Clash in NYC 24-Final Chapter!

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Fallenqueen2: SO this is the LAST chapter thank you EVERYONE of you and I hope you like this fluffy ending to this super long fanfic. Thanks again! It is short and too the point, just wrapping everything up and NO I don't plan on doing a sequel for this story, sorry.

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Chapter 24

3rd POV

A few weeks had pasted since the Clash in NYC( as NEST calls it) and now Thor was finally talking to people again, he had only talked to the twins who comforted him. Now he was back to his normal Shakespearean booming self-even going as far as to putting up with Bruce and Ratchet when they performed tests on him trying to understand his godly powers. He entertained the NEST workers with tales of Asgard. He was slowly getting past his brother's death, even if deep down he knew that portals always had two openings. Therefore there was as slim chance his brother could still be alive, somewhere out there. When he got back to Asgard he would search, but now he needed to relax and be himself that he found very easy to do with NEST.

The rest of the Avengers were fitting in very well with NEST.

Clint and Natasha took a bit longer than the others since they were SHIELD for so long, but after some incidents (the people involved where forbidden to talk about) they wore the NEST logo proudly.

Tony liked NEST because they never once ordered him to give them all his security codes or make any weapons for them (he did it because he wanted to make sure his little brother and his teams where protected). Hell he was about to plant a bug to hack into their system when a techie there asked if he wanted to looked over their files and if he wanted to enhance their firewalls, the short and short of it is that Tony loved it at NEST.

Bruce never felt like he was out of place because he could turn into the hulk, in fact he felt normal in comparison to the huge robots that were roaming around. Sure after one of those forbidden to talk about incidents he hulked out and destroyed some rooms, the soldiers around didn't seem scared, one solider in fact told him that it was badass he could wreak stuff that easily and none of them seemed put out when they were fixing what he broke. Will told him cheerfully that they had to fix much worse when the 'bots and the new recruits were walking around for the 1st few weeks.

Steve was the same ranking as Will, but quickly became Optimus's right hand human, Will didn't mind sharing the weight with the 70's super solider, in fact he welcomed it because it meant more time to share with his family. Steve was slowly getting better with technology because every time the humans taught a class on some new form of equipment to the Autobot's Steve was sitting on Optimus's shoulder learning along with them. No one in NEST teased him about it, but they always asked him to tell them stories about the 70's and he felt at home and at ease.

All the bonds were developing stronger than ever and it made going to work and fighting stray Con's a better experience than it had before.

As for Will and his family, they added one to their family of three. StormChrome had been welcomed in, as it turns out he can talk and he was Annie's guardian. Sarah was not pleased about this at all, but after finding her baby girl asleep to a song that StormChrome was playing and was watching over her at night Sarah agreed to let him stay and started to love him as much as she loved IronHide. Will, Sarah and IronHide agreed that when their daughter was old enough to drive (scary thought in Will's mind) StormChrome would transform into her car to keep her safe. Tony and Pepper (who had a mini stark on the way and a big ring on her finger) visited more frequent and the two brothers sealed up the rift that was caused between them many years ago.

All in all adding the Avengers was more than likely the best thing that could have happened to the world (minus SHIELD, because Maria Hill came to work with NEST a few weeks after Clash in NYC ended, lets say Nick Fury was pissed). All in all, everything was perfect, but Will knew that just over the horizon was a new enemy waiting to rise up, but he knew they would be ready for it.