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Me: You're so mean.

Emmett: Yeah but you love me too much.

Me: I guess so let's get on with your story.

Emmett: It's like you live to embarrass me on this website, like Emmett's last breath? What sort of title IS that?!

Me: SHUT UP! I love you.

Chapter 19.

Esme's POV.

We ran deep into the woods, Edward scanned the area for any humans that might interrupt us, nothing.

"Now Emmett, you need to throw this log into the air and catch it, try not to break it okay." Carlisle smiled warmly and handed Emmett a log from the enormous pile that we had prepared earlier whilst Emmett and Rosalie were gone.

Emmett grinned and grabbed the log; it exploded into millions of shards of saw dust at his rough grasp.

Emmett smiled at his strength.

We all raised our eyebrows.

He tried again more careful this time and managed to throw the log into the air, the log again exploded into millions of pieces, Emmett kept on laughing it off but I could tell when he started to get irritated, his new born emotions ruling.

After 3 more tries he was snarling and hissing at the logs.

"Try again." Carlisle said calmly.

Emmett launched it into the air, but again the same explosion.

He roared and snarled.

"IT'S NO USE! I HATE IT!" He yelled to no one.

Carlisle stepped forwards cautiously; Emmett shifted into a crouch and growled at the growling pile of sawdust at his feet.

"Calm down Emmett, stay calm." Carlisle soothed.

He snarled.

"IT'S NO USE THOUGH!" He screeched like a 3 year old, shaking with anger.

I stepped back, just in case. Rosalie was frozen, not in fear as I expected, but in worry.

"We'll try again later okay sweetheart?" I suggested.

"NO! I'M GOIN' TO DO IT!" He yelled again.

"Emmett, before you do it you must calm down." Carlisle stated.

He slowly stood upright and stopped growling, it took him a while but eventually he was as calm as Carlisle.

He took a deep breath and tried again.

It didn't shatter as much this time but rained sawdust. Emmett ran over to the nearest large tree and punched and kicked it as it fell down, it seemed to release some anger.

He ran back over, looking more than determined.

"Em, imagine it's something important, like you don't want to hurt it, like you can't hurt it." Rosalie smiled from behind Edward.

Emmett grinned back at her, a gleam in his eyes.

Carlisle threw him another log, to everyone's surprise Emmett caught it without thinking and it didn't even crack.

He laughed in joy then threw it up into the air; he stared up after it, looking calm and focused. And what do you know? He caught it in both hands, not harmed at all.

We erupted in cheers for him, lifting his mood, it's important to treat newborns like that, making sure they're in a good mood and trying to control their emotions, like a baby really.

He grinned from ear to ear.

Rosalie kissed him in congratulations.

"We have to sort out this mess." Edward said, making them break apart, Carlisle took my hand and chuckled as they both turned and glared playfully at Edward, at their brother.

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