Road Trip Reunion

Ouran High School Host Club Fanfiction

Description: It's been fifteen years since the Host Club and things haven't exactly gone as planned for any of the hosts. Tamaki, realizing this, decides to reunite the hosts for one last adventure; a commoner's road trip back to where it all began.


Barbizon, France

A blonde man sat in the darkness of his bedroom, his beautiful porcelain face illuminated only by his computer screen. His slender hands typed rapidly at his key board. He ignored the Golden Retriever licking at his elbow for attention. He'd play with her later, right now; this document took priority over everything.

Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A

Haruhi hurried to finish up the final box lunch and set it on the island counter of her small four bedroom apartment.

"Risa! Kyomaru! Yuki! Let's go! You're going to be late for school!" she shouted, removing her apron.

She walked down the hall to her bedroom, her children running past her to the living room to put on their shoes. The brunette smiled at the large lump curled up in blankets in her bed.

"Hey, I'm leaving, I came to grab my shoes." She said.

A groan replied from the bed. She sat next to the lump and brushed it gently, causing the covers to fall slightly from the pressure, revealing her husband's disheveled black hair. She brushed it out of his face, causing the man's grey eyes to flutter open slightly.

"I love you." She whispered, kissing his nose.

"Love you too," he grunted, rubbing his eyes," I'm going back to sleep."

"Wait before you do, should I make dinner for you tonight?" she asked.

He sighed, "I wouldn't. I'm going to be giving a late lecture tonight. I'll just pick something up at the college cafeteria."

Haruhi's smile faded, "That's the fourth late lecture this week."

"I know, that's why I need to go back to sleep so I'm ready to give another one." He replied.

"Alright then; have a good sleep. Hopefully I'll see you tonight."


Haruhi he bit her lip before grabbing her tan pumps and slipping them on. She rushed out to the living room where her children sat waiting.

"Alright let's get you kids to school!"

Prague, Czech Republic

Pleasure entwined moans filled the dimly lit bedroom. The squeaks and aches of the springs a king sized bed grew louder and faster by the second.

"Br-brother! We're going to get caught! B-but, yo-ou can't st-stop! Its-its-it's too good! Ahhhhhhh!"

"And CUT!"

At that moment all the erotic noises ceased and the video camera switched off. Kaoru tried to catch his breath as the older red haired man pulled out of him.

"Great job Mr. Hitachiin, we should try it without all the cameras next time, little brother" He whispered sarcastically before putting on a robe and walking to his dressing room.

"Kaoru, are you ok?" the director asked.

"Y-yes, just a little tired. Is that a wrap for today?" he answered.

"Yeah it is. Goodjob, six partners in one day that must be exhausting," the director laughed, walking over to him and setting a silk blue robe over him to cover his nakedness, "You can go home now, your check is in your dressing room."

"Alright, thank you director."

The red head sat up and put the robe on properly before hopping off the bed a bit too soon. As soon as his feet touched the ground, it was as if his legs completely liquefied and he felt himself plummet to the floor.

"Mr. Hitachiin!"

A few make-up girls ran to him and put his arms over their shoulder.

"Let me drive you home Mr. Hitachiin," a blonde make-up artist offered.

"Thank you Belia," he whispered, choking back tears.

The Golden Retriever barked loudly, causing the man to clutch his ear in pain. The dog then grabbed the sleeve of his designer sweatshirt and started tugging on it for attention.

"Not now Antionette. Daddy's busy."

She lay down at her master's feet and whined.

Moscow, Russia

"Oh what a handsome man!"

"He's so tall, oh god he's gorgeous!"

"He looks like a foreigner!"

"But look he's in the army! Oh he looks so sexy in uniform!"

The tall man turned to the swooning girls, adjusting his uniform hat in the process.

"May I help you ladies with something?" he asked in a deep, monotone.

"Um sure!" one piped up, "Thank you so much for your service to us. God bless you!"

"Please allow us to buy you some lunch." Another added.

He smiled warmly, "That sounds very nice, thank you, but I must decline. I need to hurry home I'm very sorry."

"Oh it's no problem, God bless you!"

"Thank you." He replied walking on.

Mori opened the door to his penthouse suite, his temporary residence. He wasted no time to get on the phone, not even bothering to change out from his uniform.

"May I have Mitsukuni Haninozuka's room please?"

Clones, Ireland

"Takashi! It's good to hear from you! You survived the Russian army!" the prepubescent man giggled.

"Yeah, listen Mitsukuni; I just need to wait a month for my pension and I'll be out of here and with you alright?"

"Oh take your time! It's not like I'm going anywhere anytime soon." The blonde replied cheerfully.

There was a slight pause, followed by a forced laugh. Mitsukuni could tell he wanted to cry.

"You take care, Takashi; alright?"

"Yeah I will."

The blonde hung up and twiddled his thumbs for a moment before turning his head to the sound of an opening door. A bespectacled nurse stood in the doorway with her clipboard in hand.

"Ah, Mr. Haninozuka, you're off the phone," she said, "It's time for your sponge bath, and after I'll take you to the cafeteria to get cake alright?"

"Yay cake! Thank you Bridget!" he shouted excitedly.

"No problem Mr. Haninozuka, let's just get you out of bed shall we?" she replied happily, setting her clipboard on the counter.

She walked over to his bed and slipped her arms underneath his frail waist, careful not to touch the sensitive spot on his hip. She picked him up and set him down in his wheel chair.

Hong Kong, China

"Adjust that lighting! Alter the color, you, on the left! Move to the right! Hikaru! Get in the picture!" the red-haired woman shouted.

"Coming, mother!" he shouted jumping from his chair.

"Okay sit at the bottom row and do the pose I showed you earlier." She commanded.

He hurried over to where his mother directed and stretched arms behind his back, puffed out his chest, narrowed his eyes sensually, and pushed out his bottom lip with his tongue. He completed the look by directing his eyes slightly to the floor.

The designer rubbed her temples, "It's mediocre but it'll have to do, we're in a bind for time, but you really need to try harder Hikaru. Oh, and no salty foods for the next month, you look horribly bloated."

Hikaru bit the inside of his lip, careful not to let it affect his expression before the cameras flashed.

"Alright that's enough of you Hikaru; go back to your trailer." She snapped.

He hurried out of the photo shoot area before his mother had time to give him anymore verbal backlash. The second he arrived in his trailer he ripped off the ridiculous outfit his mother had created. He hurried over to his dresser and ripped a plastic bag of white powder from the top drawer. He poured some on to the dresser's surface and clumped it together with his credit card. He rolled up a piece of paper and after a wary glance at the door, inhaled it as fast as he could.

"Screw salt," he growled, tears beading his eyes.

A wide grin spread across the blonde man's face as he examined his final piece of work.

"It's perfect. And, send!" he said, tapping the enter key on his desktop.

A maid entered his room after knocking swiftly on his bedroom door, "Master Tamaki, it's time for your meeting."

"Ah, thank you Clarice," he replied getting up from his desk chair, "oh, and Clarice, I want you to schedule a flight to Japan for one week from today."

"Yes of course Master Tamaki."

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