Saint Seiya Omega: Enter the Dragon

Chapter Two: A New Age with Old Age

A man chained and locked his bicycle outside the familiar bar that he and his friends used to frequent. Its name was different, but he could see the familiar deer on the side of the old Hind's Blood Bar of Rodario. While his face was that of a teenager, he was truly a year before his fortieth, an age where the appreciation for things nostalgic is at their highest.

Ichi threw his old coat over his shoulder with one hand while using his other that clutched a scroll to pushed an old wooden, recently repainted door. Inside, he was quite surprised at how much brighter the place looked, the walls decorated with various trinkets and paintings. The triple stripper poles that the bar was famous for were gone and replaced with a trio of teenage Palestra Saints, out of uniform apparently called Compass Connection.

"Not going to sit up front? You'll have your usual front row view?"

Ichi looked up to see the one thing that hasn't changed. "Not tonight, Anthony. I'll just take a seat here on the long island of loneliness" Ichi pointed toward the barstool and sat at the counter to face the endless rows of bottles before resting his head in his hand. He turned around to see a mother with her two children ordering milk shakes from a dancer turned waitress whom he used to slip a couple of Euros in the side string of her thong. "What happened to this place?" rasped Ichi as he turned back to the bartender. "This was the biggest bar around Sanctuary and now it is a family restaurant?"

Anthony the bartender sighed as he grabbed a large half empty bowl of complimentary peanuts and began to slowly fill them up. "It was the biggest bar and it almost became the last. After Palestra was built, some dickhead named Ionia sent an order that he will not have a place that offers threesome amateur night like this within a hundred feet of his school." The bartender gave a deep shrug. "I told him it is his fault that he didn't do the research to know he was building a place near the red light district, but I asked if there was something I could do. He said ditch the dancers and change name since Hind's Blood Bar had been turning away families."

Ichi raised an eyebrow. "Zeus' Juices is cleaner?"

But Anthony lowered his sly eyes and brought a finger over his thick mustached lips. "Ionia thinks so." Anthony stifled a chuckle and watched Ichi's smile grow. "Hey, we offer healthy creamy smoothie discounts as well as milkshakes. Plus, when you think Greek Mythology, you think of Zeus! It's a perfect name."

"Fine but, can't you do better than that?" Ichi turned to the stage and watched as the lead singer crooned at the microphone.

Anthony pointed up. "They can't shake their tits but the amazons think they are cute and they can at least sing, especially Gary Styles and Ziall Horan."

"Yeah but this is just too much! This is supposed to be a bar for men to drink, not teenage girls sucking milkshakes!" Ichi moaned as he placed his hands in his white Mohawk. "Why can't things," he shook his head, "just stay the same! I'm tired of all these fucking changes." He sighed before he looked up, "I'm sorry, I'm taking your time. Give me a Thirteenth Labor of Heracles, unless that's gone too!" Ichi bemoaned as he dropped two hundred Euros in front of Anthony.

"Don't worry; I haven't turned it into some fruity milkshake yet." But the bartender, sensing some heavy issues going on in the Saint's head and feeling a bit touched that he'd go all this way to his place, simply pushed the money back. "This one is on the house." The Thirteenth Labor of Hercules was considered the drink that only a Saint could take in with only a ten percent risk of a heart attack. In fact, Silver Saint tradition required that the night you earn your Cloth, the other Silvers would pitch in and you had to drink the whole cup.

Anthony grabbed a very thick brown bottle and set it down on the counter gently. The last time it fell, he had to replace the roof. He reached for a gas mask and slipped it over his face before summoning his courage to twist the cap off and poured a glass before sliding it easily to Ichi.

Ichi sighed as he picked up the glass as the bartender slowly assembled a blast shield in front of him. He took a large gulp and before pulling it back after his heart stopped beating. He took his fist and slammed his chest to jumpstart it before he continued to sip a lot slower to avoid a trip to the hospital. He turned his head and saw a whole clique of amazons laughing around the table enjoying the music.


"AH!" Ichi squeaked as he juggled his cup, spilling a couple of drops and burning a good sized hole in the counter and causing Anthony to do a dive roll under the wine rack.

Geki pulled his head over his old friend's shoulder, "Oh man, I didn't know you had a Thirteenth Labor of Heracles!"

"Yeah, didn't you see the blast shield?" asked Ichi as he pointed over toward the inch thick sheet of metal in front.

Geki stepped back, stunned knowing the legendary Thirteenth Labor of Heracles. "Sorry!"

Anthony pulled his girth up, brushing off some cobwebs off his shoulder. "If you scare him again, you owe me a new building," he said as he waved his finger and turned away to attend to some Amazons wanting a refill on their strawberry milkshakes.

Geki gave an easy sway of his hands to show things were okay before he sat next to Ichi. He sat there with a thick grin, hoping it would pass on to him, only for silence to come between them.

"Don't you have a teacher's meeting to attend to?" Ichi grumbled.

Geki continued his silly smile. "I heard you were in town, and told them I'll catch up tomorrow. I didn't think you would ever leave Finland until you discovered the element of your cosmos." He was surprised that Ichi hadn't even laughed once since his arrival. "You did figure it out, didn't you? No more Elemental Deficiency?"

Ichi sighed throwing his hands and drink in the air, "I couldn't do it! I tried and tried, but nothing would appear. Twenty five years of practice," he swung his glass in a drunken fashion, "I still can't do it! Why am I the only one with ED!" he moaned with a soft hand on his cheek, ignoring the panic and screams of the waitresses watching the volatile drink swished back and forth.

Geki reached over and steadied his drunken hand, bringing the drink down to the steady counter. "There there, you're not the only one with ED. I had it for five years… Nachi had it for ten…"

Ichi's bottom lip pouted. "I know, but they all went to the school back when it was filled with adults. Now that everyone moved on all there is left is," he paused as he heard a high pitched note. "I thought I could do it by myself and if I want to do it before I turned forty I need to change something but in order to that I have to go through…"

"I LOVE YOU GARY STYLES!" screamed an Amazon as she pulled her mask and flashed her face at Compass Connection.

"…that!" Ichi pointed over. "I'm old enough to be their dad and most of the teachers there, and I have to take class with them?" He said as he pulled out the registration form for Palestra.

It was at that moment, Geki understood why Ichi was acting like the way he was tonight. "Oh, don't feel so embarrassed. You could have easily retired from Sainthood, and you choose to come back, put yourself in the line of fire against Mars?"

Ichi rolled his eyes, "Mars? Are you kidding? What about all those brats you kept bitching about to me about how rotten some of them can get. I don't want them to tease me!" Ichi whined as he threw his head against the table and cried out loud.

Geki patted Ichi's back. "Oh you'll find people like that outside of school." It didn't help that the difficulty of becoming a Saint has decreased severely over the years. The fact that the building has central air conditioners and most can go through training wearing a white uniform was testament about how soft they've become. "Besides, adults go back to college all the time, I don't see any reason an adult couldn't go back training."

Ichi nodded. "I guess you're right. At least you will be there as a teacher and some from the old gang. Ban hasn't awakened his element."

Geki raised a finger. "Actually, he got married and decided to leave the Saint life, passing his Clothstone to that one son of the Southern Cross Saint."

Ichi paused, "Jabu?"

"He finished a few months ago."

"Shaina?" Ichi gazed at Geki's strange reaction. "Don't tell me I didn't find my element before Shaina, did I?"

"No, you're not that bad at elements. But thirteen years ago, she got sick of class and said she'll go back to training in the traditional style." Geki muttered.

"But she's already a terrible teacher! She couldn't teach the cosmos back when the old ways were the only ways." gasped Ichi.

"She said she'll just copy Marin's way of teaching the cosmos."

Ichi shifted his eyes, "but she needs to teach the elements."

"Yes," Geki nodded. "But when I asked her that part, she said fuck the elements and went her own way. I even heard she has a student right now, and my assumption is that she ain't bothering with anything involving the elements." He took a deep breath, "I pity the poor person who receives her guidance."

"No kidding," muttered Ichi as he took one last swig of his cup and slammed it on the counter not realizing that there was enough for a chemical reaction.


Last night, a two block evacuation order was issued after the bar, Zeus Juices, formally Hynd's Blood Bar reported that someone has shook one of the bar's signature drink's The Thirteenth Labor of Heracles. Firefighters and a bomb squad were able to safely contain and detonate the drink outside the city limits. The police department later issued a statement that their phone lines went down after thousands reported hearing an explosion.

"Oh my," gasped Ryuho as he listened to the radio while he and his Mother sat in the Taxi. "I hope nobody was hurt!"

However, the driver just simply shrugged. "Actually, back in the day, this was the norm."

"The norm?" questioned the Dragon Saint as he felt the car stop at a traffic light.

The man nodded. "Yep. Before the Civil War at the Twelve Houses, when I was a foot soldier, I remember going to that bar all the time and it seemed every week someone would shake the Thirteenth Labor of Heracles or T-LoH as we called it. Of course, nobody was required to call the police or a bomb squad; we just send someone sober to take it out back, toss it in the back and enjoy the fireworks. One Saint decided to go to the extreme and threw their body on top of it like a live grenade."

Ryuho, entranced by the tale, leaned forward. "What happened to him?"

"They had to get a new Lizard Saint." The driver sighed as he lowered his head.

"Oh my goodness!" gasped Shunrei as she placed a hand over her lips.

Ryuho felt horrified for a moment until he watched the driver's turned face shake as if to stifle a laughter. "No he didn't!" Ryuho playfully narrowed his eyes while throwing his hands on his sides.

The driver laughed, impressed the boy caught on. "Yeah, I was actually," he chuckled as the light turned green and he continued to drive. "Although all that other stuff was true though. The only reason the T-LoH raises so much attention is because Ionia probably ordered the owner to have a set of regulations to follow and well," the driver felt saddened for a bit, "for a long time, there weren't any Saints left to drink it, when the legend of youth… almost died."

Ryuho's eyes shifted to his mother as he watched her draw her hand close to her mouth. Nobody liked talking about the darkest chapter in Saint history. Even he felt a shiver down his back at the thought of so many unnecessary deaths. He unbuckled his seat belt so he could come closer to the driver. "But soon there will be. Nearly every Cloth has been filled; we just need to be train harder to meet Athena's expectations and become Silvers."

The former soldier slowly nodded, "I guess," he shifted his eyes toward the boy. In his eyes, the newest generation at Palestra call themselves Saints, even if they didn't come close to those in the past. Even the foot soldiers he served with were more like Saints than the best at the Saint School. However, he should keep his mouth shut, especially since he seemed to be a sweet kid and his mother was present. "Thanks." He turned back to focus on driving. "Could you put on your seat belt? If one of the teachers saw you out of it, I could get fined for not enforcing the law in my cab."

Ryuho immediately nodded and sat back to click it before a ticket. He turned his head toward his Mother and watched as her attention was practically glued toward the view. "Is it how you remembered, Mother?" he asked her, surprised as she shook her head no.

"No not at all. Actually, aside from golf carts and buses for the tourists, there were no vehicles here," she spoke as several Palestra students in uniform were busy street racing each other in the other lane. As the diesel fumes filled the slightly cracked taxi windows, Shunrei watched as her son began to cough harshly, his body jerking into himself each time. Even as he took his shirt and placed it over his face, she could see his face begin to pale. She reached over for his shoulder, fearing he may pass out any moment. "Ryuho, can you count to ten for Mommy?"

Ryuho nodded as he felt droplets of sweat that was so heavy, he could mistake it for rain. "一, 二, 三"

Shunrei grew worried, "In Greek, sweetie. Remember, we're not at home right now."

Ryuho nodded. "Sorry, one, two, three."

Shunrei listened to her son count paying close attention to his tone and his eyes to ensure he kept good eye contact. To her relief, he finished his numbers just fine. She pulled out her thermos and poured a cup into the large cap and passed it to him. "Still exhausted from the plane ride?" she asked as she watched him sip it slowly.

Ryuho nodded. "I couldn't believe how high we were. Everything down below looked like some toy model set." His favorite was when they were slowly landing and everything began to look more real. "Did Father like to fly?"

"He did." She didn't want to mention that he only did with friends and would often complain it was too slow to travel. Stories of his Father were like a double edge sword, she could tell he loved hearing them but would feel a bit upset that he was not up to par to him, physically, despite out-powering Shiryu through his cosmos.

"There it is the pearl of this giant clam of the land, Palestra!" pointed the driver as he forward.

Ryuho turned his head away from his cup and gasped at the size of the place, hearing his mother seemingly in as much awe as he was that the building was bigger than the airport that they came from. Most impressive was of course the bricked road that led to the large statue of Athena in the center of the court with large fountains built into parts of the roof that flowed like waterfalls. He returned his gaze back toward the front where a man stood waving his hand.

Once the taxi stopped, Ryuho immediately jumped out and ran to him. "Geki!" He cried as he waved his hands.

The Bear Saint ran over and lifted him up, causing the Chinese boy's sandals to fall off. "Ryuho! How are you doing!" He looked over toward the small scar on the boy's neck. "Hey, no more tracheotomy?"

Ryuho smiled and nodded. "Yep, I can breathe on my own without a tube anymore!"

"That's awesome!" he shouted as he held the boy like a toy doll in the air. When he heard Ryuho was coming to Palestra, he expected him to come in with his walker and ventilator. If he didn't know about his sickly health before hand, he'd mistaken him for any other healthy boy.

Ryuho looked down. "Uhm, could you put me down, I think something you ate is giving me hives."

Geki's eyes widened as he quickly put him down, having forgotten he had peanuts beforehand. He turned his head over toward tiny Shunrei, a woman with her short stance and ageless Asian beauty looked more like Ryuho's twin sister. "It's been a long time, Geki. How are you doing?" she asked to him, in her typical shy tone.

"I've been doing fantastic. One of my students actually made Silver rank and I've been seeing several old friends over the past week that plan on coming here."

Ryuho turned his head as he heard that. "Really, is Shaina giving Palestra a second chance?" He was shocked when Geki bursted out laughing.

Geki held his chest as he tried to control himself. "No, she's still angry at the elements concept. " Shaina was a woman who was so hard headed in her hate against the element concept that there was a greater chance of Hades loving human life than the Amazon ever coming back to Palestra to learn. "Actually it is uh, Ichi." Geki spoke with a strange hesitance.

Ryuho was a little surprised by his father's old friend. "Is something wrong?" He looked at his arms. "Don't worry about me. As long as my hives don't turn my hands purple, I don't have to worry about getting a shot."

But Geki shook his head no. "It's not about that it's just-"

"Hey everyone!"

"It is good to see you, Ichi. I heard you are going to Palestra too," smiled Shunrei as Ichi came out, wearing his new uniform.

Ichi sighed a bit as he spotted several students hanging out and staring at him. "Ah, this sucks. Why do I have to be the only adult in a kid's uniform!" he thought before trying to look pleasant in front of his friends. "Oh yes I am. I thought my element power needed fine tuning!"

Ryuho, cheerful butterfly that he was, came up to him. "I'm so glad. It will be nice having people I know attending school too. What is your element?" he asked.

Ichi sweated a bit. "Ah yes… my element… well what is yours?" he asked back without answering first.

"Water, like my Father. See!" Ryuho held his hands up and casually caused each of the waterfall fountains to reverse in their currents toward the sky before forming long water dragons that seemingly streamed across from one fountain to the other. Gasps from other students filled the air before several rounds of applause followed. He turne d his head toward the highest window and saw a man with a great white beard poke his head through the curtain before stepping away. Ryuho, not wishing to be rude toward Ichi, returned his attention back to him. "So what is yours?"

Ichi stood there stupid. "Uh," he mumbled as he shifted his eyes from Geki's glances of encouragement to the fantastic water dragons that were causing several students to risk getting their cell phones taken away in order to take pictures of them . He finally snapped and leaned forward to Ryuho's ear. "It's a secret!"

Ryuho found that a little difficult to do, seeing that most courses will involve using one's elements, but then he saw Geki's face, as he passed a look to just go with it. "Ah, I see.

Ichi grinned wildly and as he threw a hand in his Mohawk before spotting a set of sandals and Ryuho's bare feet. "Oh let me get those for you!" he shouted as he plucked them up and began to hand them back. It was then, he realized something. "Hey, you're not wearing leg braces anymore!"

Ryuho nodded. "Yep, the doctors performed surgery on them. I had to wear casts for a while but now I can walk on my own now!" He said as he wiggled his toes before sliding his shoes back on.

"That's good. Well, I have to go now. I have many things to do and I'm sure you do to! Too-doo-loo!" Ichi awkwardly laughed before he hurried out there.

Geki waited for Ichi to leave before he approached Ryuho. "Ryuho, there's something I need to ask involving," he pointed in Ichi's direction.

Ryuho turned his head. "He still hasn't found his element yet?"

"How did you know?" asked Geki.

Ryuho touched his head. "Elements that have yet to be used would never fluctuate with emotions because they are dormant and sleeping in a person's body. His face looked a little embarrassed and so I didn't want to say anything." In fact, he felt terrible for even showing off. But if he must mention he was his Father's son, it only seemed right that he shared with everyone the greatness of his teachings that were passed on to him.

Geki nodded. He heard Ryuho was good with the cosmos, but his little demonstration already made him appear stronger than half the staff at Palestra. If his body wasn't as fragile as a plate being spun on the end of a stick, he would definitely rank as a Gold Saint by now. "That's kind of what I wanted to talk to you about. His confidence in his lack of an element is very low as well as his embarrassment of going back. In order to make him feel more comfortable with the situation, I promised he could be in my class and I'll back him up. Well, as it turned out, for the first semester here, you both will have Mr. Georges. I was wondering if you could, be his friend while you both are there."

Ryuho couldn't believe he was asking something so silly. "Aren't I already his friend?" he smiled.

Geki nodded, "you are, but I was wondering if you could one of his best friends. Mr. Georges is a very very rough teacher especially with those who haven't properly awaken their element yet. Not only that but he also recently had a break up with his girlfriend and so his mood swings a lot more than usual." He had to spend thirty minutes trying to get Ichi to muster the courage to put on his uniform earlier.

Ryuho nodded. "I understand. Don't worry, I'll take care of Ichi."

Geki smiled once more as he rubbed Ryuho on the head. "Thanks. Your old man was always reliable and it seemed you've inherited that as well."

Ryuho smiled. "Thank you, although, I think I need an allergy shot since your hands had the peanut dust on them and it has probably went into my lungs.

"Oh shit!" gasped Geki as he realized what he had done.

Ryuho waved a hand. "No its okay, in fact this will be a good time to learn what to do in case of an allergy attack."

Shunrei was already fiddling for the medical kit long before. She passed Geki the gloves. "Put those on, and use this needle. There is already some serum in it."

Geki did as he was told, as he covered his hands and removed the cap off. "I'm so sorry! I completely forgot all about it."

Ryuho waved his hand again. "No its okay, some weeks we can't go a day without me needing shot and it's not always because of peanuts," he said as he reached over and opened another zipper on his Mother's purse to show dozens of medication and other needles ready to be injected.

"Geez, Shunrei, did you get your medical license just to take care of him?" asked Geki, astonished by the arsenal she had.

Shunrei sighed. "I had to learn many things when he was born. Funny enough, when Shiryu lost his senses, Shun came over and offered to help me out with Ryuho and the experience actually drove him to go out and become a doctor."

"Oh that's nice," commented Geki.

"It is nice, but Mr. Geki, could you please hurry up and insert the needle here. My trachea has swelled shut and I'm not getting any oxygen." Spoke Ryuho through the cosmos.

"Oh sorry!" Geki apologized before inserting the needle.


Coming July 8

Saint Seiya Omega: Enter the Dragon

Chapter Three: Legendary Legend: The Great Shiryu and the Almighty Ichi

Ryuho tells the others how truly great his Father is while Ichi brags about how great the Legendary Ichi was against Evil Saints, Generals, Asgardians and Specters.


Author's notes

I never mean for this to take so long to write. But, when the great Fanfic purge happened, I had so much anxiety afterwards wondering if any of my stories or my friends stories of being erased that I pretty much had a case of writer's block. This is supposed to be a light hearted story and it's so difficult to write comedy when your mind is stressed out. If you have me on Author's Alert, you can see that I even wrote a really dumb Harry Potter fic (cranked it out in about ten minutes) just to try and ease my tension and get back in the mood to write again.

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Originally this part was supposed to be the other half of the first chapter. But because this was more comedic then the other, it didn't feel right to have one half about a family trying to make an important decision and the other about worrying if a drink was going to destroy a former titty bar. Also to note, I know there was a bit of Shaina bashing, but hey, how else can I explain how the heck did she spend years being Kouga's teacher without explaining anything on the elements.

Thanks for reviewing the first chapter guys. It honestly helped pull out of my writer's block faster.

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PS: I couldn't believe it, but Thrudgelmir2333 showed me that in Saint Seiya Omega, Shun actually fights an armored lion. If you read Love You, Kill Me, you'd know why I'm pretty freaked out over my newfound psychic abilities.