All the most talent kids, either with hand to hand combat, swords, knives, any sort of weapon, were sent to the National Panem Training Academy of Careers.

Located in the middle of the ocean on a island.

Welcome to hell.

Clove threw her bag over her shoulder as she walked through the empty halls, a man in his 30s with toned and tanned arms and legs led her around the school, showing her into the classrooms, all eyes darting to her immediately. She was quiet small but she was extremely talented, they just haven't found out yet but they will soon.

He finally led her to her room, unlocking the door and unraveling a bright pink room. They heard giggling and kissing sounds. She cleared her throat as she saw a tall, strong blonde making out with a gorgeous blonde on one of the beds, clearly not caring about the two people out the door.

Clove turned to the guy beside her but he just stood unphased.

"Yup here's your room, that's your roommate under the big guy getting her lips sucked off. Have fun, report to class first thing tomorrow," He said before leaving. Clove wanted to call out to him but didn't. She walked into the room, throwing her bag done on the bed and beginning to walk back out but the guy in the room called out to her. "Hey wait! Get me another shirt from my room, I think I'll be spending the night here," He winked down at the girl and then looked up at Clove.

She just looked at him, "Oh yes your master, anything."

The boys face smiled.

Clove just raised her eyebrow, "I'll be right back with your clothes and maybe a snack. Yeah, no fuck off," She said rudely before storming out, slamming the door.

She walked around the school, going into some of the classes. She stumbled into the hand to hand combat. They partnered her up with this bigger girl since nobody was as small as her. Clove readied herself and attacked. The girl elbowed her and tried to kick her down but Clove was to fast and ducked it, punching her under the knee and then raising her own knee while she grabbed the girl by the back of the neck and smacked her forehead down to her knee.

She smiled at the bruise that was forming.

The teaches had to call a time out and excused the class for a while. She frowned and went back to wandering around.

She trudged back to her room, exhausted from her long day of learning different ways of fighting. The school was fantastic! And she couldn't wait for tomorrow.

She reached her door and before she could open it, the blonde boy stepped out smiling. He closed the door and looked down, "Oh hey there babe," She just looked at him, "I thought you were spending the night?" "Oh you want me to?" He smirked, leaning down to her. She didn't move, not wanting to show she was weirded out. "Hmm," She pursued her lips, looking him up and down, his huge muscles, his strong legs, his 6 pack being nicely shown under his white t-shirt. She pretended not to be attracted.

"Eh, now that I'm actually seeing you not really," She said as she pushed past him to the open the door. He only laughed and grabbed her, pressing her against the door. She fidgeted under his grip but it was useless.

"I'm the best option at this school," He purred, leaning down closer.

"Well I guess this school has low expectations," And right when she finished her sentence he leaned down to kiss her but the door to the room opened and the girl shrieked.

"Cato what the hell!"

He laughed, still looking down at Clove, "Nothing Babe, just tellin her not to mess with you," He said, unpinning her from the wall and kissing Glimmer, the whole time his eyes were on Clove.

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