Authors Note-

The story is set in present day, abortion is illegal (but times are changing). Its also set in England, in a place that catches the sun perfectly in the summer (obviously made up!).

I own nothing, except the characters I came up with.

My character list (the ones I made up)

Katherine 'Katie' Johnson – Main character, Penny's sister, told from her P.O.V.

Scott Parker – Katie's boyfriend

Donna Freedman – Katie's best friend (main one).

Jane Samson – Katie's best friend.

Elizabeth 'Lizzy' Jones – Katie's best friend.

Paul Anderson – Best friend (know since they were both 4)

Declan Napier – Best friend (know forever)

Ali – works at Kellermans, aspiring chef (at local uni), Katie's 'work partner'.

Connie – works at Kellermans, aspiring doctor (studying at uni), Penny's best female friend (met at Kellermans).

Michelle 'Mickey' – works at Kellermans.

Joey - works at Kellermans

Nick – works at Kellermans

Jamie – works at Kellermans

The cabins have one main room with a small living area in and a small kitchen area, three rooms off to the side, 2 bedrooms and a minimalistic bathroom. All the staff who work there all year, have one of these (except Johnny his is the same as on the movie), all other staff (like the waiters) have a room in the hotel.

Kellermans main season is in the summer, but its basically open all year round but just as a hotel.