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AN: This is set at the beginning of Priestess of the White.

I'm being followed Leiard thought to himself as he picked up the sense of someone else's mind. Pretending that he was unaware of the other person's presence, Leiard continued his examination of the underbrush. Whoever it was didn't have any hostile intentions and it was a familiar mind, although who it was eluded him for the moment.

As the person stepped closer, he allowed himself a wry smile as he recognised the mind. Wiping the smile from his face, he stood up and looked up into the mossy branches of an old garpa tree that stood in front of him.

She's definitely getting very good he thought to himself, noting the absence of anything that would give her presence away to any ungifted individual. Crouching down, he resumed his examination of the underbrush. Waiting for a moment or two, he decided to 'catch' her out.

"You're early today, Auraya" he said and mentally grinned as he heard her gasp in exasperation.

She'll make a good Dreamweaver one day, he thought to himself as he began the days lesson.