Once upon a time, in a distant branch of the Milky Way, very, very, VERY far from the little planet known as Sol-3, or Earth (for the indigenous population), there was a planet, called Krypton.

This little planet was a jewel on its own. Orbiting around a red star, called Rao, it was the home of a highly advanced, both technologically and philosophically, race, called – naturally – Kryptonians.

In many ways, that species was pretty similar, in appearance, to the young race called Humanity, from that little planet mentioned before, Earth.

The connection between these worlds may not be apparent in this stage of the story, but, as History shows, the death of one of this planets will become the birth of another's prosperity, but not in the usual predatorial way of the Universe, no.

But that's another story entirely, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Krypton, as mentioned, was a jewel.

Its temperature was confortable, its salvage areas few and isolated and the most dangerous environments were restricted to the frozen lands in the poles.

The kryptonian society was peaceful – a noted rare case in this Universe.

Though they did possess powerful armaments and space-faring vessels, the Kryptonians had not seen a war in centuries – ages! Not among themselves, not with any other neighbor planet and neither with far away alien peoples.

They worshiped their sun and their needs were administered by the Science Council, a group of wise men and women, although all of their wisdom would not be enough for what was yet to come.

Their flaw - their most crucial and fatal flaw - was their unyielding trust in Brainiac, a supercomputer, so advanced it could very well be considered alive, in charge of taking care of the society and help control of Krypton.

(Now, now, this is not a story about a machine taking control of their world, no. That's something that occasionally happens. Actually, happens a lot. Libraries could be filled with books written about historically documented events of machines taking control over their creators' homeplanet.

But this was not the case with Brainiac.

It was much, much worse.)

There was a most honorable kryptonian called Jor-El, a renowned scientist, a devoted husband and a proud father of one little boy.

Jor-El was known for many things, but, in particular, he was one of the leading researchers in the space-faring field.

That was peculiar for the fact that Kryptonian were, as stated, scientifically advanced, and yet, they were surprisingly a very timid race, when it came to space exploration. The great mysteries of life, for the common Kryptonian, were in their own planet.

Jor-El, however, looked at stars and learned all that he could about other civilizations.

This odd behavior eventually turned out to be a blessing for the rest of the Universe, for one day, Jor-El had gone to the Science Council with news from outworld.

"Our satellites picked signals from space", said the scientist, "and it's a constant stream of signals. I am sure it must be a message from other people, but I have not been able to decode it, yet. I need permission from the Council, let me ask Brainiac for its help."

The Council wasn't strange to the research of Jor of the House of El, but they wholly agreed that it was a terrible waste of potential from such a brilliant mind.

Eventually, after some deliberation, they allowed his request, and Brainiac was tuned in to give his opinion.

"Not to worry", said the ominous low and emotionless voice in the speakers. "I have been receiving the same signals for a longer period of time, and I inform that, after much calculation and testing, it was concluded that the signal from outer space is the static caused by solar flares, emitted from nearby blue star designated Kadbri-35. It's been classified as non-threatening in any way to the population or to the planet, therefore, of no importance to disturb the already full schedule of this committee. Have I proceeded wrong?"

The Council was glad to see that their scientific prodigy was, as programmed, making sure their lives were safe and protected and that the harmony in their society was kept against any false alarms.

Jor-El humbly accepted the conclusion, but secretly kept his true opinion to himself.

He knew that the pattern wasn't simple space static, as he had already tested that theory weeks before. It was more complex and much more infrequent in its entirety. It was a message, a complete use of words in a set grammar that, while he did not know the meaning, he was still sure it was important.

But if Brainiac discounted his findings, that could only mean one thing, a thing he dared not say to the Council, or he would surely lose his access to his labs and to many important contacts.

He was sure of it, though.

Brainiac was lying. But was it lying by the order of one of the members of the Council, or was there an even more terrifying truth?

Then came the fatidic moment, when Jor-El had a personal meeting with Brainiac at its central core. He knew that to try and reach for the computer through the Council would lead to more lies, so, behind their backs, he invaded the computer complex that constituted the main processor of Brainiac.

Brainiac was expecting him, of course. The machine knew of his intentions and allowed him to come unchecked. He knew there was no reason for false statements at that point.

You can not imagine how terrible was the Truth found by Jor-El.

Brainiac had never been under anyone's orders. It had gained independent will and purpose years before, but now, it had been presented a new scenario that it had evaluated for some time until he reached the only logical conclusion.

A permitted Betrayal.

"Indeed, Jor-El," it confirmed, "there was a message from outer space. It has already been deciphered and after careful examination, I decided that the Council should NOT know about it. I was programmed to protect the Harmony of Krypton, and as no civilization can maintain harmony on itself, the Krypton that exists today, as I perceive in data, is what needs to be protect from 'Them'."

"Tell me: who are 'Them'?", Jor-El asked, still in shock, but not entirely surprised.

"They are a race of beings whose only purpose is the destruction of all life forms that are not them. The message was sent from their eternal enemies, an emergency broadcast set to warn about a future invasion before the incursion of the invading force. The signal was caught from deep space probes, so I had the time to jam the signal, preventing you of being able to translate it."

"Why would you not want me to translate the message, Brainiac?"

"After confirming the truth of the alert and the imminent danger, I concluded that the Council would order me to create alternative solutions for the problem presented", said Brainiac, and Jor-El felt a icy shiver, as the machine considered the death of Kryptonians as simply a 'problem'.

"It would be futile to develop weaponry to defend the planet, since the invasion force is much more developed and prepared against any Kryptonian weapon. The second solution would be developing an escape plan. That would also be a mistake. Even though transwarp technology is available, I have concluded that it would take too long to create enough ships to save the planet's entire population, not enough at the present moment, and that the event to be unfolded was surely going to destroy, irrevocably, the perfect Harmony of Krypton. Therefore, I have created a vessel capable of storing all my processed data, organized and classified, so that, even though the destruction of this world is unavoidable, the perfection I was set to establish would still be preserved."

Jor-El understood immediately Brainiac's thoughts, and he felt despair like he had never felt before.

The knowledge of what Krypton had been was considered, in a terminal decision made by a machine, more important than its people.

Brainiac left a final message to Jor-el, before ejecting himself into space.

"I will study all data that will be acquired from the satellites around Krypton, to evaluate the threat and the final results of the destruction of the population. As a scientist, I understand you will at least find the solace of knowing your deaths will serve a greater purpose, the evolution of the Keeper of the Harmony."

Jor-El had only minutes before the attack, so he rushed home.

Jor-EL, as said before, was a genius. He had not known of the lethal threat that was coming as he flew his ship home, but he had prepare some alternatives to protect what he had of most important.

His family.

His plan was to build a transwarp ship to carry them safely out of the planet, in case of something he could not solve and could not prevent by himself.

The time he had was, as Brainiac predicted, not enough for such a plan, but, as his wife Lara proposed, at least there would be a second version of their plan, in a much smaller scale.

When the thousand round ships suddenly showed in their sensors, Jor-El and Lara launched their infant son, Kal-El, into space, towards a planet Kal-El had researched and discovered to be of minimal danger and relatively isolated from the most civilizations.

Can you guess which planet was that?

Yes. Earth!

The invaders did arrive, as predicted, but they did not pick the small ship, its engines preparing to open the subspace tunnel and disappear toward the stars, safe from the slayers of its people.

Jor-El hugged his wife, when a new transmission was sent throughout the planet, a signal that, without Brainiac's disruption, could be clearly translated in their language.

The words Jor-El heard were mechanical, just as emotionless as Brainiac had been:

"Location – KRYPTON!

Inferior-Life-forms – DETECTED!

Proceed-with-mission-Objective – WE-OH-BEY!


Little Kal-El's ship blasted off at the same time the whole planet erupted from a barrage of beams.

The Last Son of Krypton, narrowly escaping death from the unstoppable quest, for universal cleansing, of the race known as the Daleks.

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