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Story Summary: Dramione Drabble- Hermione eyes him back...


by: TycheSong

She had watched him comfort a second year that had been bullied. Not just any second year, but Jonathan DeWitt, a Hufflepuff second year. He had smoothly talked the boy into opening up, insisting that he wanted to be his friend based on his marks. He had compared the small boy's schooling prowess to that of the Head Girl's in glowing tones, which had made the boy blush with pride.

It had made Hermione blush with pride, too.

Apparently satisfied that Draco Malfoy wanted to be his friend for the sake of the things he would someday accomplish, Jonathan had been more than willing to tell him about the third and fourth year shites making his life hell. Malfoy had then solemnly promised that he'd make sure that everyone knew that Jonathan was under his protection…but only if he was serious about being his friend.

Hermione had melted just a little. That was quite honestly the sweetest thing she had ever seen anyone do. Even Harry had treated the First-and-Second Years as more of a nuisance than charges under his protection. Draco had not only put the word out to back off the kid, but taken the time to make sure the kid's pride was intact, too. It was one of the most masterful and well-intentioned cons she had ever seen.

Carefully she had melded back into the shadows of the wall, and watched as he stood again. His expression had been at ease, his lips even slightly tipped in a small, satisfied smile. It made his mouth look entirely kissable. She had found him attractive before, of course, but now…now something in her gave a little twang of longing. She wanted to kiss Draco Malfoy. Not just her good-looking-but-kind-of-a-prat suite mate, but Draco. Just for being…well, him. For doing that.

This wasn't good. This wasn't good at all.

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