So this is my very first attempt at a Harry Potter story. I'm a huge Severus Snape fan as well as Hermione Granger, so this story is mostly about them. I'm pretty new to Harry Potter, as in I just watched all eight films back to back over the last three days, now I'm waiting for the books to arrive so I can get reading them. So please forgive me if anything doesn't seem right and feel free to correct me.

Summary: (Takes place during the last three films/books and Ron and Hermione aren't together)Hermione is caught by the Snatchers and taken back to Malfoy Manor. She's subject to torture at the hands of everyone there which includes Draco, his father, Bellatrix Lestrange and the other Death Eaters and of course the dark Lord himself, Voldemort. Voldemort intends for Snape to be the one to ultimately kill Hermione and use her death as an example of what is to come for Harry Potter, but the Professor manages to save the girl by saving her with his own blood. Having provided Voldemort with a new connection to Harry Potter, Voldemort insists that Snape take good care of Hermione hoping that he can use her against Harry in the upcoming war. Snape struggles to cope with the girl at first but soon discovers that she is someone he cannot live without.

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Chapter 1

"Run! Faster Hermione!" Ron shouted….or was it Harry?

The blood was pumping through Hermione Granger's head so fast that it was almost deafening her. Her lungs felt like they had rope tied around them and the further and faster she ran the tighter the rope became.

She felt her foot become snagged on the root of a tree, sending her falling forwards. She landed on the hard forest floor with a loud thump.

"Hermione, look out!" she heard one of her friends shout.

She rolled onto her back and pointed her wand at the Snatcher about to attack her. "Stupefy!" she yelled, sending them soaring backwards into another Snatcher who was close by her, also ready to attack.

She got back to her feet and could see her friends were waiting for her to do so, as soon as she did they took off running again. She tried to run after them but pain shot right through her ankle and straight up her leg and seemed to explode in her head and she fell back down, once more landing with a loud thump on the hard floor.

She saw Ron and Harry turn to face her, saw that they were about to turn and run back towards her but suddenly she felt arms wrap around her body and rip her up from the floor, then she felt nothing….


When Hermione first opened her eyes she saw nothing but fuzz, her vision was too blurred still. She closed her eyes, swallowed into a dry throat and waited a few seconds, telling herself to think, think what had happened last, what did she remember last? As that thought suddenly came to her she opened her eyes and tried to sit up in a panic. She felt the hard tug of ropes forcing her body down to whatever hard thing it was that she was lying on.

She heard laughing, more like cackling, as she tried again to sit up. Once more she was forced to stay lying down by the ropes. She was able to lift just her head up. She was shocked to see that there were in fact no ropes holding her body down. With a frustrated growl she tried to push herself up again, began thrashing on the table as the cackling around her just got louder.

"How amusing this muggle is!" Bellatrix Lestrange called out giddily – her usual self.

Hermione tried to ignore the laughter and tried desperately to escape the invisible ties strangling her body. "Indeed, most amusing." She heard a voice say. She lifted her head once more and was suddenly looking into the eyes of the Dark Lord, the snake like eyes of Lord Voldemort.

Part of her wanted to scream but the majority of her was stunned, paralysed by fear. She wished she had her wand so she could attempt to remove the ties from her body. She wished she could apparate far away from here, but even silent spells weren't working for her. It wasn't because she was the smartest witch of her age that she worked out a blocking spell had been set upon her.

Not about to give her evil audience the satisfaction of seeing her cry in desperation she swallowed her tears back and tried to calm herself, praying that help would come. Her head whipped to the side when she saw a black swirl appear in the room. With a loud cracking sound Professor Severus Snape appeared by Voldemort's side.

She wished she could be happy to see him, wished he meant that help was here, but she had never been able to trust the man when it came to him and Voldemort and she highly doubted he would come good and save her now when she most needed him.

"Why is she here?" he asked, his voice as snake like as the creature he was addressing his question to.

"The Snatchers brought her here for us to play with!" Bellatrix cried out before Voldemort had chance to reply.

Voldemort's head snapped round so he was facing her, the look alone he gave her was enough to make her cower as she offered a weak apologetic smile to him, one that Snape could only look disgusted at. He couldn't help but think she was a poor excuse of a life, even a life as pathetic as a Death eater.

"Forgive me, my Lord, but what use is she to be to us?" Snape asked, his eyes locking with Hermione's. The fear he saw in them almost sent a chill down his spine.

"She will serve as an example of things to come to Harry Potter should he continue in his hopes of destroying me." Voldemort explained, "I plan on sending her back to him in pieces. He has to know I will do the same to anyone helping him." he added.

"There's too many!" Hermione yelled at him, straining to hold her head up and look at him, "Too many want to see you dead and will be there to help Harry to the end, until you're dead!"

Her sudden screams cut through Snape like a knife. He wasn't sure who had thrown the crucio curse at her but he instantly recognised the effects of the curse as it ripped through her body, making her writhe in pain on the hard white marble table. He couldn't show this or even think it so he blocked her cries out and plastered a small smirk on his face and tried to look just past her.

"Enough, Bellatrix!" Voldemort suddenly insisted.

Immediately Snape's eyes snapped up to meet the wild haired Death Eater. She put her hand over her mouth as she giggled like a naughty child. "I wasn't about to let this filthy mudblood talk to you that way, my Lord." she defended.

"Thank you, Bellatrix, but it is not you I wish to see punish her." he said.

Snape was waiting for Voldemort to turn to him upon hearing this, so he was surprised at the name Voldemort muttered. "Draco, it is you I would like to see silence the mudblood."

Draco's eyes searched for someone to intervene, to save him from this task that he had been given. He glanced at Snape who simply glared back at him. Somewhat reluctantly, Draco took out his wand and pointed it at Hermione who looked at him with pure hatred in her eyes. The look suddenly angered Draco, "Filthy mudblood!" he spat before casting a stinging hex on her.

Hermione yelped in pain. The charm had hit her side and it felt like that entire part of her body was trying to twist round on itself. It was a burning pain that she thought would never end but finally it did.

"More!" Voldemort hissed at the young wizard.

Draco offered a small smile and pointed his wand at Hermione once more before shouting out "Crucio!"

Once more Hermione was screaming and writhing in pain. She couldn't hold her tears in, and they ran down the side of her face as she tried in vain to pull from the invisible ropes around her body. Snape could only watch, and he felt his stomach knot as Hermione opened her eyes, locking her tear filled brown eyes with his own deep pools of black.

Her screams became louder as Snape heard another curse thrown her way, quickly followed by another and then another. If possible her screams became louder and her thrashing wilder as she became trapped in a world of pain. The attack seemed to go on forever and Snape knew the sounds of her screams wouldn't be so easily forgotten.

Suddenly her screams stopped and were replaced with quite sobs. He glanced up and saw Voldemort holding up his wand. He slowly turned to face Snape and said, "Wouldn't you like a turn?"

Snape glanced back at Hermione who seemed to sob a little harder having heard Voldemort's suggestion. He knew she knew enough about him to know that he was more than capable of making her suffer more than the others had alone. Without hesitation he pointed his wand at her and threw a non-verbal hex at her. The others waited in excited anticipation to see what would happen and were delighted to hear her scream in pain as, with a ripping sound ,her trouser leg split open as did the soft flesh beneath it. Her blood spilled from the wound, and her cries only intensified the longer it went on. There was a deep 6inch slash down her leg before it finally stopped.

Everyone was cheering but Snape could only look at the blood that was gathering around Hermione's leg, staining the once white marble. He could only watch as similar wounds began to appear over Hermione's body. He was most shocked to see a small flame begin to burn on the bare skin of her arms. Again the attack seemed to go on forever until her screams were silenced with the flick of Voldemort's wand. Everyone was disappointed but it was Bellatrix who let it show more.

"Enough!" Voldemort hissed at them all. At once everyone became silent, even Bellatrix. Snape glanced at Hermione again and noticed how pale she looked and how her body just seemed to shake every now and again, almost like she was having some sort of fit. He could hear her blood dripping from the table onto the floor as it seeped out of the dozen or more wounds covering her body. He knew her blood loss was the reason her body was quickly going into shock.

"Severus, what do you suggest we do with the mudblood now? She weakens as her blood escapes her body. It won't be long now."

"Forgive my questioning your earlier suggestion but….what if perhaps Miss Granger could become somewhat of an asset to you?" Snape said.

Voldemort didn't look happy that Snape was questioning him, even though he had just asked for his suggestion.

"I only mean that she could prove to be an inside ally against Potter." Snape explained.

"That's ridiculous. Without a doubt she would tell him what has gone on here." Lucius Malfoy spat at him.

Snape scowled at the man he had never particularly liked.

"Lucius is right, Severus…."

"My Lord, I would personally see to it that she was unable to."

Voldemort turned to look at Hermione who lay lifeless in front of him. "I fear, that although a wise plan that you have suggested my faithful servant, that we may be too late."

Severus pointed his wand and Hermione's body fell loose from the tight binds of the invisible ropes. "I shall be speaking to you soon, Severus, to find out if you have saved the mugblood and if she has proven to be of any use to us. If not, I expect you to finish off what was started here."

Snape dipped his head in acceptance to the Dark Lord and grabbed hold of Hermione's ankle and yanked her towards him. He roughly scooped her up into his arms and threw her over his shoulder. Then, with a loud crack he was gone. He was heading straight for his private quarter at Hogwarts, hoping he could save the lifeless looking student in his arms.


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