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Harry potter made his way through the crowded corridor of the Hogwarts express following Hermione and Ron who were looking for an empty compartment. However the boy who lived was not really there at least not his mind, no harry potter was thinking back to the news that Professor Dumbledore had told them all at the last orders meeting.


"Everyone I have an announcement to make" The room went quite to listen to Dumbledore. "I have called in a favor form an old acquaintance of mine and he is sending one of his friends and some of his men here to help protect Hogwarts" A bit of an uproar started about bringing strangers into the issues of Hogwarts. The yelling continued until Lupin got everyone's attention.

"Professor first I do not agree bringing in strangers that probably have no idea what they are doing here to Hogwarts and second another issue is that if they are coming to be guards of some sort the ministry will not allow it and do something to stop them"

"Thank you Lupin for expressing your concerns firstly the part about the ministry interfering will be taken care of as I have a cover story prepared to help make sure that the leader and his men can stay. And the other reason about not knowing what they are doing is easily resolved as the person I have contacted told me that all these men are ready for any battle and have the power to back it up"

Professor McGonagall was the next to voice her opinion. "Albus my main concern is for the students are you sure that these men are trustworthy enough that they will not harm the student instead of protect them?" Dumbledore sighed before continuing.

"Everyone the man I contacted is an old friend of mine and I trust him very deeply as he has saved my life before and he has assured me that the students will be safe" After a bit more yelling and convincing everyone was alright with it and harry and some of the others left to finish packing for Hogwarts.

End flashback

"Harry, Harry, HARRY" Harry was pulled out his though by a screaming Ron in his face. "Blimey Harry are you even listening to us at all"

"No sorry Ron what where you saying" Ron sighed giving harry a bit of an annoyed look, just as he was about to continue Hermione interrupted. "There are no more empty compartments but there's only one person in that one lets go ask if we can sit there"

Harry looked into the compartment to see a guy sitting by the window with his hood up. Hermione opened the compartment door and poked her head in. "Um excuse me" The man looked up and his hood fell back revealing a mop of bright orange hair even brighter then Ron's. "Um everywhere else is full so do you mind if we sit here?"

The guy gave Hermione a smile before nodding. "Sure come in I don't mind plus its kinda boring all by myself" When the guy talked he had a light accent but harry couldn't place it as they all made their way into the compartment and all sat across form the orange headed guy.

It was silent for a few minutes before Hermione finally broke the silence. "Well my mane is Hermione Granger this is Ron Weasley and Harry… Potter" They all waited for the guy to jump up and gasp at the name of the famous boy who lived.

"Nice to meet you my name is Kurosaki Ichigo, but I guess since your English I should say Ichigo Kurosaki" They all seemed to relax since he didn't react. Hermione seemed to light up in happiness. "So are you a transfer or something, I heard your accent but I wasn't sure what it was" The guy now named Ichigo gave a light chuckle at Hermione's expression.

"I'm from Japan and I guess you could call me a transfer in some ways" Ichigo leaned back in his seat running and hand through his hair making it stand on end. "So do you do magic differently in Japan, Do you used wands as well, Are there other transfers coming besides you, is your hair color natural"

Hermione took a deep breath to continue but was stopped with a hand from Ichigo. "Okay one question at a time first yes this is my natural hair color and no we don't do magic like yours back home, we do something much more powerful and no we don't use wands"

"What do mean more powerful and if you don't use wands what do you use" Hermione was obviously going to try to get every bit of information out of this guy she could. "We don't use wands since we don't use your weak magic we use our hands or we use these" Ichigo stood up and reached up into the luggage storage racks where he pulled down a…

"Blimey mate is that a sword" Ron spoke for the first time since they entered the compartment. His eyes where as big as saucers as he took in the size of massive blade covered in bandages that looked a lot like an oversized kitchen cleaver. "Yes it is a sword and my swords name is Zangetsu. From what I heard, kind of like your wands chose you our swords have souls that choose us"

Ron seemed to snap out of his trance as he looked up at Ichigo. "Hey mate do you think I could try holding it" Ichigo gave him a bit of a look before handing it over to Ron, "If you think you can hold him up be my guest" Ichigo let go of the handle leaving Ron to hold all the weight and Ron was down on the ground the next second.

"Blimey how do you carry this thing it weighs like a ton" Hermione got up and grabbed the handle. "Really Ronald it can't be that heavy" Hermione went to pull and grunted trying again they both barely got it an inch above the floor.

"Hey Harry mate come help us with this thing" Harry bent down and all together when the pulled they managed to lift it a total of two inches off the floor of the compartment. Ichigo was snickering in his seat looking at them.

"I told you guys you wouldn't be able to lift it" Ichigo walked over and lifted it with one hand over his shoulder like it weighed no more than a feather. Panting the golden trio pulled themselves up onto their seats again trying to catch their breath.

"That piece of metal weighs more than it looks" Sitting back down Ichigo started to twirl his sword around in his hands. "So at your school you fight using swords" "Yep we also use Kido which I guess you could say is a very powerful version of your magic and is not to be used without caution. Some of us can use Cero but you have to be a certain way to be able to use it"

Hermione cleared her throat before continuing to drag information out of poor Ichigo. "So Ichigo you never told us if there are anymore transfers coming with you" Putting his sword back up in the luggage storage Ichigo sat down before answering Hermione.

"Yeah two of my guys are here as well but one of them didn't want to ride on the train so the other one went with him to make sure that he doesn't get into trouble" Hermione looked confused for one time in her life not understanding what Ichigo said.

"But if they're not on the train then how are they getting to Hogwarts" Ichigo looked out the window and said "Well right now their running alongside the train since Grimmjow wanted a little more freedom"

"WHAT! But that's impossible it's not humanly possible to run alongside this train" Ichigo gave Hermione a smirk before pointing to the window. "Well if you don't believe me then go see for yourself if I'm lying or not"

Ron rushed to the window and looked outside after a second his eyes widened in disbelief. "Hermione you're not going to believe this but there are two guys in white running beside the train" Hermione along with Harry rushed to the window and gasped as they looked out. Every now and then you would see the vague blurs of two guys in white running along the hills beside the train.

Hermione sat back down in shock trying to run the numbers and think of muscle charts that would explain the ability that the two guys outside where displaying. "Hey Granger was it, if it makes you feel any better their using a technique called Sonido that allows them to run at crazy fast speeds, I can use a similar technique myself"

That seemed to calm down Hermione now that she knew it was some sort of spell and not something that those guys could do naturally. The intercom went off telling all the students that they were approaching Hogwarts and should change into their robes.

Ichigo left after he told them that he had to check on the other transfers he came back a minute later to grab his sword. "Well it was nice to meet you all but I have to go know so I will see you all at the feast tonight alright" Securing his sword over his shoulder he gave them a smile and disappeared before their eyes.

"What was that he just disappeared" Ron was trying to wrap his head around all of it but was sadly failing. "It must have been that technique that he told us about" The train stopped and the golden trio got out trying to push through the crowded train hallway.

When they finally got off the train they saw Neville and Luna sitting in a carriage waiting for them. "Hey guys we looked for you in the train but couldn't find you" "Hi Neville, you wouldn't believe the guy we met on the train"

"Who was it?" "He was a transfer or something named chigo and he had the biggest ass swords that I have ever seen I mean when I tried to pick it up it pulled me right to the ground" Hermione looked at Ron a bit of anger in her face. "Ronald watch your language. But yes he did have a big sword and he even called our magic weak and said that they use something much more powerful in Japan"

"Wow that's incredible was there anything else Harry" "Well when we looked out the window there where these two guys running along the hills beside the train" Neville turned white. "Hey I think I may have seen them but I just thought that my eyes were playing tricks in me but there really where people out there"

They made their way up to the castle in the carriage that Harry noticed where being pulled by weird skeletal horse things but his mind was still mostly on Dumbledore announcement at the last meeting. When they finally got up to the castle and made their way into the great hall splitting up from Luna to sit at the Gryffindor table.

They watched as the hat sang its song and all the first years where sorted. After the last first year was sorted the feast began and as they were eating Hermione pointed out something. "Well I guess we get to hear what sort of cover story Dumbledore came up with to hide the guards that he hired" Yeah it should be interesting to hear what he came up with"

Ron dug into another pudding as the desert was served. "Hey guys have you seen Ichigo anywhere" Harry and Ron looked around the hall but the only orange hair that they could see was from Ron's family and a couple of the other students.

"No I don't see him anywhere do you Ron?" "No mate I wonder where he is" The dishes where cleared away and Dumbledore made his way to the pedestal at the front of the great hall.

"Alright now that we have all filled out stomachs with another wonderful feast I have news for everyone. Firstly we have a new defense against the dark arts teacher Mrs. Dolores Umbridge" The hall clapped politely and Ron almost barfed up his whole meal after seeing the hideous toad like woman in the most awful fluffy pink outfit.

"And now I am pleased to say that we have some people here visiting from very far away that will be staying with us for the rest of the year" Ron leaned down and whispered into Harry's ear. "Well here goes the cover story" Hermione shushed them with a wave of her hand and a glare in their direction.

"An old friend of mine has sent out one of old students and friend along with some of his men here to Hogwarts to learn of how we use magic here as they use something very different where they are from. They are also soldiers in their home and will be doing security as they learn about the creatures here as well. Now I introduce to you all the way from Japan their leader mister Ichigo Kurosaki"

A man in a black robe and bright orange hair with a sword strapped to his back walked out from behind the teachers table up to Dumbledore. "Thank you headmaster" As Ichigo looked over the table he caught site of many shocked faces but the most shocked faces of all where of a certain golden trio.

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