Disclaimer: All recognizable characters and fictional places do not belong to me; I am merely borrowing them for playtime before I (respectfully) put them back. Thank you JKR, for allowing such things to happen.

Thank You: To the readers and writers of Head Boy / Head Girl Fics. You inspired this.

Story Summary: Dramione Drabble-what happens when the Head Girl gets bored one day? She may just surprise Draco...


By: TycheSong

They sat on opposite ends of the couch in their common room, legs crossed the same direction as their gazes—opposite walls.

Draco had long since given up trying to look aloof while they waited, and had started to attempt to bore a hole into the cloth of the couch arm with the handle of his tea spoon. Hermione had gone so far as actually laying her head back against the couch, so that only her voluminous hair was visible. Not that Draco was looking.

Dumbledore still didn't hail them from the floo as promised. It had been nearly an hour since he had told them to wait for his summons, and from what Draco could tell, he had forgotten about them entirely.

He was just about to inform the Head Girl that he was off to his room, and Dumbledore could bloody well wait for him to be fetched when he decided to make his presence known when—

"I'm bored." Hermione's head turned and her eyes met his. "Want to do it?"

Draco felt his eyes widen and jaw slacken slightly. Had Granger just propositioned him? He eyed her incredulously a moment.

"Uhm…sure?" He stammered. "I mean, sure!" Who was he to turn down a free shag, even if it was Granger? Granger, of all people. "I mean…wait…what?"

Granger shook her head impatiently, and rolled her eyes. "Slytherin Sex God, my arse. Never mind, Malfoy. I'll go find Zabini. Or Seamus. He's always up for a boredom shag."

Draco felt his mouth drop completely. Boredom shag? And Zabini had shagged Granger? And kept it to himself? Well that was just bloody inconsiderate of him! Suddenly, he realized that she was already on her feet and half way to the door.


A/N: This short was unbeta'd. It is just a bit of Drabble that occurred while reading some Head Boy/Girl fics the other day and chatting idly with Roo. I have not decided yet if I'm going to springboard off into a whole one shot or story or if it is going to remain the simple drabble it is. Why don't you guys be the judge and let me know. :-)