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Emmett's last breath.

Chapter 1.

Emmett's POV.

Finally hunting. We haven't been in weeks and to be honest, we need too. It's the start of a long winter; I have a large family, 4 brothers and parents. We need food and we aren't exactly what you call well off.

It's Saturday 23rd November 1935, we're about to set off, it's only noon and we're staying in the Smokey's 'til Monday.

Dad, Louis, Liam and I will be going, leaving Momma, Georgie and Ollie at home.

"Em! Please can I come?" Georgie begged again.

"Sorry Georgie, you're not old enough yet, too dangerous." I explained to him, his face fell.

"I can look after myself." He folded his arms.

"Sure buddy, you can come in a few years, kay?"


Momma pulled me into a big bear hug, I squeezed her back.

"Be safe Emmy, I mean it." She whispered, as always.

"Sure Momma." I whispered back and kissed her on the cheek.

She let go and pulled Liam into a hug.

I went too little Ollie, he's only 4.

"Siya Oliver Oil." I hugged him.

"Bub bye Em." He giggled.

I went to Georgie then.

"Bye Georgie." I hugged him.

Although he's 10 years my junior he's my favourite brother, I know that sounds mean but he is just a plain old fact

"Bye Em."

After all the goodbye's we were off.

Me and Louis jumped in the back of the truck, Dad and Liam in the front. Louis and I are like twins really, we look near enough the same, but I have Momma's dimples and pixie ears and he doesn't. Plus there's not even a year between us, he was born in January of 1915 and I was born in October of 1915. Liam was born 2 years after me though, so we're not as close.

"I'm too cold." I whined half way there.

"What do you want? My jacket?" Louis said sarcastically.

"Oooo yes please." I laughed.


I gave him a dead arm and I got a dead leg.

"Boys! No fighting in the truck, we're almost here." Dad snapped.

"Fine!" we said but had a mini foot war.

"What are the groups?" I asked as we jumped out.

"Right, me and William will go to the north, Emmett, Louis, you two set up camp in the usual spot, William and I will join you around 8 pm, is that okay?" God he always talk really posh and formal, annoying or what?

"Yeah, fine." I muttered while chucking a gun at Louis.

"See you guys in a bit." Louis said.

"Emmett, be careful with that damn gun." Dad warned.

I laughed and pretended to shoot myself in the head.

"I'm warning you."

"Fine, let's go!"

Me and Louis where all set by 3pm, we were lay on the banking of the clearing, having a good aim at all the animals that came, the clearing was about half a mile long too! So that meant a lot of animals wouldn't see us.

We didn't have much luck for a while so we just talked,

"So, Momma's still going on at you to get married huh?"

"Don't even remind me." I rolled my eyes.

"Why haven't you at least looked? Even Liam's engaged, hell I'm getting married next year!"

"Well, let's say I do marry someone just to make everyone happy, then suddenly Miss absolutely perfect for me comes along and I'm there already married?"

"Yeah, but what about Mary? You two are like joined at the hip buddy, don't people say your spouse should be like your best friend?"

"Yeah, but like my best friend, not my actual best friend, it would be weird, we've been friends too long."

"Em, she's always liked you like that, hell, she was your first kiss!"

"Was Lottie your first kiss? I think not!" I folded my arms, I didn't want to get married to Mary, or Elizabeth or Cathy or Maggie or Cass or ANYBODY!

"Look Em, there's no one else out there."

"Really, there's no one outside of Gatlinburg?"

"You know what I mean."

"Look, Louis, just because everyone else wants me to get married doesn't mean I want to." I said.

"Why? What's your problem?"

"I just want to have some fun you know, I'm 20 for God's sake, young! I want to take advantage of that! Not be organising a wedding, buying a new house, buying baby clothes and all that! I want to be free for a bit!" I snapped.

"You are one in a million Em" He sighed.

"So does that mean there's about 4 thousand others like me out there then? Oh wait there's no one outside Gatlinburg is there?" I laughed.

"So you're really against, being married and family?"

"No, not against it, I just want to wait a few years you know, just because Momma and Dad rushed into it doesn't mean we have to."

"I see what you mean, but I'm still going to marry Lottie."

"Good, I like Lottie, she's nice."

"That's worked out good, she'll be your sister in a few months."

"Yeah, she will." I laughed.

"Shhh, I've got a deer." He whispered at 7pm, it was dark now but we had lanterns and pretty good eyesight.

BOOM! He'd got it.

"Back in a sec." He patted my shoulder.


After a few minutes I heard a ROAR! Crapadoodles.

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