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"And Castiel dared to choose the Winchester's over his own brothers?" Lucifer steamed. While this wasn't news to him, it still enraged him that their younger brother had betrayed them all. If Castiel had sided with Michael, that would have been one thing, but Lucifer couldn't tolerate the idea of him betraying the entire family.

"Yes." Michael nodded, giving a smug smile. "But no doubt that will not go unpunished for long."

Lucifer shrugged. "I don't know about that."

"What do you mean?"

"Our Father resurrected Castiel and helped him take Sam's body out of the cage. Why would he do that if he didn't agree with Castiel? Then-"

"That was a misunderstanding, no doubt." Michael rose to his feet, glaring down at Lucifer. "It is not up to us to question our Father's ways."

Lucifer shrugged. "I suppose you're right." Starting a fight with Michael over this point was useless. He'd planted the seed; now all the Devil had to do was regain his brother's trust. "Speaking of our Father," Lucifer continued, "we have work to do." Some of the suspicion left Michael's eyes, and Lucifer reached up to take his brother's hand, pulling him back down.

"What do you mean?"

Lucifer tilted his head to the side, indicating where Sam and Adam were huddled together in a corner. "The younger Winchester is blameless, but Sam knew our Father's will and blatantly disregarded it. We would be poor excuses for sons if we left that unpunished."

Michael frowned. "You're talking about torture."

"No, " Lucifer sighed, "I'm talking about justice. Sam was allowed to jump into the Cage for a reason; so that he could be punished for his actions. If it's true that our Father has a plan-"

"He does."

"Right. Then perhaps it is up to us to punish him." Lucifer could see Michael mulling this over.

"You're right." His older brother finally decided, and Lucifer had to hide his grin. "But what is a suitable punishment?"

"I've got some ideas."


Finding someone to do the summoning was a lot easier said than done. There were surprisingly few covens of witches big enough to pull it off and, the few that were big enough, usually ended up not being powerful enough. Then, of course, Eisheth had to avoid any activity that could bring Sammy boy down on her (although she was tempted; damn she had been looking forward to making love to Lucifer in that body). Finally, after two months, Eisheth found a centuries old coven that had just kept building and building until there were well over fifty witches in it. Conveniently enough, the Coven had been working on a similar goal; they wanted to free the Princes of Hell. The location of said Coven? Salem, Massachussets.

Connie, or Constance Ball, had led the original Salem Coven in an attempt to raise the Princes and bind them to her will before and had very nearly succeeded. If it hadn't been for Nathaniel Winchester and his family, Eisheth would have been reunited with her husband and they would have been ruling the world for the past three centuries. As it was, the Winchesters had ruined everything and Connie had been forced to put her plan on hold for a few centuries. The witch had nearly everything she needed for the summoning. Except for human sacrifices to resurrect her old coven and some extra mojo. The woman couldn't believe her luck when Eisheth showed up to help; she didn't even bother to ask what the demon wanted in return, which was more than fine with Eisheth. The more powerful the witch thought she'd be, the more willing she'd be to complete the ritual. Now, it was just a matter of getting everything ready. In a little over nine months, she and Lucifer would be reunited and their reign would begin.


Lucifer gave a wave of his hand and a horizontal St. Andrew's Cross appeared, with Sam chained to it. He heard Adam uncurl himself, saying his brother's name, and waved his hand, knocking the boy down. "This doesn't concern you, boy."

"Stay where you are, Adam. Don't make them mad." Sam told his brother, although Lucifer could see a glimmer of fear amongst the defiance.

Michael got up, peering down at Sam in a way that reminded Lucifer of how Michael looked when they first saw the Earth together. Lucifer allowed himself to grin. They had plenty of time to rebuild that relationship.

Michael glanced back up at Lucifer. "Now what?"

"Well, the great thing about human souls is that there're endless ways to punish them. And," Lucifer gestured around the cage, causing a variety of torture devices to appear, "we might not be able to get out, but we've still got our powers. We can have as many tools as we want." The thing about Michael, was that he wasn't completely unfamiliar with torture. Lucifer had seen him punish far too many of their brethren during the war and, from what he'd heard, after their Father had left, brainwashing those who opposed Michael's reign had become the norm. The difference was, that Michael wasn't used to punishing humans. Souls were sent to Heaven to be protected. Lucifer, on the other hand, had had plenty of practice with humans, demons, angels, and pretty much everything else in existence. The only thing Lucifer had to do was teach Michael how humans were different from angels. It wouldn't do to have his brother use the same techniques on Sam that he used on angels. "Now, what you need to remember, is that humans aren't the same as angels. They don't have wings, they don't have graces, or any of that other fun stuff."

Michael snorted. "Really? I would have never guessed." He walked around the cage, examining the different devices.

"What they do have are finger tips, eyes, genitals, nipples, feet, and a whole other slew of sensitive spots. They're also highly susceptible to psychological torture, but we'll get to that a different day. Now-"

"What does this one do?" Michael interrupted, picking up one object.

Lucifer moved closer and smirked when he saw that it was a thumbscrew. "Why don't I show you instead of tell you?" Taking the device from Michael, he approached the bed where Sam lay and attached it to the Winchester's thumb. "You're really going to wish you hadn't trapped us in here, Sam." And then he started tightening the screw and screams resounded throughout the cage.