Chapter One-

(3 weeks later)

After the strange delirious men came and told there story; the army of evil as the survivors ended up calling it arrived in glory of weapons and running vehicles nowhere near as crazy as the dehydrated trio. It was if Armageddon had started all over again. This time though there would not be coming back there wouldn't be any survivors if we made the wrong move.

Our group's leaders an Elderly man only a child when the plague first hit greeted the men with cautious grace.

"Welcome Strangers… how can we help your people? We are a peaceful group," said Leonard as kindly as possible.

"I can see that Sir. I and my people of the Residence are here to change this. We want to update this country back to its original form. Now you can let the change come peacefully or we can make it difficult." The leader of the Residence said.

The man himself look like a young warrior from the old movie Brave Heart except no kilt just faded blue jeans and a black V-neck he looked about twenty but it was quite obvious he was either Scottish or some type of Celtic blood.

"Stranger, we are of peaceful grounds we have our set pace there is no need to threaten us. Could we part take in a partnership of this land, "Questioned our leader quickly.

"For now that seems appropriate old man, you can team up as you call it for now but we are the leaders of change you will bow unto us."

"Surely, the Residence is inquiring that they will take us over good man," smiled Leonard. "No of course not Leonard nothing of the sort as long as life here is simple and can follow directions." But the Leader of the Residence looked like he seemed to mean otherwise.


This is it Marcus thought with a heavy sigh; this is how slavery feels like when the Nazi's invades Germany a century ago it seemed like it wasn't communist takeover until it was too late. But, what do I know? I'm just one of the workers no one special, maybe I am just making a big deal out of nothing.

"Hon, are you alright?" Marcus' wife Fleur asked concerned. She had set the plate of steaming food in front of him 5 minutes ago with zero response. The baby kicked more in her belly in those five minutes then Marcus would blink.

"Sorry dear, it's just that residence group they seem well evil…I don't want our child put inside that type of atmosphere." He placed his hand on her belly and smile gently only a little while longer he thought.

"Marcus, they just want to help us gain strength and bring America back to its original condition that is what Leonard is trying to do as well but now we will be faster there is no need to worry dear. Leonard knows what he is doing stay peaceful and they'll move on when this is finished to the next colony. Alright," Fleur smiled so encouragingly is was hard for Marcus not to agree but why did it seem too good to be true?

That night Marcus did not sleep easily neither did Leonard all the way across the community housing group.