This school was going to be a brand new opportunity for Steve Rogers. Things hadn't been quite right since his little volunteer program with the US Military, and now he was kept under close surveillance of his only "family" left-Uncle Coulson.

But school would be different Here, he was going to be himself, whoever that was now, and try his best to give society his all once again.

That was what his only goal was, for now. To fit in. And that was going to be difficult in itself.

For now, Steve was only going to focus on the motorcycle in his garage. As he lay under the motorcycle's uplifted body, Coulson stuck his head into the garage.

"Tomorrow's a big day! Are you ready?"

Steve pushed himself up, smudging motor oil on his face. "I'm not sure 'ready' is the right term. Nervous? Yeah. Scared for my life? More than anything."

Coulson shook his head. "I think you're over exaggerating. High school shouldn't be that bad."

"Look at me," Steve shouted, panic arising in his voice, "I haven't gone to school since this!" He motioned to his entire body. "Do you know how hard it is to go from a scrawny twig to this bulk?"

"I'll admit," Coulson held up his hands, "I don't. But," he walked over to Steve and put his hands on his shoulders, "I know you'll adapt fine. With a body like that, in a school like this..."

Steve pushed him off jokingly. "Nah. You know I can't talk to girls."

Coulson laughed and walked off. "I'll be placing bets on how long it takes you to get a date."

Steve laughed and shook his head, turning the bike's ignition. It came to life with a satisfactory roar.