Outlaws Of Love

Joesph P.O.V

What makes are love so wrong? As long as you love someone what does it really matter who they are? Why is it wrong for me to love another man? Our love is real and that's all that should matter. I hold his hand and see his smile and I know that the love we share is meant to be forever. But they reject us because they view are love a sin. They say will burn in hell but I don't think of god as someone to pass judgment just because of love.

I feel the words of strangers and of those who we thought would be on are side turn vulgar and nasty. It burns me to the core and it has begun to rip me apart on they inside, I don't let it show for Bobby's sack, but know I see him crying reeling from the brutal rejection from his parents. I pull him from the place he called home as they throw him out like garbage. I Tell him that we have no choice but to run.

His eyes are full of tears but he nods his head and we make are way out of this world that we once called are lives. As we pass the final street light of are former world we don't look back not even to shed a tear. They well always brand us for the love we share. We must go a journey to find a place that we can call home. A place that wont judge us for that love.

We walk into the sunset holding hands we share a kiss and hope that there's a place we can grow old together. A place were we no longer have to cry. I fear the journey but again I see him smile that beautiful smile of his and I smile back. We can Survive this together I know we can. Some will call us outlaws while others will do anything to hurt us. Love is what brought us together and its love that will see us to the end.

Bobby P.O.V

I Just hope that are scars will heal with time. The lives that we once had are over, we were chased away with hurtful words as well as are parents cold rejection. I hold his hand and wonder what will become of us. I know Joseph will never let anything happen to me. I see how grown up he's become just to take care of me. I just can't let go of his hand because if I do I know I'll fall into sadness.

I'm left with a question a question that I may never get a real answer to. Why? Why Does the world hurt us for being different? Don't are tears all fall the same? Don't we all feel pain? They just expect us to change. But we can't change. Why can't there minds just be wide open.

I know we are not alone, I know others have been through the same. How many hearts and homes were broken because of a love others felt is so sinful? We could go so far if the world would let us be together without cruel judgment. But right now people are just getting colder.

At the moment we have nowhere else to go. Will we ever get closer to place we can share. We've been told no over and over again from are family's and even are friends. Everywhere we go will look for the sun that will fill us with hope. A place to call home were we can grow.

As the sun completely disappears I feel my body getting colder. I feel Joesph place his jacket on me. I thank him and give him a kiss on the cheek. We stop near a small hotel and decided to stay for the night. Well we find a place to go tomorrow? Or will we be travailing the road forever. I wrap my arms around the man that I love and drift off to sleep. We will make it together. but until then we are outlaws. Outlaws Of Love.

For all those that haven't heard Adam Lambert's New song Outlaws Of Love its a really deep and touching song. That's were this story comes from I feel like using it for a King Of The Hill story was a perfect choice. Please review and Tell me all what you think!