put in studying to pass my classes and that I had to work to pay for the rent.

''I just think that we are heading into different directions lately'' She said a little more calmed down.

The more I was thinking about how unfair she was being, the more frustrated I got. Why would I even care that she wants to break up with me, I can get someone who treats me better than this.

''Yeah I think so too, you to the Rihanna concert, and me not. Thank you for doing this before the concert by the way, best break up ever'' I said sarcastically.

''Look I'm sorry, I have to admit, I could've picked a better timing. But it's not you, it's me'' She smiled and patted my shoulder awkwardly.

''Of course it's me. You can't say that, you're breaking up with me'' I said irritated and pushed her hand off my shoulder.

''It's not, it's me! I just don't like you that much anymore. You're a great girl Brittany, just maybe a little too emotional damaged for me if you ask me'' She said.

That last sentence hit me really hard. She knew how much I suffered from my last break up with my ex-boyfriend Sam and now she uses it against me.

''I didn't''

''I really want to stay friends though Brittany'' She smiled.

''Totally, and as a really good friend I'm telling you that I'm going home now and let you fangirl over Rihanna on your own'' I smiled back sarcastically and turned around to walk back towards my car.

Santana POV

I arrived at our apartment and dragged myself towards the door. I opened it and kicked off my heels into the hallway. All the lights were turned off and I searched in the dark for the light switcher. I finally found it and walked into the kitchen when I turned on the lights. I grabbed a bottle of wine and I didn't make any effort to grab a glass with it. I plopped down on the couch and took a sip of the bottle wine. My phone was uncomfortable pressing into my thigh and I wiggled it out of my pants. There were no text messages, Brittany is probably too busy to keep that bitch Sophie satisfied at the concert.

I really need Brittany right now to let loose all my frustrations about that ridiculous break up with Lizzie. She'll know what to do. I turned on the TV to keep my mind on something else. After a few minutes of flicking through the channels I came across 'The notebook'. Great a super romantic movie, all I need right now to finish this drama off is a big bucket of ice-cream to eat away my depression.

Suddenly I heard the door of our apartment going open and Brittany threw her purse hard on the ground. She looked really frustrated and it looked like she was going to punch someone. I've never seen her like this. Wait a minute, what is she doing home.

She looked up at me and froze in her spot. I guess she didn't expect me to be home either.

''Hi Britt'' I said and took a big gulp of wine.

''Hi, what are you doing home? I thought that you went to the movies with Lizzie?'' She asked confused and plopped down next to me.

''I was, but she broke up with me'' I said lightly and shrugged my shoulders.

''Really? Why? Are you okay? What happened?'' Brittany asked shocked and scooted closer against me. When she's surprised about something, she always asks me like five questions at the same time. It's cute.

''Apparently, I care more about sex than I do about her. And she gave me that bullshit thing about being emotionally unavailable. Like what the fuck does that even mean?'' I asked and got frustrated again when I thought about what happened earlier.

Brittany didn't respond, instead she was staring at the wall like she was thinking deeply about something. She always listens to my rage attacks, so it's strange that she's not responding right now.


''Yeah sorry. Lizzie is always a little vague I think, but I'm sure if she cools down a little that you will be alright again'' She smiled.

''Oh hell no, I don't want her anymore.'' I let out harshly followed by a big sigh.

Brittany was wandering off again and I saw that there was something going on. I could see it in her eyes and the way she fumbles with her hands nervously.

''What's going on with you, why aren't you at the concert?'' I asked and gave her a little nudge to get her attention.

''Sophie broke up with me'' She mumbled softly.

''Are you serious?'' I asked shocked. How can someone break up with Brittany, I mean look at her, she's perfect.

''Yes, I think I saw it coming though. It's just strange that I haven't even cried yet'' She said and looked up to me.

''I haven't either'' I said and shrugged my shoulders.

''I guess it doesn't really hit me yet'' She said and rested her head on my shoulder.

I saw that she was upset though and that she was just trying to be strong. When I threw my arm around her shoulder to comfort her a little I saw a little tear escaping the corner of her eyes. It made me want to beat that Sophie bitch up, but I can't do that yet. I bet she comes crawling down back to Brittany within a few days.

''Here, take some of this'' I said softly and handed her the half empty bottle of wine. She took it and lifted up her head to take some big gulps of it. I quickly grabbed it back, because I know how easily drunk she gets. I set the bottle on the table and Brittany rested her head on my shoulder again.

''I don't understand why relationships always start off so fun and then turn into a huge ball of shit'' I sighed.

Brittany lifted up her head from my shoulder and sat up a little to grab the bottle of wine again. I felt like I should stop her, but I guess it's harmless to get wasted on a Saturday night in our own apartment. Besides, we both could use it right now.

''I know, this sucks'' Brittany mumbled.

Two bottles of wine later…

''And why is it such a big deal that I like to have sex? Is that really so wrong?, I'm getting her off every time and usually she doesn't even do me because she falls asleep. I've never complained about that!'' I let out frustrated.

''I know, it doesn't make sense to me either. You know what Sophie said to me?'' Brittany said and passed the third bottle towards me.


''That I was too emotionally damaged. I think she has some huge anger issues and then I am emotionally damaged? That's just weird right?'' Brittany managed to say. I had to concentrate really hard to understand her, because the words came out with a lot of different vowels in between.

We were both really drunk now, and it helped me lighten up my mind a little.

''Really weird. You know what Britt, fuck them! We don't need them, we can get someone else if we wanted to in no time'' I said with a drunk chuckle.

''Yes we can!'' Brittany chuckled and sat up straight.

''We should let them see how stupid they are for breaking up with our awesomeness.'' I said.

''Yes!'' Brittany said excitedly ''And then if Sophie sees how awesome I am, she'll want me back!'' Brittany smiled.

That was not what I was trying to do with the plan and it stung me a little that Brittany actually was thinking about getting back together after Sophie just dumped her. Suddenly an idea popped into my head and I smirked at myself for how smart I was.

''I have the perfect plan Britt'' I smirked.

''Tell me!'' She said and scooted closer in anticipation.

''We should pretend like we're together to make them jealous. It always works in those sappy comedy movies right? They'll get jealous and before you know it, they're like candy in our hands'' I smirked. Brittanys eyes widened and she let out a cute giggle.

''I think it'll work'' She smirked.

''Okay, let's begin with Sophie, where does she usually goes out?''

''Uhm she always talks about that club with those red letters above it, uhm, I think it's called 'Smokeys'.'' Brittany said with a frown.

''Well, Britt, let's toast about our new partnership and prepare for Mission 1'' I chuckled and took a sip of wine before handing it to her.

''What's misson 1?'' She asked confused.

''Ex number 1 : Psycho Sophie'' I chuckled and stretched out my pinky.

''It's on'' Brittany chuckled and intertwined her pinky in mine.

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