Nano entered the Shinonome Lab with a content grin still plastered on her face. "Hakase, Sakamoto-san! I'm back!" She called. After a few moments the Professor came running into the hallway yelling as she did.

"Nano, Nano! You're back!" She jumped up and down excitedly. "What'd you buy?" She curiously peered into the shopping bag. The professor caught sight of a rather large pack of Snickers candy bars and she smiled happily. "Snickers!" She cried and held up the chocolate treat high as if it were a trophy.

"Yes, I bought Snickers, but you can only have a bar if you eat your dinner." Nano said sternly.

"Aw, poo…" The young scientist puckered her bottom lip. "Well, what's for dinner?"

"I bought some spring onions, so-" Nano began, but was interrupted by the Professor.

"Negi! I hate Negi! You know that!" She yelled.

"Yes, but they're good for you, Hakase! I'll just put some bits in a soup, how about that?"

"Mm…" The Professor scowled. "Can I have two candy bars after?"

"But that defeats the purpose of eating something healthy!" Nano countered. The girl did not back down, though. She only continued to eye Nano with a pout.

Nano sighed, "Fine." At least she'd be getting the child to eat her vegetables at all.

In the kitchen, Nano set out the ingredients of her soup and the utensils she'd need. After moving past the frustration of convincing Professor to eat her most disliked food, Nano's thoughts floated back to the teenager from earlier, Kou. A smile formed upon her lips and the warmth in her cheeks returned when his image appeared in her mind. She chopped up the spring onions rhythmically as she continued to think of the boy, one a "normal girl" would consider being cute.

Perched on a chair nearby, Sakamoto watched the robotic girl as she was at work. He couldn't help but notice the wind-up key spinning at a rather fast pace, which happened when Nano was very happy. Her beaming face only made her contentedness more apparent. Finally, Sakamoto spoke up, "Hey, Nano…" Nano did not answer immediately, she was too busy daydreaming, it seemed. Sakamoto spoke louder the next time, "Hey, Nano…" Then, Nano's attention was captured.

"Hm? What is it, Sakamoto-san?" She glanced at the black cat.

"I'm just curious as to why you look so happy right now." Sakamoto replied.

"Oh! Well… do you really want to know?" She stopped working for a moment.

"Yes. Otherwise I wouldn't have spoken up about it." Sakamoto answered with a bit of exasperation.

"Okay, okay. Well… I… I met a boy." Nano confessed.

Oh, no… Sakamoto thought in annoyance. "Don't tell me; you've got some crush on him…"

"Um… well, yeah… I think so." Nano thought aloud, returning to her work.

"Nano, those TV dramas are rubbing off on you. It's just an effect the show has had on you; you're just a robot, anyway." Sakamoto rationalized.

"But you should have been there, Sakamoto-san! Something happened to me! I could feel myself blushing… And you should have seen him, too. I… I almost kissed him!" Nano went on.

"…Wait… did the kid even install a program for you to be able feel these things?" Sakamoto raised a metaphorical eyebrow.

"I don't know! Hakase told me that she only installed a program for platonic love, but… then I can't see how I could have reacted to Kou in such a way if that's true…" Nano answered with confusion in her voice.

"Kou? That's the boy's name?"

"Yes, I think it's a nice name… just like him! He lent me his umbrella when it was raining earlier…" Nano said in return. Sakamoto began to scowl; Nano's continuous gushing over this guy was starting to get become very irritating.

"Anyhow, I think you should ask about the love program again." He said.

"You're right. I'll bring it up at dinnertime." Nano agreed.

So, once everyone was gathered and supper was placed on the table, Nano made an effort to speak up. As the Professor swirled around the spring onions in her soup with a spoon, Nano said, "Hakase?"

Glad to be distracted from the dreaded vegetable, the little girl looked up; eagerness was plainly seen on her face as she answered, "Yes, Nano?"

"About the love program we talked about the other day, are you sure you installed only platonic love?" Nano asked.

"Yeah." The Professor nodded. At this, Nano furrowed her eyebrows, utterly confused.

"… But I also put in a program that allows you to evolve, too…" The child added. Then, Nano's eyes widened.


"Uh-huh." The young Professor nodded, absentmindedly prodding at a chopped piece of a leek.

"I don't remember you giving me that program!" Nano exclaimed.

"Yeah, I did… I was gonna tell you, but I forgot…"

"Hakase!" Nano whined.

"Sorry…" The Professor apologized sheepishly. In response, Nano just shook her and sighed.

"So then the love program you gave me must have evolved into… romantic love…"

"Wait… huh? What do you mean, Nano?" The Professor was confused now.

"Nano met a boy that she likes today." Sakamoto butted into the conversation bluntly. The small scientist blinked twice in surprise, then turned to look at Nano. The robotic girl blushed in embarrassment and this caused the Professor's eyes to grow larger.

This news proved that the Professor was indeed a genius, for she had created an android capable of being attracted to another being. But it also meant that Nano may start putting more of her attention and time toward this new love interest. And a result, the Professor may get the short end of the stick, receiving less time with her beloved creation. This frightened her and suddenly, she found herself munching on spring onions and sipping broth. "Look, look, Nano! I ate all my food!"

"Oh! Good, Hakase!" Nano gasped, surprised that the girl had actually eaten the meal. Nano petted the Professor's head and the child grinned in contentment. Yes, as long as I keep doing stuff like this, Nano won't be able to ignore me! She thought with the utmost certainty.