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(Percy POV) The first thing i thought when i saw Tyler was, I need to talk to my dad. Because this kid was basically a 12 year old version of me. If you don't agree with my opinion that Tyler is my younger half- brother, then, I believe that something is wrong with you.

After i finally stopped laughing and got up, I got a clear view of the girl. She had black hair with blue streaks, dark blue eyes, and her skin looked almost as pale as Nico's. Like she'd never seen the light of day.

"you'd better get changer sis" Tyler said recovering from his beat-down.

She mumbled something inaudible then stormed off to the locker rooms.

"Your sister?" Annabeth asked. He nodded. "you don't look much a like"

"yeah, Jordan looks like mom, and my mom says i look like my dad."

Whoa... Ok now im defiantly worried.

"something wrong?" he asks.

I shake my head. "nothing, just, nothing. Annabeth, wanna head to the pool?"

"ok, let me get changed" Annabeth said and ran off to the locker rooms with her bag on her shoulder.

"race you to the pool?" Tyler asked

"if u wanna get beaten"

I have to admit, this kid was pretty fast. And thats coming from me, i get chased by Clarisse on a daily basis at camp. I was one of the fastest kids in camp.

We got to the pool before the girls so I decided to pull a prank on him. I got in the water while his back was turned, and hid.

(Tyler POV) I turned around. No Percy... "Percy!" I yell walking over to the edge of the pool. I squat down and look into the water. Nothing. I stand up and turn around but before i could do anything i was pulled into the water by my ankles by, no other than, Percy. I swim back to the surface and climb out of the pool.

"I cannot believe you fell for it!" He said beginning to crack up.

"i admit , that was ingenious, but you are so dead." I say beginning to crack up myself.

"Wanna prank Annabeth and your sister?"

"duh!" I say diving back into he pool

(Annabeth POV) "Percy" I called into the pool room. No answer.

"Tyler! Come out you idiot!" Jordan called into the room. I walked around the area, I knew Percy couldn't be quiet, unless a prank was going to happen. We walked up to the edge of the pool. Two shadows... I tried to get me and Jordan away from the pool, but guess who it was, Percy and Tyler pulling us under. I kicked Percy in the nose and swam to the surface.

After us came Percy and Tyler, laughing!

"I can't believe you fell for that!" Tyler exclaimed between laughter.

"I'm. Gonna. KILL YOU TYLER CLARK AVIAN!" Jordan yelled, than began to chase him around the pool.


We all stood completely still. "Run" I heard Jordan whisper to Tyler.

They made a run for the door.