Ask Aperture!

Hey everyone! Welcome to Ask Aperture!

All you have to do is submit a review asking ANYONE in my story, Surviving Middle School at Aperture Science, a question! If you ask someone like me (Gareth) a question, I will answer it personally. Otherwise, if you ask someone who is a real person, I will personally ask them a question. If you ask Chell (Adrienne), ATLAS (Adam), P-Body (Connor), Turret (Will) Wheatley (Me, Gareth) GLaDOS, Glados (Me, Emily) The Companion Cube (Mason), Midnight or Xelac (FeepTheNinja and Xelac) then expect what THEY SAID for an answer. Have fun!

Ask questions in reviews ONLY, please. No PMs.

Use this format:

[Insert Character Name Here]

[Your Question]

Nice and simple. Have fun!

By the way, expect some updates for my other stories soon. Not like TOMORROW-Soon, but soon compared to the time it took between posting them and now. Now, have fun, and PLEASE no swearing. If you swear, your question will not be answered.

Wheatley: That was my idea.

Whatever. Just go! Review! Ask a question! I'd love to answer it!

Oh, and if you want to ask more than one question (Same character or not) go ahead! I want as many questions as possible. I'll try to get to them all, although it may take a while at times. Don't get mad!

Sorry, one more thing…

Please don't leave any reviews of ANYTHING but asking questions. Ok, you should be fully educated now… Get asking!