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It was a cloudy day in New York when Billy Peltzer left to return home with Gizmo. Billy had gotten tired of everything in New York, the cars, the noise, so he and Kate Beringer decided to return to their hometown, Kingston Falls. The two also wanted to be in their hometown for their marriage. They left at approximately six AM on a Monday morning.

"C'mon, let's go!" Billy called through the apartment for Kate and Gizmo.

"Billy, where's Gizmo?" Kate wandered into the room looking frantic, "We can't leave without him, and your parents are expecting us at five tonight!" Billy thought for a moment, and then smiled briefly, wandering out of the room. There, he found a blanket on the couch with a large lump underneath it. He reached down and brushed the blanket away, revealing small Gizmo sound asleep, drooling on the leather couch. Billy chuckled as he picked up Gizmo, who immediately snapped awake.

"Meh!" He screeched squeakily, flailing his arms and legs about. Billy began to stroke Gizmo's fur and Gizmo calmed. He reached his tiny arms out to hug Billy, and then clung to Billy as they started to move to where Kate was.

"Here he is…" Billy nudged Gizmo lightly, "Let's get going."

The three begun they're journey. Gizmo fell asleep soon after they boarded the car. They went on for about an hour before they got hungry for breakfast. Kate woke Gizmo, who groggily allowed her to carry him in her purse into a fast food restaurant. While they were ordering food, something dreadful happened. The strap on Kate's purse snapped and sent Gizmo tumbling to the floor. He slid across the floor into a large puddle of water. Gizmo immediately began to screech as pain overcame is body. He cried for the pain to stop as tears formed in his eyes and four small balls of fur popped from his back. Kate, Billy, and everyone in the entire building stared at poor Gizmo, who was now huddled in a small ball, crying. Then the fluff balls began to grow and little Mogwai formed in front of everyone's eyes. Many people gasped, and one woman screamed.

One of the new Mogwai had bright orange eyes and large white tufts of fur around each ear. Another had a deep red color eyes and was completely white, except for two black spikes on the top of his head. The other two were identical; One green and one blue eye, and completely brown fur.

Billy calmly picked up Gizmo and held him tightly to his body as he stared at the other Mogwai. They were staring back. It seemed as if Billy and all four new Mogwai were having a staring contest. Finally, Billy blinked and every one of the new Mogwai burst into laughter.

"We can't just leave them here," Billy whispered to Kate, "We have to take them with us, maybe they won't eat after midnight." Kate nearly panicked, but calmed herself quickly.

"Alright…." She said softly, "Let's gather them up and leave like nothing ever happened…"

The two did that, each holding two new Mogwai and Billy also holding Gizmo. Then they waltzed out of the building, taking no notice in what the others were doing. They finally made it to the car and dropped all the Mogwai (Except for Gizmo) in the back seat.

They traveled the entire way with no problem. Every single one of the Mogwai (Including Gizmo this time) slept all the way. When they arrived, the jolt of the car woke up the four new Mogwai, but Gizmo stayed sound asleep.

"Hehehehahaha!" One of the Mogwai giggled for no apparent reason. The other three did the same. Billy and Kate stared at them, then at each other. Then they calmly stood up, put the Mogwai in a large travel bag, and went to knock on the door.

answered the door. She saw that Billy was carrying Gizmo and nearly fainted.

"Where….Where did you find him?" She shrieked happily.

"New York…long story." Billy shrugged and hugged his mother, then he gestured to Kate, "You know Kate Beringer, Mom. She used to work with me?" His mother nodded, "We're going to get married soon." His mom nearly fainted again before welcoming Billy and his soon-to-be-bride into the house.

"I've prepared a nice meal for you, and why don't you just set your bags down and come to the table, alright?" didn't wait for an answer and walked into the kitchen. Billy shrugged and set down a bag.

"What about the…the…The creatures?" Kate asked cautiously.

"Oh, well, as Gizmo is, they're asleep." Billy lifted a snoring bag to Kate's ear, "I'll just bring Gizmo with us and leave the others near by so we can hear if they wake up." Kate agreed and they walked to the dining room with Gizmo.

"Mom?" Billy asked calmly, "Do you want to hold him?" Billy held up the sleeping Gizmo who squirmed, trying to find warmth. Billy saw that his mother was delighted when she saw Gizmo, and handed him to her. She cuddled the small creature and smiled slightly as he snuggled against her and yawned.

"Aww…" She mouthed with a very small amount of noise, "Why don't you two sit and I'll serve you some dinner." She set Gizmo in Billy's lap and went to get the food. She returned moments later and the three ate silently, then went to the living room to catch up with each other.

"How have you been?" Asked Billy as he sat down and laid Gizmo on the couch covered with a small blanket.

"Oh, fine. It's been torture trying to get the Gremlin stains out of the blender and microwave, even after all these years they're still there." Billy giggled and so did Kate. Soon it was ten o'clock and Billy and Kate decided to get some rest. They said goodnight to and went to bed in Billy's former room. Billy pulled out the dust covered box he had kept the first batch of Mogwai in and put the new ones in, though they were sound asleep. Gizmo slept in the bed with them. Very late that night, Kate awoke to small whimpers of Gizmo.

"Billy?" She whispered, "Billy?" Billy finally awoke.

"What…?" He asked groggily.

"Gizmo doesn't sound too good…."

"Hm?" Billy listened for a moment and he, too, heard Gizmo's cries and lifted his small friend to see what was the matter. Gizmo woke when Billy picked him up, and began coughing immediately. Billy looked a bit frantic as he studied Gizmo closer. Gizmo's small eyes were drooping; his small mouth was gaping open to get a breath of air, and he looked terribly ill. Kate walked out of the room and soon returned with an extra blanket and a thermometer.

"Here…" She said handing both to Billy, "It looks like he needs it." Billy wrapped Gizmo in the blanket and began to take his temperature. Gizmo immediately began to chew on the thermometer, as he had the previous time he had his temperature taken.

"Don't chew….No chew…" Kate said softly as Gizmo stopped chewing. Finally Billy removed the thermometer from Gizzy's mouth and examined it.

"Great…" He muttered, "Gizmo has a fever. Mogwai temperatures are the same as human, and his temperature is over one-hundred. He must be sick." As if to demonstrate, Gizmo then spit-up all he had eaten that day onto Billy. Billy sighed and handed Gizmo off to Kate, who he clung to immediately after being put into her arms.

"Hold him and try to keep him warm while I go get cleaned off, then I'll do some research on what he has and how to cure him." Billy wandered off and left poor Gizmo with Kate.

After what seemed like forever, Billy returned.

"I found nothing anywhere, and my dad could tell me nothing. All he said is that what ever Gizmo had done already he would probably continue doing through out the time he's sick…" Billy massaged his temple softly and yawned, "How about we get some sleep? We can just get up if we here Gizmo whining or coughing or something. We'll deal with this in the morning." And with that, Kate wrapped Gizmo in a blanket, Billy laid him comfortably beside him, and the three fell sound asleep.

The next day, Gizmo was a small bit better. He was not longer spitting up every few minutes (Though he still was at times), and his fever seemed to go down. (Gizmo once more chewed the thermometer) But Billy still seemed worried, especially when they awoke to see that the four Mogwai were gone.

"WHERE ARE THEY?" Billy shouted frantically. "Where….Why….This can't turn out good." Both Kate and Billy began to frantically look for the four, while keeping an eye on Gizmo. Usually one watched Gizmo and the other searched.

"I found some fluff!" Kate held up a ball of fuzz she had found beside the bed.

"Maybe….Maybe their under the bed…" Billy thought aloud. Billy told Gizmo to stay, keep the thermometer in his mouth, and not to chew, then started to search with Kate.

Under the bed they found one small Mogwai, curled up in a ball; asleep. Billy picked her up and secured her back in the box.

"At least this one didn't eat anything after midnight….I hope no others did either." Billy said hopefully. Then he heard a small sneeze from the top of the Bed. Then a moan and a growl. Another sneeze. A small cry. Billy looked on top of the bed. There was Gizmo, sitting and looking as miserable of ever. Then he sneezed. Very quickly, he transformed into a Gremlin. Billy gasped. Then Gizmo sneezed again, and quickly returned to his usual Mogwai form. Billy stared in awe. Then, seeing as what had been happening had upset Gizmo, he picked the ill fluff ball up and began to stroke the fur on top of his head. Immediately, Gizmo vomited, then passed out. Billy held the small, unconscious, messy Mogwai and stared at him with wide eyes.

"What just happened…." He whispered. Kate heard him, and looked up at him and Gizmo.

"Oh, dear, has he gotten sick again?" She asked.

"Well….Yes…..Then he fainted….." Billy shrugged, "I have no idea why. A minute ago, every time he sneezed he turned into a Gremlin. Then back into a Mogwai if he sneezed again. I picked him up and rubbed his head, and…And he got sick and passed out." Kate, too, looked surprised.

"Do you think…Do you think its part of what he's got?" She turned to Billy.

"Probably…" Billy responded, "I'm not even sure if he has caught a human virus. I mean, when he was just coughing, getting sick, and being miserable it sounded like just a stomach virus or possibly the Flu, but now that all of this has happened, It can't be one of the two. But if it's a Mogwai or Gremlin virus, I have no idea where he could've caught it from. I'm pretty sure things like that can't be carried in people or other animals, and there were no other Mogwai or anything when he started showing symptoms."

Gizmo then opened his eyes and looked around. He made a small noise, a shriek of pain, and squirmed about. Billy lifted Gizmo, then noticed the mess Gizmo ha made on his shirt.

"Hold him and try to calm him down…Ya know, stroke his fur –Not his head, be cautious about that until we find out more on this- and speak softly to him while I go clean up…again, okay?" Billy thrust Gizmo toward Kate carefully. Kate took the small furry creature, who was still struggling with pain, and tried to calm him while Billy walked off to change shirts once more.

Just as
Billy walked off, a large crash was heard from behind. All of them looked –including Gizmo- and couldn't believe their eyes.