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Green eyes flickering open, Loki awoke, trying to figure what time of the day it must be at this point, he guessed it early enough because Thor was not sitting at his side waiting for him to wake just yet. Squirming and trying to stretch some of his sore muscles as much as he could, he saw no harm in recollecting the past two weeks. He had talked with Thor, made the other smile and laugh, he would never admit though that he had smiled and laughed right back. He got Thor to think he was open with him now, let the blond believe he was forgiven and all was forgotten. Let him be happy. For what reason though?

For the biggest gambit Loki would ever make in his life. He had gone along and pretended his happiness and love to Thor, while the other of course was filled with guilt by the day, that made him do his best to talk with the Allfather and talk him out of killing Loki. Seeing as Loki was unsure if that part had worked, he would have to step it up today and test his skills to see what an actor he could be. Could he trust- no predict Thor's love to come through and work as he hoped? The love was strong enough to save his life. He knew it. By giving some affection back to Thor, he knew he gave the blond hope. Hope that Loki could go back to normal. This may be the only day he was glad Thor was so foolish and naïve enough to have such hope for something that was nothing but a big lie.

He and Thor had not spoken at all of his execution; he wouldn't doubt it if Thor thought he did not even know of it. Well Thor was in for a surprise because Loki had sat in the dark long enough and now he needed to know when he was going to die to check if his plans were to work. On excellent cue, Thor came through the door, tray in hand and cup in the other just like every day for the past two weeks.

Smiling wide to his brother, Thor sat down at his side, setting the tray in his lap and offering the cup of water up to Loki, who only shook his head. Thinking little of it he took some of the meat offering that instead but again Loki shook his head. Smile quickly fading he knew something was up. By the expression on Loki's face he sighed, setting the cup and tray aside. That was a 'we need to talk' kind of look. Concern shining softly through his bright blue eyes, he looked over Loki quickly trying to see if he was okay. "What's wrong Loki? Are your ..wounds bothering you?" He still hated the lashes that covered his brother with bloody scars that served a reminder of what a horrible sibling Thor had been to do such thing. He was still trying to forget about it, and Loki willing enough to do so for the both of them was at least some help.

Well he had Thor's attention, which was very good. At the questions he had to hold back a humorless chuckle. "They are fine, but.." Loki paused, earning an intent gaze on him. "I know they are going to kill me Thor." he stared at Thor, might as well hit the topic on the head, keep it simple for the blond god.

Thor's entire face seemed to drop into a frown. "They are planning it.." he murmured, not ready to admit that the Allfather was going through with it. "I am trying to talk to him Loki, I don't know what more I can say to him to try and convince him. I've run out of time, I don't have anything I can say to him by tonight that will change his mind."

Loki was shockingly silent, his gaze dulling as he stared over Thor, suddenly on high alert and guarding himself more than ever as he went tense. Lips forming a thin line of neither frown nor smile, the dark haired god didn't even let a blink pass him. So tonight was his last night, then, that was it? He hadn't counted on Thor being able to persuade Odin, but he thought the blonde would have made some difference. So close into falling into a stupor, Thor's deep concrete voice pulled him from it.

"For some time now you have been pretending to hate me Loki." Thor murmured, lifting his hand to cradle Loki's cheek, holding it firmly as the other tried to pull away "but I want you to know I still love you-"

"Thor don't-"Loki fidgeted, his hands twisting and wrist burning as he struggled to free from the restraints, he didn't want to stay here for any sentiment Thor was trying to pull, he wanted to get away from this situation and the hand on his cheek that felt like goodbye, he needed to run, wanted to vanish to the shadows and not confront anything.

"I just don't understand why you won't remember how we used to play together, how you used to read me stories, or the pranks we would do together. I know you aren't of blood, but that doesn't mean you aren't my brother, that doesn't mean us being raised together never happened. You are still my brother, so why can't you realize you love me? I know that you love me-"

"Thor stop it.." Loki's voice was raising in volume now, brows creasing while he tried to be heard, but Thor wouldn't have it, he spoke over Loki again.

"Why Loki, you tell me how I am not supposed to miss you, how I am not supposed to react to losing you agai-"

"Thor!Stop!" Loki shouted, trying to be heard, trying to get Thor to quit talking. His wrist digging into the metal of the shackles now as he leaned away from Thor the best he could, the strong hold on his jaw firm, the harsh fingers burning at his skin.

"Why?" Thor could feel angry hot tears trying to form as he stared at Loki, trying to read that placid mask of his brother, fingers clenching desperately onto him as if the younger would disappear.

"Because now isn't the time for this." Loki murmured with lower volume, voice still slightly raised, but a bit shaken yet sure in its tone.

"When then? When am I supposed to say-"

"Never!" the dark haired god was hissing now, his throat tight and clenching as he did his best not to fidget, to run away from all this and not have to deal with it. "How could you ever make me say goodbye to you? There is never a time for it, never. Don't you dare ever try, you can't say goodbye to me you bastard." I won't let you, Loki turned his head away from Thor's grip, ripping free of it and not meeting the blue eyes. "Get out."

"Loki..." Thor whispered, his lips falling silent with a frown, his thumb stroking across the dry, bloody, and bruised cheek with sorrowful actions before the head jerked away from him. He wanted to help Loki, hold him, protect him from this dark day to come, keep him safe and help his broken heart, but how could he?

Loki stared at the corner of his cell in silence, feeling the presence of Thor like heavy weight on his shoulders, unmoving and dragging him down. "Out!" His head whipping around, he glared daggers at Thor until the God got up, leaving him and his cell to silence.

Staring into the dark corner of his cell, Loki's shoulders began to shake with a new strain, the primal need to flee urging him to move, his body ignoring his restraints and logic, just screaming to move. But he bit back his physical demands, hatching a small snarl into the silence as his torso swayed and gave a fidget for being yielded. Taking a calming breath he frowned into the silence, he couldn't convince himself, no matter how hard he tried, and say that what just happened was a good act.

He knew it wasn't any act; it was him desperately trying to avoid saying that sinful word to Thor, the thought itself making Loki's stomach churn in queasy notice and forgotten heart be thrummed like strings on a guitar as Thor played him without even knowing, making the heart ache. This was where Loki hated himself most, hated Thor and himself for still loving the blond. No matter how much the other made his heart ache with pain, how much he may break Loki, Loki could still love him, over it all. He hated himself for that, knew he should hate Thor, only hate him. It was easy to love and hate when both were so close together, but to leave love behind was like letting his life truly be a lie. His and Thor's love was the single truth of his life as Aesir that made it all a memory, not a lie, not a façade, it made it all real, which made all the pain reality.

Loki needed that pain, needed it for his dear life, for it was his only truth under Odin's secrets. He loved and hated the pain as much as he loved and hated Thor, it was something in his life he learned to welcome, learn to understand it, use it for his own good..sometimes, when it was at his use and not under the hands of others.

Loki finally gained reins of his shaken body and mind by late night, breath finally leveled and head spinning with dizzy anticipation of what was to come. Now he waited, awake and counting the moments that passed. There was no point in sleeping when his nightmares were coming from his dreams and seeing fit to possess his conscious mind with jest of what a fool he was, how weak he was, following like a sheep with the others in others shadows, loving Thor just like everyone else, losing to Thor like nobody else, coming in second to Odin, to Frigga, and now Thor.

He could handle being second to Thor within the eyes of his 'parents.' The golden child getting the only spotlight, from them, from all of Asgard. He could handle it because Thor's love was able to make up for all the hate, because he never had to compete for his brothers' love like he would with Odin and Frigga. Two children, two to compete, but as brothers, there was only him, and he got that love, had to share with no one else. Not with Warrior Three and Sif, not with all of Asgard, he got all of that love until that mortal Jane stole the only spotlight Loki ever got in his life and that was from Thor.

.: - - - - - :.

Green fires watching the door as it slid open for the final time, Thor and Loki locked eyes, staring at one another for the longest of moments before Loki finally looked off casually. With a click and few rattles of chain, Loki's arms were dropped down by gravity, the limbs numb and heavy weight with twitching fingers. Clasped into new pair of cuffs, he could feel Thor's hand trying to help him up, but he was too rigid and tense, body having strained for the past few weeks, trying not to just become weak jello from not moving from the single position for so long. He felt another tug, his body resisting even if he didn't want it to.

Giving a small sound he could not identify, he suddenly had warm arms wrapping around his frame, the strong hold taking him by the sides and picking him up like a child. Next thing he felt was being cradled against the heavy muscled chest of his brother, protection and safety covering him with heat that was comforting, it holding memories of finding Thor in the night after nightmares, those reassuring arms and gentle voice convincing him Thor would always be there for him.

His large hand stroking through the black tufts of his brothers crusted bloody hair, Thor held onto him tenderly, letting Loki's head rest at his shoulder, secure arm coiled at the small of his back and head bowed with reference like he was giving respective silence. "Always" he whispered.

Shivering at the word that went down his neck, Loki went pliant with the embrace, a sigh leaving him. That word told Loki that Thor understood, this was no hug of goodbye, but one that said Thor was going to be there for him today. Like he promised many years ago.

Unlocking from the hold, Thor tried to let Loki go to be at his feet, but his knees buckled from under him, Thor having to catch him and wrap as arm around his hip. Hoisting Loki to be settled on his waist, he began to walk with his sluggish brother, pulling him through the hall with silence between them.

Loki trudged with Thor, feeling as if it were the old days, coming out of battle together helping one another, except this battle was already lost, and all they were doing was walking death row. Too weak to try and right himself into composure, Loki just leaned his head near Thor, disdain filling his stomach as he was walked into a room. Except no one was in the room, it was empty, a private bath house. A small personal space within the midst of it had running water trickling down, thick white marble containing the water on either side like an opened cube.

Feeling the warm arm leave him to tug at his trousers, he pulled himself away from Thor, having enough energy to right his legs with balance, he walked forward to the water. Using the cube structure to steady him, he put his hands to the corners, leaning forward under the running water and letting it soak through his heated skin. The cold was like a soothing cut being open. The scorching heat of his body doused as the cool liquid bled over his frame, putting out the fires on his back and washing him free of the burning ache that sat in his chest. Head bowing down, Loki watched as droplets traced from his nose and chin, leaving with a tint of scarlet and dripping down to his bare sore feet.

Loki could feel Thor's eyes on him, surely watching as the water discarded the layer of blood that had coated Loki over the last few weeks, the grime and evidence of the punishment and pain leaving his body like a washed canvas. Free of the cruel art and untouched as it should have been, the picture before beautiful without the brush strokes of pain. But sometimes it's too late to take back the mistakes made; the scars on the back proving what has been done could not truly be erased, no matter how much either of them wished it.

Tilting his head back up, Loki looked over the soft marble, bloody handprints where his hands had slid covering the walls. Pulling away he dropped his head into his hands, covering his face while his shoulders began to shake, knees trembling as a wave washed over him. Following after he felt warmth within his shoulder blade, fingers curling and a large hand rubbing at him in soothing manner, Thor. For a moment Loki tensed, only to relax once more. The key in his mouth felt heavy like guilt itself weighed it down.

When Thor had picked him up into a hug, Loki had easily reached for the key to his shackles, holding it in clenched fist all the way as he was dragged off. The shower was a perfect scene for a small break down, something he needed and would act well on his side, an easy way to slip the key into better hiding place without Thor knowing. Once he was sure the key was secure under his tongue, he raised his head up once more. Cupping his hands and getting water, throwing the cool relief over his face, splashing it onto still heated cheeks. Breathing out a shaken breath, he shook his head, running a hand thoroughly through his hair, cleaning it out best he could. Once he felt free of it all he rid himself of the tattered dirtied trousers, letting the rest of himself be washed off before stepping from under the water, Thor waiting with a towel to hand him.

It took little time to have Thor help dry and dress him up in his usual attire, both back in the halls, walking side by side as if ready for some feast. Except Loki's bruised face and shackles said else wise as they walked together.

All Loki needed was an opening, giving a quick glance to Thor, he knew he would help him get it, he just had to wait. With a final shared look between them, they walked into the hall. It was empty and private excluding Frigga, Odin, and some guards in the room. From there, Loki was taken with guards on either side of him, pulled in front of Odin and helped down to kneel before him.

"Loki Odinson" Odin boomed down to him, his single eye watching him with sorrow filled features. "You have brought war to both Asgard, and Midgard, destruction and chaos. You are a threat and have proven yourself too dangerous for only a cell to hold you. So as punishment for crimes committed, I sentence you to death."

Taking a deep breath, Loki willed his head to stay up, watching now as Odin rose his hand, the powerful staff he always had raising with it in intimidating manner. Behind him he could hear some noises but the pounding of his blood in his ears was too loud for him to clarify or care what it was.

Thor stood, fidgeting now and then as he watched his father and brother, heart starting to pound unevenly and fingers twist in the need to do something than just stand on the sidelines and let it happen. He couldn't get through to Odin with anything he had said, but Thor was a physical person, and if there ever was a time to use that power, it was now. The Guards had been guarding him the moment he had walked in, keeping him back, knowing what he would try. But they forgot, he was Thor, God of Thunder. And no one separated him from his brother. Not them and not Odin himself.

It was easy to run down on the guards that tried to secure him, throwing them away like nothing as he ran to Loki, hand out behind him calling the Mjolnir to him. Within seconds flat the door came crashing down, the hammer in his hand and fingers curling around it tightly as Thor leaped to be in between the Allfather and Loki. The head of the hammer clashed with the staff, sparks flying from it and Odin's enraged yell putting the hall into deafening rumble. Thor could hear Odin calling for more guards, giving him nothing but a few moments as he glanced back at Loki.

When Thor leapt into his line of sight, guarding him from the oncoming staff, he didn't know what to feel, he only knew what he had to do. Taking that opening, he slipped the key between his fingers, unlocking himself and meeting eyes with Thor's pleading eyes.

"Loki…please don't go. Please, you don't have to go." Thor whispered , staring down at his younger brother with hope. Loki didn't have to leave, Thor could protect him, keep him safe. Thor was willing to physically convince Odin everyday if he had to that Loki was not going to be killed. He would always be there to stand between Loki and death, ready to stop it.

But Loki stood before him, turning his back to him and walking a pace forward. "Loki please, I'll do anything you want, just tell me what you want me to do." Thor's voice was rising, tone trembling with foreshadowing of tears as he stared after his brother, seeing him free of his shackles, Thor felt the pit of his stomach churn. He couldn't leave again. "I'll do anything, I promise..Loki please don't go." He was pleading now, brows furrowing and arms trembling.

Loki bowed his head, listening to Thor with impassive look as he stared down at the ground, looking as if he was faintly listening. Thor only hoped he could hold off Odin, only hoped that he could make this all okay, but Loki knew better, he had to leave, had to ignore the pleas. If there was anything he wanted Thor to do, there was just one. "Never doubt that I love you." He whispered, and like that, Loki was gone.

.: - - - - - :.

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