Transformers and Avengers crossover: Clash in NYC

Fallenqueen2: Well I am currently in a transformers AND avengers kick and I noticed that no one had made a crossover of them before! :o. I thought it would be cool to do one so here it is, chapter one. Rather short yes, but it will be awesome none the less :) ENJOY!

Disclaimer: I don't own Avengers OR Transformers, but damn I really wish I did! It would be SO kick ass!

Summary: Tony Stark has a little brother, who left to join the army after having a fight with their father is now back. William Stark/Lennox reunites with his brother and going to NYC for a vacation from NEST. NYC is in for a battle of its life.

Chapter one

Will's POV

"Hide I'll only be gone for a week. I will be fine." I rolled my eyes at the Black GMC top kick parked stubbornly in my driveway, a chuckling Sarah holding a cooing Annie standing in the doorway.

"I'm your guardian Will so I am not leaving you." Ironhide huffed from his radio. I adjusted my duffle bag over my shoulder holding back the urge to kick him in the aft.

"I need you to stay with Sarah and Annie, I am off duty and my brother insists I come see him in New York." I said slipping into military major mode. When my brother found out somehow (he has his ways) that I had the week off he asked me to come down, Sarah had agreed it had been far to long since I had been with him, Annie was still too young for plane rides so they were staying behind, finally I gave in, regretting it when my brother said he would send his private jet out with him and Pepper on board out to my base to pick me up. I augured that was a bad idea since NBE's were wandering around the place (Like pit I told him that, I'm not stupid) but he was a stubborn bastard so I gave in after 45 minutes.

"Will." Ironhide started warningly.

"I'm going Hide now you can drive me to the base so I can head out or I can call a taxi, your choice here big guy." I said crossing my arms, Ironhide's frame shook annoyed before his driver door swung open, I grinned in victory.

"Good choice Hide." I swung my bag into the passenger seat before embracing my wife and little angel.

"Have a safe and wonderful time Will tell your brother and Pepper we say Hello." Sarah smiled and Annie cooed again holding my finger.

"I always am babe. I'll see you in a week my beautiful ladies." I smiled as I kissed Sarah's lips and Annie's forehead before climbing into Hide's alt. form as he backed up and sped towards the 'bots base. Ironhide was clearly stewing the whole drive there, he hated losing in anything, and he skidded into the hanger where Epps was waiting with Optimus, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker and Ratchet.

"Hey man, when is your brother coming?" Epps asked as we bumped fists.

"Soon I'm guessing?" I said as a voice blared over the PA system.

"Incoming plane, Stark Industry make, all autobots engage holoforms." the voice instructed in a neutral tone.

"Like I said soon." I chuckled under my breath as Epps stared at me, shocked. The autobots holoforms join us in walking out to the landing strip eyes dimmed as they did a quick Internet search of Stark Industries no doubt. I watched the small jet land in silence knowing most of the base was present and about to learn who I really was. The door swung open and out stepped Tony Stark and Pepper Potts both squinting at the crowd of people below, both broke into smiles when they spotted me, they made their way quickly over to me.

"Will!" Pepper exclaimed pulling me into a sisterly hug.

"Hey Pep, how are you?" I asked using my nickname for my brother girlfriend/CEO.

"As well I can be." she grumbled as Tony waltzed over pulling me into a manly hug.

"Hey little bro!" he said cheerfully, I rolled my eyes lighting punching his ribs.

"I'm not little anymore Ton." I huffed as he pulled away wincing in mock pain.

"You will always be little Willie." he teased before clapping his hands together surveying the surrounding people who had stunned looks plastered across their features. "Awe lil' bro did you not tell them who your big bro is? I'm hurt William Stark." he said placing his hand over his arc reactor.

"Well in case you forgot I'm William Lennox now." I reminded him and Pepper smiled.

"How are Sarah and little Annie?" she asked caringly.

"They are great, thanks for asking, they say Hello. Oh thanks for sending my 10 month old daughter a Bluetooth Ton." I said rolling my eyes at my brother who grinned.

"It what Uncle Tony doe, she'll thank me when she's older." he chuckled. "So you going to introduce us to your comrades or what?" he asked gesturing to the group around me.

"Right, Epps, Prime, Hide, Ratchet, Sides, Sunny this is my older brother Tony Stark and his girlfriend Pepper Potts and vice versa." I said pointing to each in turn.

"Nicknames right?" Pepper asked tilting her head.

"Yeah you're right like normal Pep." I grinned.

"Nice to meet you all, hope you're taking care of my little brother. Thankfully for you I'm taking him off your hands for a while." Tony grinned as he put me in a headlock I laughed before revering his hold on me and I had him in a gentle headlock I did notice Ironhide stiffen at our play fight as I let my brother go.

"You and Clint will get along great, you both like to attack me, come on Willie times a wasting and the team is waiting." Tony remarked.

"Alright Ton, well I'll see you guys in a week! Try not to get blown up too much okay?" I teased looking directly at Sides and Sunny who adopted an innocent look and as I sent a look at hide that read 'I'll com you when I get there'. Hide nodded understanding.

"Safe journey Will." Prime said in his baritone voice that threw Pepper off for a second before recovering, Optimus had that effect on people even in his holoforms. I gave Prime a salute before following my brother and Pepper into the private jet and within minutes we were in the air en route to New York, Tony already had a scotch in hand, when he offered me I hesitated for a moment before accepted.

'What the Hell, I am after all on vacation.' I thought as I took a sip of the liquid, staring at the clouds outside the window as Pepper started talking business with Tony who tried to pay attention, but his short attention span seemed to be acting up again.

Fallenqueen2: and end chapter one, I hope it was a good introduction! Next chapter Will gets to meet the team while Ironhide wears a hole in the floor from pacing, look forward to it! R&R!