Harry Potter and the Siege of Asgard

By Michael Weyer

Doctor Strange and assorted character belong to Marvel Comics.

Harry Potter owned by J.K. Rowling

I know many of you may be going "he's starting another story" with so many unfinished. But when inspiration hits, it's hard to ignore until you get it jotted down. This story is connected to texaswookie's excellent "Strange Apprentice." The skinny is that before Year Five, Harry is expelled from Hogwarts following a trial at the Wizengamot. With Sirius and Remus, he travels to New York and meets Doctor Strange, who sees the potential in him for great magic. Thus, Harry becomes Strange's apprentice to learn more to face Voldemort.

With permission from texaswookie, I wanted to do some tales of Harry's time with Strange training sort of "in-between" of what happened in that story. Had planned to build up a bit but this was the tale that was foremost in my mind so wanted to get it out first. For Marvel, imagine it's roughly the time of 1997-98 as Harry's training took place a few years back but will be peppering in a few flashbacks here and there to other eras. Hope you like, all comments welcomed.

It had taken Harry a while to get used to New York City. The atmosphere was so much busier than England, the smog a bit thicker and the food…well, that was actually an improvement. Money took a bit getting used to, he'd just gotten his head around galleons before handling dollars and cents. For the most part, however, he had to acknowledge that America really wasn't that bad a place to live.

He certainly couldn't argue with his place to stay. Every day had him finding new corners of Dr. Strange's home, new ways to learn magic that he never dreamed existed. He could feel the power in him growing, feel the need to know even more that drove him on. It made his days far more interesting than at Hogwarts.

This was a case in point as he was concentrating, slowly levitating himself off the floor. He'd done it before on a broom but it was so strange to feel air under his crossed legs. He was clad in simple dark pants and a long-sleeved shirt, eyes closed as he did his best to focus his magic inward. He could hear Strange nearby, imagining him in his uniform of dark blue suit, the flowing red cape with large collar and the Eye of Agamotto around his neck. "Good, Harry, good," he said in his smooth tones, the dim light flickering on the grey at his temples. "I know it is not what you're used to but you're handling it well."

"Thank you, master," Harry said, adapting easily to the talk of the apprentice. He let out a breath as he lowered himself, knowing he couldn't push himself too much. Even after nearly five years of training, he still had a lot to learn and was open to it all. He lowered himself down before standing, stretching a bit before adjusting his glasses. He admitted it was annoying that he still had to wear them but even magic had limits and Strange had warned him of the dangers of using that magic on himself. Harry had seen those results first-hand and acknowledged the dangers.

Strange was pouring some tea into a pair of cups as Harry came over. "I believe we can practice more on that later today. For now, we need to strengthen your multi-dimensional abilities. That last assault by Nightmare drained you more than you let on."

"I've handled bad dreams before," Harry said with a light smile.

"That I know," Strange replied. "But there is always a need for greater defenses. Despite all my experience, even I am not immune to someone attempting to take control. To be on guard constantly is a chore but far better than the alternative."

Harry nodded as he sipped his tea, knowing from hard experience how true Strange's words were. Before he could speak, the door opened and Wong stuck his head in. The manservant was in his usual green uniform, his bald head shining in the dim light and his eyes intelligent as ever. "Pardon the intrusion, Master," he said in his lightly accented voice. "But you have an important visitor."

"Whom?" Strange frowned.

"I believe it is better to meet him, Master. He is rather insistent."

Strange and Harry exchanged a glance before leaving the room, following Wong down the twisting hallway of the Sanctum and down the stairs to the main foyer. They then moved into the room at the side that Strange used for visitors to his home. Standing in the middle was a powerfully built man standing over six feet tall. He was clad in a uniform that fit like a regal suit, blue pants with a darker tunic, plates of metal spread across it and a golden belt around his waist. Gold boots were affixed to his feet that seemed to spread out around the ankles. Atop his head was a silver helmet with long wings spreading out from the back and a long red cape flowed behind him. His face was quite handsome with blonde hair falling to his shoulders. At his waist was a stone hammer attached to a wooden handle.

In his time with Doctor Strange, Harry had learned to recognize power and was struck by the waves of it coming off this man. He may have appeared human but Harry could tell he was clearly not of this plane. And yet, he carried himself with confidence but also an ease that made him relatable in ways that weren't obvious. He turned to face them and nodded. "Doctor," he said in a deep voice that boomed with power and authority. "Tis good to see thee again."

"Thor," Strange greeted. "This is my apprentice, Harry Potter. Harry, meet Thor, the Asgardian God of Thunder."

"Um…hello," Harry said. He'd heard of Thor of course. The hero was quite an item in newspapers with his aid with the Avengers and solo battles. Harry knew the stories that he wasn't a god at all, simply a powerful super-powered being with a special hammer. But standing in his presence, seeing the way he carried himself…there was more than just mere power about this man, it was something beyond the scope of human understanding.

"What brings you here, Thor?" Strange asked. "Shall we get some tea?"

The man shook his head. "Nay. I need thy aid, Doctor, most urgently."

Strange frowned. "What's wrong."

Thor took a deep breath. "A strange malady has swept over Asgard. It began slowly but is now striking across the land. Thousands are afflicted with each passing hour. Its victims have fallen into comas so deep our greatest healers cannot aid them."

"Any idea as to its cause?" Strange was quite interested now.

Thor shook his head again. "Nay. At first we believed it to be the latest foul scheme of my evil brother, Loki." He frowned deeper. "Until we discovered he too had succumbed to it. Loki may be a master of deceit but he would never allow himself to be seen as weak at such a time." Thor looked back to Strange. "There be dark magic involved here, Doctor. Something that is capable of escaping even my father's sight. As both surgeon and sorcerer, I believe thee may be the only hope of discovering its source and how to stop it."

"Of course," Strange stated without hesitation. He turned to Wong. "Wong, prepare a bag of equipment, the usual."

"At once, Master," the man bowed and moved away. Strange turned to Harry and smiled. "Hmmm…I do believe this will be a new experience for you, Harry."

His eyes widened behind his glasses. "Me? I….Master, this is…"

"Your job is to learn, my young pupil," the sorcerer stated. "And that means opening yourself to other realms such as this." He looked to Thor. "With your permission of course."

The Thunder God nodded. "Whatever thy need, Doctor. I ask only to make haste before the affliction grows worse."

It didn't take long for Wong to gather the bag of supplies Strange required. He had slipped on his cloak and yellow gloves as Harry adjusted a dark long jacket of his own. He wasn't a fan of the cape but felt a bit more comfortable with this. He adjusted his glasses as Strange spoke to Wong. "We should be back presently, Wong. I shall send word if more time or aid is required."

"I shall keep watch, Master," his faithful servant said.

Strange moved to where Harry stood next to Thor. "I believe you may be able to access the pathways easier than I."

Thor nodded as he lifted his hammer, holding it by its strap and beginning to spin it above his head. Harry could feel the air crackle around them as the hammer spun about and felt the magic sweeping over them. The wind picked up but was held to the circle around them as the lights seemed to blur together into loud white blur. Instinctively, he put a hand to his ears just a loud crackle of thunder erupted around him. He felt his stomach drop and twist, the signs of teleportation but rougher than usual. He gasped out as he felt his entire body tingle and twinge….

And then it was all gone, his body shivering before settling down. Taking a deep breath to settle himself, Harry opened his eyes. And opened them. And opened them as wide as he could to stare in astonishment at what lay before him.

He, Strange and Thor were standing on a bridge of some sort lined with the colors of the rainbow and stretched in what appeared to be the middle of space. In the far distance, Harry could see a city like nothing he had ever seen or dreamed of. It looked a mix of some far future land and a metropolis of ancient times, the towers reaching upward with a glow shimmering from the city that lit up the sky.

Thor spread his hands outward. "Welcome to a sight few mortals have ever gazed upon, my friends! Welcome to noble Asgard!"

"Merlin," Harry whispered under his breath. "This is…amazing." He'd seen quite a few astonishing sights in his years with Strange but this was something else. Somehow, he knew that the true Asgard wasn't like this, he was simply seeing what his brain could process to keep from going mad. Still, it was stunning to take in. He was so distracted by it, it took a few moments to notice the large man in brown armor standing nearby, a spear in one hand and a huge shield in the other. A thick helmet covered his head as he bowed to Thor. "Thor. Tis good you have returned."

"Greetings, noble Hemidall," Thor said. "I have returned with the mortal friends I promised. What news have you?"

"Grave, my prince," Hemidall said, his face somber. "My tidings are poor. More have fallen prey to this sickness. Among them…" He took a deep breath. "Thy father."

Thor's eyes widened in shock. "Odin?"

"He lies in his bed, tended to-" Before Hemidall finished, Thor had already whipped his hammer into a whirlwind before throwing it out, letting it carry him to the city like a rocket. "Thor, wait!" Strange called out as he took to the air to fly after the god. Harry stared after them before turning to look at Hemidall. "Um, I don't suppose you have a tube coming by here?"

The man simply stared at him coldly and Harry coughed. "Ah. Right." Taking a deep breath, he began walking along the bridge toward Asgard. He'd gotten a few dozen steps when he heard the roar of hoof beats behind him and turned to see a trio of horses coming his way. He yelped as he fell back but they were able to stop in time. One man was a handsome fellow in blonde hair with a sharp blonde beard, dressed in green and reminded Harry of an old movie actor he'd seen. The second was dressed in black, his black hair and beard highlighting a face obviously not used to smiling. The final man was an incredibly huge man whose steed was bigger than the other two but clearly straining under the massive weight on him. The man was wearing a mostly orange and yellow outfit with large yellow boots and a cap atop his head, his thick orange beard making him look like a warped version of Santa Claus. "Ho, my comrades!" he boomed out. "What have we here?"

"A mortal on the Rainbow Bridge?" the blonde-haired man laughed. "What, hath thy eyes finally blinked enough for this to pass, Hemidall?" The guardian on the bridge simply glared before turning to gaze back into space.

Harry was feeling a bit nervous but the blonde-haired man held up a hand. "Hold, young one, we mean no harm."

"Thank you," Harry said. "I'm Harry Potter. I'm with Doctor Strange, he just went after Thor to, um, Odin?"

"Well met, Harry Potter!" the blonde said. "Welcome to Asgard and what better guides to your journey than the Warriors Three? I am Fandral the Dashing." He paused to brush back his hair before nodding to the man in black. "This melancholy one is Hougun the Grim." He nodded as Fandral motioned to the large figure. "And this is not, as thou might suspect, an escaped troll but Volstagg the Voluminous."

"The Valiant, as thou well know!" Volstagg declared. "The Lion of Asgard, renowned for my bravery, my audacity, my victorious deeds! Why my fame is well known throughout the Nine Realms! Enemies tremble upon my approach!"

"Aye," Hogun grunted. "Most everyone trembles at thy approach."

Volstagg glared at him as Fandral chuckled before waving to Harry. "Come, young one! If thou are a friend to the Odinson, we shall take thee to his side!" Harry gratefully accepted the hand to mount the steed. With a pull on the reins, Fandral began to race away, the others following with Volstagg's steed hanging behind.

It took the better part of a half hour for the horses to make it into the central part of the city and in that time, Harry had heard enough to realize that Volstagg could give Hagrid a run for the money in terms of babbling on with tales of the past. The looks on the faces of Fandral and Hogun let Harry know that he should be taking Volstagg's boasts of heroics with more than a few grains of salt. Harry was more interested in the sight around him, the city even more wondrous up close. It was like a medieval village, people doing shopping and trading as they went about their business although a few made cheers or waves as the Warriors Three passed by. However, Harry could also sense some foreboding, people clearly worried about whatever was going on. He frowned as he passed a couple weeping over a young boy on a table, others looking on with concern. Whispering, Harry cast a low-level scanning spell that pulsed briefly over the area. His eyes widened as he took in the results but couldn't say anything as the Warriors picked their pace up through the streets.

They finally came to the largest building, a giant palace whose towers reached high into the skies of the land. Dismounting, the Warriors walked up the steps, Harry keeping up with them. They passed numerous guards in armor and spears, all standing alert as they went by. The group finally moved to a large room with an empty throne and two more armored figures. On was mostly in silver with a cape of the same color and a cap upon his head, dark hair framing his handsome face. The other was a strikingly beautiful woman with long curly black hair, her shapely figure in red and silver armor of her own, a sword at her side. While she had looks that would put a runway model to shame, Harry could tell she was as steely a warrior as any of the men around her.

"Hail, Balder!" Fandral called out. "We heard the call sent out by the Allfather."

"Aye!" Volstagg boomed. "Where by the danger? Volstagg will know of its direction!"

"No doubt to begin moving the opposite way," the woman sniffed. She looked to Harry and made a surprisingly warm smile. "You must be Harry Potter. Doctor Strange told us you were coming with. I am glad you made it in relatively safe company." She bowed her head. "I am the Lady Sif and this is the Balder the Brave." She motioned the man beside her who also nodded in respect.

"Pleased to meet you," Harry said. "Where's Doctor Strange now?"

The two sobered. "With Thor and the Allfather," Balder sighed. "He succumbed without warning to this malady an hour ago. He has been placed in his bedchamber. Come." He led the way, Harry quickly following. They moved past the throne room and down hallways that shone with the elaborate magical materials Asgard used for its buildings. Balder led into a huge room with a lavish bed the size of a small car. Upon it lay an elderly man who still seemed built as well as any Asgardian. Harry nearly stepped back from the waves of power the man was giving off, even greater than Thor. He was wearing a simple bedshirt but still seemed regal with his long and thick white hair and beard, a patch over his left eye, the other closed. Thor was nearby, his face hard as he gazed at the body. Strange was already examining it, looking up as Harry entered. "I'm sorry to have left you behind, Harry."

"No worries, Master," Harry said as he moved to the bed and held up the small bag. "What do you need of me?"

"Tube of the Stygian," Strange intoned. Nodding, Harry put the bag on a nearby table, opening it and pulling out what looked like a more elaborate version of a classic penlight. He handed it to Strange who opened Odin's good eye, whispering as a light beamed from the device into the god's. After a moment, Strange held the device up to study the flowing light within it. "There is definitely a dark presence responsible for this," he noted.

"I did a scanning spell on my way in," Harry stated. "The energy flows here are…" He paused and Strange gave a look to encourage Harry to continue. "I know this isn't Earth so I might be wrong as they're different. But it seemed as if energy was flowing out of the bodies of those afflicted and to somewhere else."

Harry nodded as he got it. "Someone is draining their life force away."

"Not quite the life force itself," Strange corrected him. "Rather the special energies that sustain them as Asgardians."

"Stealing our godhood?" Thor rumbled, his face scowling in anger. "What monster would attempt such a foul deed?"

"A sadly long list," Strange stated, rubbing his chin. "They are still alive but merely in a coma state."

"Could it be Nightmare?" Harry asked. "This seems like his method."

"Yes but he has not the strength to attack a dimension such as Asgard," Strange noted. "Let me observe closer. The All-Seeing Eye of Agamotto shall shed light upon this." He straightened as the amulet around his neck glowed, the lid of the eye opening. A beam of light swept out and covered Odin over. Harry felt a shiver once more at the Eye's use, the power Strange was able to master far easier than it seemed. That he could match that one day seemed impossible to Harry but he trusted in his master's judgment.

Strange was serious as he kept the Eye's beam up. "The traces of dark magic here…something about them is so familiar…" He was musing as the doors to the room burst open and a frantic Sif entered. "Thor!" she called out. "Hemidall has fallen!"

The three in the room were instantly alert, the Eye shutting closed as Strange turned to face them. "Where is he?"

"He is being brought here now," Sif told him. She led the way out of the room as Thor frowned deeply. "Loki…the Allfather…now Hemidall. The three above all others who would know of a coming darkness to our land removed."

"This isn't a sickness," Harry realized. "It's an attack."

Thor was quick to react as they entered the throne room. "Balder, alert all sentries to be on guard." The man bowed before leaving the room quickly. The Warriors Three were gathered around the limp form of Hemidall laid on a nearby table with other soldiers carefully watching over the man. Strange was moving to him, the Eye opening once more. "If this happened so quickly, I may be able to ascertain its origins," he spoke as he swept the beam over the body.

As Harry looked at the body, he felt a mild throbbing in his head. It took a moment to realize it was his scar and he felt a chill go down his spine. While it wasn't as bad as around Voldemort, he'd noticed the scar reacted to dark magic if it was in great strength. And the way it was throbbing now, that energy was coming in droves. "Master," he bit out. "Something is out there…"

Strange was sweeping the beam over Hemidall, watching the dark energy showing upon his aura. "That trace…It is so…." His eyes widened with newfound horror. "No. No, it cannot be….!"

Harry gasped out as his scar erupted out in new pain. It took a moment to realize the screams he heard were not just him but also from outside. Thor and Sif raced to the nearest window to look outside. The skies overhead were turning a mix of red and black, clouds rolling across the city. The people were scattering about, soldiers moving forward as the civilians raced to find shelter against this bizarre threat. "To arms!" Fandral called out, unsheathing his sword as he charged to the doorway.

"Aye!" Volstagg called out. "Let us show these creatures how Asgardians fight! Mayhap thou take the lead, lest the sight of Volstagg cause them to surrender too quickly!" Hogun simply rolled his eyes as the Warriors Three exited.

"Od's blood," Sif whispered. "What foul sorcery is this?"

"One I know all too well," Strange stated. "Thor, we must prepare before the coming wave-"

"Too late for that, old enemy."

Everyone whirled as a cloud of fire and smoke appeared before the throne. It faded to reveal a tall figure in what appeared to be a dark mix of robes that looked like metallic armor, red down the center with black boots, belt and arm coverings. A long cape flowed behind him, black on the outside, red inside. From its shoulders extended a pair of long spikes pointing at his head. This was what got everyone's attention, as the man's head hovered a few inches over the collar and was surrounded by flame. He had no eyes but the fire that seemed to burn from within, as did his mouth, which was pulled into a wide grin.

Harry felt his heart turn to ice as he recognized the figure as the purest form of evil he'd ever encountered. Against him, Voldemort was a mere bully, his power nothing against a being who was basically a dark magic god. "Dormammu!" Strange gasped at the sight of his old foe.

"Strange," the demon hissed out. "What an unexpected pleasure. And you still have that pathetic brat with you, deluding him he can be your equal. So nice to have you here at my greatest triumph!"

"Demon!" Thor bellowed. "You dare desecrate the All-Father's home!" He threw out his hammer, the object streaking toward Dormammu. With a wave of his hand, a force field flowed over the demon that bounced Mjolnir back. A trio of guards charged forward with swords drawn and Dormammu threw out his hand to send a blast of fire that incinerated them instantly.

Strange was moving to cast a defensive spell, Harry by his side. "What are you doing here, Dormammu?" Strange demanded. "You have not the strength to attack Asgard!"

"For that, the Thunder God can thank his dear brother," the Dark Lord smiled.

Thor's eyes widened. "Loki?"

Dormammu nodded. "He came to me, seeking my aid in his latest petty scheme to take the throne." The fiery face turned to a scowl. "The fool believed I would have forgotten how he betrayed me the last time we worked together. But his idea was sound, I merely decided to use him first."

"To steal the power of Asgardians," Harry reasoned.

"Well, well, the pup has some brains after all," Dormammu chuckled. "Yes, the energies of these 'gods' are more than enough for my purposes. To drain their power to mine is all I needed to bridge the gap between my Dark Dimension and this. Once Asgard is mine, Earth shall soon follow."

"Never, demon!" Sif cried out, her sword raised. "We shall never surrender to you!"

A fiery eyebrow was arched. "Surrender? My dear female, whatever gave you the idea I wanted your surrender? Conquest is all the sweeter over those who wish to fight back but cannot overcome their better."

"Not while I live shall you begin your plan, Dormammu!" Strange intoned as he raised his hands.

The demon scoffed. "You missed your calling for the stage, Strange, always so melodramatic. And for beginning?" The twisted grin returned. "It's already too late for that."

A blast of flame erupted from the cloudy sky outside, forging a tear in space. From it poured thousands of creatures of various types, each nastier than the first. Wings, claws, long arms, leathery skin, massive sharp teeth, they descended upon the city in droves, relishing in the screams of the people in their path. Soldiers fought at them but they were overwhelmed as the horde washed over Asgard.

Thor whirled, his face tight with rage as he lunged forward at Dormammu. "For Asgard!" he cried as he brought his hammer down. Even Dormammu's force field wasn't able to hold back the impact as he was knocked back. Doctor Strange fired off a bolt of energy that wrapped around Dormammu, tightening around him. "I will banish you back to your home once more!" he called out. Harry whispered an incantation to wrap his own bonds around the demon, strengthening his net.

Instead of looking worried, Dormammu smiled. "You forget, Strange. I now possess the power of a thousand Asgardians, including the All-Father himself. Power beyond your pitiful ken." The smile darkened. "Here. Let me show it to you!"

His arms broke free to shatter the bonds around him like they were paper. The backlash of magic drove both Strange and Harry back on their feet. Before Strange could recover, Dormammu raised his hand to unleash a blast of green fire. Strange reflexively threw up a shield but it was cracking immediately under the power thrown against it. "Master!" Harry called out, trying to get to his feet.

"No!" Strange called over his shoulder. "You must find a way….to defeat him!"

"Defeat me? Ah, Strange, I shall miss your lovely delusions of grandeur. Oh, well, I shall make do." With that, Dormammu threw his other hand out for another blast of dark energy that shattered the shield and enveloped Strange. Harry could hear his cry of pain as his body seemed to smoke. Then, in a flash of light, Stephen Strange was no more.

"Stephen!" Harry screamed. Imaged of Cedric in the graveyard flashed through his head, his mentor who had given him so much focus and self-respect now torn away from him. In a howl of rage, he fired a blast at Dormammu which the demon easily blocked. "At last…" he cackled, throwing his head back with triumph. "After all these years, I've finally destroyed Doctor Strange! Victory at last!"

Harry and Thor were both staring in disbelief at the spot where Strange had been. Suddenly, from the fading clouds of fire and smoke, two objects sped out. One draped itself around Harry's shoulders, the other around his neck. Staring in wonder, Harry realized that Strange's cape and the Eye were now his own. "What?" Dormammu cried out. "Impossible! You whelp attempting to-"

Backing up, Harry fired a blast at the distracted demon. Realizing his own opportunity, Thor held up Mjolnir to summon a blast of lightning that struck Dormammu head-on. He fell back, gasping out in pain. Thor was ready to move in but Sif grabbed his arm. "My Lord, the demons are headed to the palace! We need to aid in the defense!"

"I shall not leave my father to this monster!" Thor hissed.

"She's right," Harry said, getting over the shock and pain. "He's too powerful, we can't beat him head-on like this!" He grabbed at Thor, tugging at the man's arm which was like trying to pull a steel weight. "We have to retreat!"

"Never!" Thor snarled. "Never shall the Son of Odin-" Without warning, Sif slammed the hilt of her sword at the back of Thor's head. He gasped, stunned and she grabbed him to move to the window. Joining them, Harry took her arm as they leapt out into the air. Instinctively, Harry felt the cape billow out and allowed them to levitate down, landing on a nearby parapace. Around them, soldiers were doing battle with the demons, the monsters coming out in further waves as the portal seemed to grow in size. Harry saw Fandral and Hogun smashing and slashing their way through as many demons as they could but it was as if they were fighting the tide.

Volstagg was on a level above, backing up as some demons moved on him. "Come! Come, creatures, the great Volstagg is ready for you." Despite his words, he was backing further and further up, finally coming to the end of the wall. His foot hit empty air as he fell back, his huge body crushing a dozen demons about to attack his friends. "Aha!" he called out. "Once more, the peerless strategy of Volstagg bears fruit!"

Thor had recovered, glaring at Sif. "You had no right…."

"My Lord, with your father downed, you are our leader!" she snapped as she cut a demon down. "You are our only hope now!"

"The Lady Sif speaks true!" Balder called out as he kicked a creature off a ledge and to the streets far below. He looked at his best friend, taking a breath. "We shall hold them off, defend Asgard as best we can!"

"I shall not leave thee behind!" Thor shouted as he swept his hammer in a wide arc to smash more demons back. Harry was erecting shields around soldiers to protect them while using a pair of mystic pinchers to pluck demons away and throw them back. He'd been in battles before but not on this scale and was feeling more than a big overwhelmed at the odds.

"You must!" Balder cried. "Thou must find allies, others to aid us before it is beyond all hope!" He pushed Thor back. "Go, now!"

Thor stared at him, then at Sif, then slowly nodded. "Aye. I shall return. Tell all our people, I shall return and vengeance shall be mine!" Whirling his hammer, he took off into the sky. Firing one more bolt into the demonic crowd, Harry flew up to join him. It was tricky but Strange had let him use the cloak before in case of an emergency and this certainly qualified.

They had gotten only a few yards when a wave of winged demons attacked them. Thor spun in place, smashing one with his hammer as Harry tried to avoid another slashing his cape. "Below!" Thor cried out as he dived down, his hammer pointed at the ground. Harry quickly followed but so did the wave, the creatures looking hungry, salvia dipping from their mouths as they continued the pursuit.

Suddenly, a blast of lightning roared down, striking before the demons chasing them. Harry glanced to Thor only to see the man as startled as he was. A shadow fell upon them and Harry whirled to stare at a figure floating from the sky. He was clad in a near copy of Thor's uniform, down to cape and helmet. What differed was his body, his skull resembling a horse with a long and lean head, orange skin and solid yellow eyes. In his hands he held a hammer of his own, this one shaped differently as it glowed with energy.

"Back, you creatures!" the alien boomed in his own proud voice. "Who dares attack the Mighty Thor must face the wrath of Beta Ray Bill!"

"Bill!" Thor cried out, his face breaking into a grin.

"Thor, my oath-brother!" Bill called out as he landed beside them. "I received Odin's call for aid and came as soon as I could!"

"Welcome is thy aid, old friend!" Thor remarked as he used his hammer to blast another set of demons back. "This be Harry Potter, an ally in our struggle!"

"Well met, Harry Potter," Bill greeted as he turned to the demons charging them. "Come, foul ones! Come test the might of Stormbreaker!" He smashed his hammer to the ground, creating a shockwave that knocked the demons back. As they flew in mid-air, Bill called a blast of lightning to fry them in place.

Seeing another wave charging from the other direction, Harry backed into a nearby doorway. "Come on!" he called out. Bill and Thor followed, entering a storage room stocked with supplies. Harry waved his hands as the doorway, creating a solid green wall. "I don't know how long that will hold them for," he swallowed. "Dammit, I can't believe…"

Thor put a hand to his shoulder. "I know your loss, my young friend," he said in a sympathetic tone. "Stephen Strange shall be mourned anon. But now, we need to focus on the task at hand."

Harry nodded in understanding, looking about and grimacing. "Damn. I didn't realize there's no other way out here." He heard the pounding on the door and the shield already starting to buckle from the force pressing from outside.

"Whatever our fate, Thor," Bill intoned. "We shall face it together as brothers!"

"Brothers…" Thor gazed down at the hammer in his hands and narrowed his eyes. "Aye. My brothers."

He glanced to the two with him. "Stand by me, both of ye." Exchanging confused glances, Harry and Bill complied. Holding his hammer high over his head, Thor began to spin it around and around in a wide circle. Energy flowed around the trio which Harry recognized as the signs of a teleportation spell. "Where are you taking us?" he called out over the growing wind.

"To those I trust above all others," Thor replied, his face determined. "To the one force I know that can challenge that which would war upon the gods!"

The shield buckled once more than cracked into pieces.

"The one band who may achieve victory upon this day!"

With a roar, the shield shattered apart, the door starting to crash open.

" May they live up to their name this day with glory!"

The doors burst inward as the demons attacked, nearly forty charging in, claws and teeth ready to slash them apart. They were arriving just as the ring the hammer created flashed outward, covering all nearby. Above the howls of the demons and the roar of the wind and the blast of energy as time and space were pierced, Harry could hear Thor shout out a single word. It was a destination, a cry for aid, a call to arms and a proud declaration all rolled into one that echoed through space itself.


All comments more than welcomed if you want this to continue. Plenty of plans for it with flashbacks to more of Harry's experiences in the MU along with what happens next.