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Story Summary: Dramione Drabble- Draco can feel the changes in their dynamic.

by: TycheSong

Something had changed. He wasn't entirely sure what or when it had started, because they didn't talk about it. But there was a difference. She didn't rush into her room when he was there in their commons; she lingered. She still didn't speak much to him—and he was fine with that!—but he couldn't deny that something had loosened.

She studied near him now, and read; she didn't make sarcastic or biting remarks, and he found that he wasn't either. She had stopped giving him wary glances, like he might suddenly turn into a wild animal, and had started giving him curious ones—even interested ones. Like he was perhaps a puzzle, or maybe, just maybe, even a person.

They had been living some kind of truce since the year had started, a couple of months previously. Now it felt like there was actually a peace, as well. They carefully did not mention it, just like they carefully did not bait each other.

He found himself wondering if her cinnamon brown hair was soft or wiry, or if she would taste the way she smelled…like peaches. He found his mind drifting back to that night when the headmaster had forgotten them, and she had offered to shag him out of boredom. She hadn't been serious, he didn't think. Not really. But he wondered anyway what would have happened if he had just said yes. Just…yes.

Their whole dynamic (because it wasn't a relationship) was overwhelming, and they were not saying a thing.

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