You see, contrary to common belief, the moon is a rather fun place. Much more fun than the sun is, despite it's over glorification. The moon is the only place within light years (Besides the sun, which is not very fun) that exceeds Equestria's boundaries. It also has a sixth of Equestria's gravity, but it is not so easy to move that fat develops, one can actually maintain a rather thin body, due to there being a distinct lack of food on the moon.

In addition, one develops brilliant eyesight due to the monthly dimming of light on the moon, which is so dim in fact, that only the stars provide light, but that is also a lovely phenomena, as there is no atmosphere to distort the light coming from the stars, and as and extra bucket of fun, a certain spiteful Alicorn Princess would occasionally make a moonquake just for kicks, which was a highly amusing survival-centered sport in the previously mentioned low gravity.

This is the moon that Twilight Sparkle looked at through her small telescope that she always had on hand, while on a train to Ponyville. Spike had recently been scheduled for a doctor's appointment in Manehattan by Princess Celestia. Manehattan had one of the only doctors trained in dragon medical examination, and according to her, once a decade, every young dragon should have a checkup. Twilight, as always, accompanied Spike to make sure he didn't get into trouble. Everything was functioning properly for Spike, and, not having enough money to stay overnight, Twilight and Spike caught the first train out.

Though the sky was not very clear tonight, Twilight looked a it anyway. She shunned herself for not bringing any reading material; what had she been thinking? Just sit there and not read for the entire ride? She shook her head in self disappointment.

"So," Said Spike. "Any storms?"

Twilight shook her head again. "No, just a few clouds. But if there is a storm in Manehattan instead, that could be blocking the radio tower."

Spike sulked at the static-emitting radio on the train table in front of him. "Well, this is officially the most boring train ride I have ever been on."

"It's the only train ride you've ever been on," Twilight remarked, rolling her eyes.

"Hopefully the last one, too." Spike sighed.

Twilight, bored of the dim sky, collapsed her telescope, lay down on her side of the train cabin, and closed her eyes. However, her rest stopped five seconds afterward when the train came to a sudden halt, throwing her head against the table.

Spike slammed his hand down, extremely unsatisfied with his train ride. "What the hell?" He demanded. "I'm going to have a talk with the engineer." At that, Spike got out of the cabin and stumpily stomped off. Twilight decided to follow him up the train, rubbing her head.

The train wasn't much, the aisles were narrow, and every cabin was identical; a table, a big window, two cushioned seats on either side. Some had radios. Many had confused ponies. It was like this for every cart, and there were quite a few carts; Twilight counted seventeen by the time they reached the engine. The engineer contained inside seemed reasonably calm, but also didn't seem to be doing anything.

"What's going on here?" Twilight asked.

"Well, you see," The engineer cleared his throat. "We have changed course."

Spike almost lost it there, but Twilight let off a stern glare in his direction. "We changed course," She repeated. "In the middle of the track?"

"Yes," Confirmed the engineer. "And that is why we are not moving."

Spike went to the nearest window and jumped out of it. "Well," Said Twilight. "Where are you planning on going?"

"Nowhere, at the moment. We're not moving, you know."

"Are you planning on doing anything about that?"

The engineer spoke very clearly, as if to a filly. "In case you hadn't noticed," He explained. "I'm changing course in the middle of of a track. What do you reckon I'm supposed to do?"

At this point, Twilight decided to follow Spike out the window. The engineer tipped his grease heavy hat at her. "Sorry for the inconvenience, miss."

Twilight hit the surface of a grassy field and immediately observed the sky above her, a sudden, dark overcast, splitting the night in half. The sheet of clouds overshadowed the general area in front of the train, where Ponyville should be. She scanned under the cloud, looking for any lights that may be coming from the town.

Her scanning was interrupted (Something Twilight was genuinly annoyed by) by a deep cackling coming from everywhere around her. Spike, who had been dragging his feet towards the cloudy area, jumped in surprise.

"That engineer keeps me in stitches. Don't you think, Twilight?" A voice said, in a pause in laughter.

Twilight tensed. She knew that voice.

"Hi Discord."