Well, talking about possible fiction ideas with friends isn't a bright idea when you have a muse who won't shut up when an idea gets stuck in my head. And I need a happy alternate universe where they start fresh to balance out all my other fics that still break my heart when I think about what I want to write next because they are all about how I wanted Mark and Lexie to get reunited. Okay, enough with the rambling. I never wrote Mark as anything else than a doctor so I hope you'll enjoy!

Chapter 1

She'd had a horrible day so far. It was one of those days where everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Lexie felt the first signs of a massive headache building behind her temples and thanked god silently that her shift would end in an hour.

"He is here. Here at our hospital. I can't believe it. Do you think I can get an autograph?"

Lexie flinched when she heard Grace's shrieking voice right behind her. Turning around slowly, she shook her head when she saw the excited expression in Grace's eyes. Grace lived and breathed gossip and she loved celebrities. "Who is here?"

"Haven't you heard yet?" Grace asked breathlessly.

"Heard of what?"

"Mark Sloan is here." Grace whispered, her face turning bright red. "The Mark Sloan."

Lexie groaned inwardly. Just what she needed to make this day even more horrible. An arrogant hockey player who thought he was god's gift to the universe.

"And who would that be?" Lexie asked sarcastically.

"You don't know him?" Grace gasped in shock, her eyes widened in disbelief, oblivious to the sarcastic tone in Lexie's voice. "Dr. Grey, you really don't know Mark Sloan? He plays for the Seattle Dragons."

"I wish I could say that I didn't know him, but unfortunately his face is everywhere." Lexie sighed heavily, rolling her eyes when she saw the dumbstruck expression on Grace's face.

"Ahh, and not only his face. Don't you think that he looks ..." Grace got interrupted by a nurse shouting from the other side of the room.

"Dr. Grey, we need you here."

"I'm coming."


Mark felt uncomfortable. He hated to be in a hospital. Well, as a patient. He was actually fascinated by hospitals since he was a little kid. If his hockey career wouldn't have worked out he would have probably ended up being a doctor. But at the age of seventeen the Vancouver Canucks had made him an offer he couldn't resist, though not many people knew that he'd insisted on going to college while playing. He'd even covered all the classes he would have needed if he would have gone to med school after all.

But he had chosen the hockey career and he didn't regret it. His years in the NHL had been the best years of his life, but since he'd turned thirty his body told him over and over again that his days on the ice were numbered. He had maybe one or two years left. Which made his injury even more frustrating. Four weeks before the play-offs when his team had the best chances to win the cup this year.

It had been an unfortunate culminations of events. A defender of the Pittsburgh Penguins had pushed him against the post of the goal and normally he would have only laughed about it, but his foot got tangled up between the goalie and the post and instinctively he'd tried to protect his knee from snapping and turned his body so that his shoulder crashed with full force into the corner of the goal.

He'd heard the snap, probably a clavicle fracture. Nothing too major, but he wasn't twenty-one any more. His body needed more time to heal. So the team doctor told him that he should let check it out here. He'd told him that he'd heard of an orthopedic surgeon who seemingly had quite a reputation in speeding up the recovering process. That's why he was here right now. At Seattle Grace, waiting for Dr. Grey.

When he heard the door opened he looked up and couldn't prevent his jaw from falling down as he saw a petite brunette entering the room.

"You are Dr. Grey?" He asked disbelievingly.

"Yes, I'm Dr. Grey." Lexie replied. Stepping closer she stretched out her hand, but Mark only looked at her completely baffled.

"But you are a woman?" He blurted out and Lexie froze into place.

"Are you one of those guys who think that every woman belongs behind the stove, being a good Stepford housewife?" Lexie said harshly, already annoyed by his demeanor.

"Are you even allowed to drink alcohol?" Mark asked without thinking.

"I'm twenty-seven, Mr. Sloan." Lexie replied angrily.

"Are you aware who I am?" Mark asked slightly amused. He couldn't remember the last time that a complete stranger was snippy with him and it was surprisingly refreshing.

"Yes, you are a patient who needs an orthopedic surgeon. I don't need to know more."

"I don't want to sound offensive but … can I have a real doctor? You are definitely not old enough to be more than an intern?"

"I am a doctor and not an intern, Mr. Sloan." Lexie snapped.

She felt extremely irritated because the moment her eyes met his, her stomach had fluttered and she felt betrayed by her own body. But she was proud that she'd learned over the years to mask her feelings. He wasn't the first one who didn't believe that she was already a sixth-year resident and he was definitely not the first man who was somehow offended that she was a woman. She'd learned to defend herself over the years and today hardly anyone could make her nervous anymore. The times of her uncontrolled ramblings were long behind her.

"Not that it's any of your business but I graduated from high school with thirteen, college with seventeen and med school with twenty. So I'm now in my sixth year of residency. Didn't Kevin send you to me?"

Mark was actually impressed by her resume but didn't want to show it. "Yes, Kevin send me. But he didn't tell me that the infamous Dr. Grey is a woman who is hardly allowed to drink."

"I'm twenty-seven." Lexie gritted out through clenched teeth. "But you know what? We have a lot of great surgeons here, let me call you one." With that she turned around and yanked the door open, shouting out into the emergency room.

"Dr. Kelly?" As her colleague turned around and looked at her quizzically, she pointed with her finger over her shoulder into the exam room. "Mr. 'Hot Shot' Sloan here wants a real doctor."

Mark was surprised that she even knew his nick name after she'd acted as if she didn't know who he was. It was given to him in his first year in the NHL when they'd measured the speed of their shots and his had almost reached one hundred miles per hour. His teammates had joked that his shot was so fast that the ice would melt under it, though he was well aware that they'd named him 'Hot Shot' mostly because of his incredible success in getting women into his bed.

But apparently she was the exception of the rule. She didn't make googly eyes at him, and considering how pissed off at him she was, she could definitely be one of the many women he'd thrown out of his bed in the morning without giving them more than a quick good-bye. But he was certain that he'd never seen her before. He would remember her.

Lexie was furious. How could he treat her like that? He was exactly as arrogant as she'd thought he would be. But damn it, she had never seen more mesmerizing eyes than his. His steel blue eyes had bored into hers, the color seemed even more intensified by the gray streaks in his hair.

She wasn't that into sports and wouldn't have known who he was if it wasn't for the Calvin Klein campaign a few months ago when you couldn't walk a few blocks without seeing him on the cover of a magazine or in larger than life size plastered against the wall of a business building.

She couldn't deny it. His body was impressive and she had felt her hands itching, feeling the unwelcome urge to trail her hands over his muscular body. She wouldn't be human if she hadn't started drooling over his gorgeous body only clad in various kinds of underwear that hid nothing.

She wouldn't admit it out loud, but something in his expression, something in his blue eyes, had sparked her interest and she'd googled him. She'd stumbled over various photo shoots and could only shake her head about the fact that this man was insanely photogenic. Even with all his clothes on he was one hell of an eye candy and she'd indulged in an hour long web search to find all the pictures she could find of him, wondering if he just had one hell of a dentist or if he'd just been lucky and actually never lost a tooth. His smirk was infectious and the scruff he was constantly wearing made him look kind of dangerous, especially when she looked at pictures of him in his hockey uniform. The gold and red emphasizing the gray even more.

She'd known that he was highly likely arrogant like hell considering that he was a famous hockey player and extremely hot. But that didn't stop her from having one or two dirty fantasies about him, where he'd been at her mercy in every way. Damn, she was single and had an insane work schedule and he was the perfect subject to fantasize about.

How should she have known that she would ever meet him in person? She'd felt safe to dream about him, certain that her fantasies were her dirty little secret. Well, until today as she was confronted with the living breathing version of her fantasy.

Lexie had no idea how she should manage to stay professional with him. Only thinking about how she'd had her way with him in her imagination made her blush. She needed to get a grip. He was her patient. Nothing more.

"Mr. Sloan, can I ask you a question?" Dr. Kelly asked slowly.

"Sure, if it doesn't involve the child over there playing doctor, you can ask me anything." Mark replied, well aware that he sounded extremely arrogant.

"This child is one of the best in her field." Dr. Kelly replied brusquely. "I assume you want to be back on the ice as soon as possible?"

"Of course, but don't tell me that she is my best option." Mark said incredulously.

"She is." Dr. Kelly said firmly. "Dr. Grey is a genius. I have no idea how she does it, but if your case seems hopeless, she is the one you should turn to. She is a miracle worker when it comes to sport injuries."


"Does the name Derek Jeter mean anything to you?" Dr. Kelly asked, a smile appearing on his face as he saw Mark's eyes widen in surprise.

"No way." Mark shook his head in complete disbelief.

"Yes, way." Lexie leaned against the door frame, her arms folded across her chest. "He was a patient of mine, but of course you are free to go wherever you want. We are not holding you hostage here." She said with an ice cold voice before she raised her hand and pointed towards the exit. "There's the door."

Dr. Kelly managed to hide his smirk and walked towards the door. "I see you have everything under control, Dr. Grey."

Mark waited until the door closed behind the other doctor before he returned his gaze to the woman standing with still crossed arms against the wall.

"Feisty. I like that." Mark replied, giving his voice intentionally a husky tone. She was a very attractive woman. The moment he'd recovered from his first surprise, he'd realized how her hair was shimmering in the light, how her brown eyes seemed to suck him in.

"I'll bet." Lexie mumbled under her breath as she walked towards the end of his bed, taking the chart to look over his preliminary examinations.

"Excuse me?"

He'd heard what she just said but something about her made him want to tease her, pulling at her pigtails, so to speak. His mouth twitched up in a lopsided grin and his eyes began to sparkle with mischief. This could get interesting.

"This won't work, Mr. Sloan." Lexie stared at him, her eyes blazing with fire. "Not with me."

"What do you mean?" Mark asked innocently.

"I bet this grin got you into more than one bed ..."

"Not only beds." Mark interjected suggestively.

Lexie rolled her eyes exasperatedly and Mark's smile grew even wider. "But don't believe for a second that I'm gonna be one of your conquests."

"Who says that I want you to be one of my conquests?"

"Just saying. You hockey players have a reputation of being not so picky, banging every woman who isn't bright enough to run in the other direction."

Mark chuckled, well aware that this conversation was completely inappropriate but he had too much fun to point it out to her. "Yeah, the old prejudices."

"Why? Am I wrong?" Lexie asked.

"No, not really."

"See. That's what I'm saying all along."

"Not that I'm one of them, though."

"Yeah, sure. As if you remember every woman you had sex with." Lexie said, her voice dripping with sarcasm, shaking her head inwardly about herself. She didn't know why he was able to rile her up like that.

She wasn't wrong. In the first years of his NHL career he partied a lot and he couldn't remember every woman he'd had sex with. But he was thirty-six now and his wild days were long over.

"Do you ask all your patients about their sex lives?" Mark said, his amusement evident in his voice.

"Only the annoying ones." Lexie countered without hesitation.

"So I annoy you?" Mark asked, liking the conversation more and more from minute to minute.

"I need a MRI of your shoulder and knee." Lexie told him, ignoring his question completely. "I'll send the nurse in and we'll talk about the possible treatments after I've seen the pictures."

Lexie looked up at him quickly before she turned around and rushed out of the room. She wanted to get away from these eyes as fast as possible before she would do something stupid like crawling into bed with him and kissing him senseless. Talking about sex had been already extremely unprofessional. She needed the time it would take for him to get his MRI to pull herself together.

Mark looked at the closed door, a big smile splitting up his face. This was definitely going to be interesting. He'd never met a woman who could resist his charm and he wouldn't let her get away with being the first. He was Mark Sloan after all, master in wooing women. He was looking forward to the challenge. She would end up in his bed eventually. It was only a matter of time and he would enjoy every second of it.

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