I ran excitedly around a corner, almost hitting a wall. Pounding on Amy's door a little too hardly, I could hardly contain my happiness. Finally, she opened the door, still in her pyjamas and looking excruciatingly grumpy. Still, my face didn't fall a notch when I told her the wonderful news.

"Pond! I got a new bow tie!" It was so hard to stop myself from bouncing up and down like a little kid, Amy should have been proud that I had barely managed. Instead she was much less than pleased.

"Doctor, stop wearing those things. And don't wake me up just to tell me you've got yet another one. It's what, two in the morning?" She pulled her door closed harshly, but I just sing-songed back to annoy her; redheads were funny with their tempers.

"Amelia, there's no time on the TARDIS. Well, really there's all time on the TARDIS. It's even in the name! Time and relative—" "SHUT IT DOCTOR! GO TO BED!" I grinned and ran back the way I went and then it happened. My usually lovely and useful boot was a bit too slick on the bottom and I plummeted down the stairs, screaming the whole way as I tumbled down like a rag doll. Very manly tears rolled out of my eyes as I clutched at my bruised knee, wondering when Amy would come and rescue me. My silent plea was soon answered as she came rushing around a corner.

"Doctor! Are you okay?" She crouched down beside me, and I tried to give her my most pitiful look.

"Aww, sweetie, you're crying. Come on, can you walk?" I nodded slowly, and she ungracefully yanked me up. I yelped and she gave me an apologetic face. She walked me over to her bedroom and sat me on her bed, grasping my hand as I sniffled. I buried my face in her hair and murmured, "The bow tie is pink."

"What?" She said sharply, getting up and walking out the door. She returned with the shopping bag containing the offending item and pulled it out cautiously. My brand new bow tie was a shocking magenta, sure to make any respectable person think I was the coolest Time Lord—well, only Time Lord—they had ever met.

"Doctor," Amy began as I held my breath for the knocks on my fashion sense. "This is the worst thing I have ever seen." I nodded, knowing what was coming next.

"I'm going to have to throw this into a super nova." Another solemn nod. I rose and walked into the console room, taking us to the nearest stellar explosion. I bowed my head in mourning, and Amy walked to the door, and without a moment's hesitation, threw it to be destroyed forever.

I wonder what will happen when she finds out about the polka dot one.

AN: Well, that was it! A fluffy and ridiculous one shot that I just felt had to exist. Not my best work, but it's something! :) Review if you'd like, and have an awesome day!