There, standing before a smashed window was a fluffy ball of two Mogwai; the look-alikes. They were huddled together, asleep.

One yawned slowly. The other opened its eyes. Gizmo sneezed into a Gremlin. Kate screamed. Gizmo sneezed back. The other Mogwai squirmed and wriggled about. Gizmo began to cough, so hard he fell off of Kate. Kate picked him up and patted his back.

"Why did these two just come bursting through the window all balled up together like that?" She asked.

"I have no idea…..I'll go see if anything's going on out there. It's not bright outside, so the other could be out there. You stay here with those guys and Gizmo. I'll be right back." Billy (Who had changed shirts rather quickly) placed Gizmo carefully in Kate's arms and walked downstairs and out the door. Kate stayed, rocking Gizmo like a baby and eyeing the look-alike Mogwai. As Billy slammed the door shut, the twins uncurled and fell onto their backs, beginning to play with their feet.

"You two are playful, aren't you?" Kate giggled softly, staring at the two. One looked slightly more feminine than the other, too feminine to be male. "How could you be a girl….Oh, well. I guess if you don't eat after midnight anytime soon, you need names." Kate looked at Gizmo in her arms and, seeing that he looked as if he felt a bit better than before, asked him, "Gizmo? What do you think?" Gizmo lay and cooed and made little gurgley sounds.

"Hazel…" He spaced the two syllables slightly apart. Then he began looking very sick, and curled up in Kate's arms, moaning, "Nono…." He closed his eyes and buried his head in Kate's sweater. Kate stroked his fur as she decided which one should have the name. She decided the female should be Hazel. She named the male Pecan so they would both be somewhat named after a nut. She watched Hazel and Pecan wiggle and squirm about, thinking back a day earlier when Gizmo multiplied. How many were there…Four. Four were there. They only had three, so the fourth could possibly be outside. She hoped it hadn't eaten after midnight.

Soon, Billy returned.

"I have no idea what happened out there, but…." Billy held up a small puff of white fur. The puff uncurled, revealing the one with the two spikes.

"Oh, wonderful!" Kate stated, "Well, I've named the others, why don't we name him, too?" Kate was really enjoying the Mogwai and was getting attached to them. "These two are Hazel and Pecan, and that one should be…." She thought, "Macadamia?" Billy smiled.

"That sounds good, but we can't get attached to these things. You know how dangerous they can be." Billy lied Macadamia down and he scurried off.

"I know, but never in my life have I had a pet. Not all to my own….Well, oh gosh, there was that one time….Oh….It was terrible….I was twelve….It was summer, a-and my mom decided I needed something to keep me company since my father died and I was an only child….She bought me a…a little bunny, named Fu-Fu…" Kate's voice trailed off and her lip began to quiver, "I can never have a good memory, can I?"

Billy came over and gave her a hug.

"If these guys don't eat after midnight, we can keep them for a while. Besides, what else would we do with them?" Kate smiled at this.

"Let's just hope they don't eat after midnight, or we're all doomed." She handed Gizmo back to Billy, "We still have one we haven't named, though. The little one that we found under the bed." Billy looked over at the box and at the little Mogwai.

"Let's see….I can't think of anymore names so that they can all be nutty, but look at her fur…" Billy gestured to the Mogwai, "It's all fluffy, and fizzy…."

"Let's call her Fizz." Kate said. Then her smile turned to a worried look, "You don't think they'll eat after midnight, do you? If hey did, we would have to….you know, kill them, and I don't know if I can stand doing that to these."

"I hope not." Billy said, eyeing all of the Mogwai including Gizmo. And at that moment, Gizmo sneezed.

His Gremlin form looked exactly like Stripe from the first batch of Gremlins, except his eyes stayed soft and dark, unlike Stripe's. Billy jumped a little, noticing that he was still holding Gizmo.

Gremlin Gizmo yawned. It seemed as if he thought nothing was wrong at all. To him, he was still a Mogwai. Just to test, Billy pulled one of his arms from under Gizmo and touched one of his ears, then began to stroke his back, even though the scales were not as pleasant as the fur. Gremlin Gizmo purred and cooed. Billy laughed lightly, seeing that Gizmo knew nothing of being a Gremlin. Then Gizmo sneezed again, returning to his Mogwai form. And, because a Gremlin was so much bigger than a Mogwai, and Billy had only been holding him with one arm, he fell to the floor. He hit the floor and screamed, then began to cough. His scream woke Fizz up, and she ran to Gizmo (AS fast as teeny Mogwai legs can run) and began to take care of him. Billy and Kate watched in awe. She squeaked and squawked and Gizmo nodded or shook his head in response.

After watching them for a few minutes, Kate and Billy turned to see only the look-alikes.

"Oh, great." Billy mumbled. He lifted both Gizmo and Fizz and directed Kate to pick up the other two. "We can't leave them here while we look for Macadamia, who knows what would happen.

With Mogwai in hand, Billy and Kate went downstairs to look.

"Oh, Hello Bill-" Mrs. Peltzer stopped mid-sentence, seeing Hazel, Pecan, and Fizz. "When did those get here?"

"Uhm, before we got here…." Billy said nervously. His mother scowled.

"Just make sure they don't turn into those Gremlins! Those things are terrible!" She said, and Billy said he would try to keep them from doing that before they continued on to find Macadamia.

"Maybe he could be in your basement?" Kate asked quietly.

"Maybe….We'll check in a minute." The two entered the kitchen to a clattering sound. The lid to the cookie jar fell to the ground, and loud disgusting sounds came from inside the jar. Billy cautiously walked over to the jar and peered inside to see Macadamia, munching away on macadamia nut cookies. The worried expression on his face turned to a smile.

"What..?" Kate asked, realizing what Macadamia was doing, "Now let's take him back to our room and keep him away from the kitchen. We do NOT want him to do this after midnight." Billy agreed, and the two took all five Mogwai back upstairs.

It took nearly an hour to pull Macadamia away from the cookies, and as soon as the others saw the cookies they wanted some, too. Billy and Kate had to bribe them each with a cookie if they allowed them to take them upstairs. And surprisingly enough, Gizmo wanted a cookie, too.

"It's a good sign," Billy said, "Maybe this means he's getting better."

Later that night, Billy's parent's treated him and Kate by taking them out to dinner. They headed out at six, leaving all of the Mogwai there. They trusted Fizz to take care of Gizmo if he needed her, and besides, when they left Gizmo was asleep and the others were secured in their box. As soon as they left, Gizmo woke up. He looked around, found a leftover cookie from earlier, and sat quietly, eating it. He watched the other Mogwai squirm and run amuck in their box. Hazel and Pecan did not like the box, and decided that none of them should be inside of it. They decided that everyone should be free like Gizmo, so they started banging on each wall of the box trying to get one of them to open. After a while they got Macadamia to help, and soon after Fizz. After trying to find an opening didn't work, they decided to try and break one of the box walls down. All four slammed into one wall at once. Nothing. Then again. A cracking sound. Finally, they tried a third time and it fell to the floor and all of the Mogwai flooded out.

"YAAAY!" Screeched Hazel in her squeaky little voice, "Free!"

Her and Pecan began exploring under the bed, Fizz began trying to eat a pencil, and Macadamia started searching for more cookies.

"Aw…" He squeaked, seeing Gizmo was eating the last one. But soon his eyes lit up, and he went scurrying down the stairs to get more. The others followed them, and Gizmo, starting to feel ill again, did the same to get to where he could get to Fizz.

Once down there, Gizmo lied down on the couch and began to watch television, Fizz raided the fridge, Hazel and Pecan attacked everything in the cupboards, and Macadamia climbed into the cookie jar and began stuffing himself with cookies.

Gizmo soon fell asleep as well as Hazel and Pecan. Fizz retreated to watching TV, and Macadamia continued eating, for he wasn't even half way done with the jar of cookies. No one looked at the clock that read Twelve fifteen. Soon Macadamia fell unconscious in the cookie jar, a thick slime coming over him. Ten minutes passed and he was completely enclosed in a cocoon. Another ten minutes passed and the family returned home, not even noticing the Mogwai in random places because they were too tired to care.

The next morning Billy woke up first and headed downstairs. There he found four sleeping Mogwai.

"How…?" He asked himself, looking around at the mess the little guys had made. Then he looked back at the Mogwai. "Macadamia is missing…again!" He growled. He wandered into the kitchen to look around. He looked in the cupbard, under the sink, and finally he lifted the cookie jar lid, expecting to see a sleeping Mogwai. He opened the jar to see a slimy green cocoon. He heard a crack, and then saw a scaly green hand reach from the cocoon. Then Macadamia's head popped out of the cocoon. Billy stepped back with wide eyes. Macadamia stared at Billy. The two remained like that for a while. Then

Billy's mother entered the room.