Chapter 12: Bullet Train

Moving like the speed of sound

Feet can't keep on the ground

Can't stay in one place

Keep moving like a bullet train

I can't find the breaks on this bullet train.

'Cause I can't stop.

To say that I was actually present at school today would be a life. I can honestly tell you I have no idea what we were supposed to learn today; I'm not even really sure I even went to all my classes. All I could think about was what was going to happen after school. I mean, how many people could say they've been in the Ghost Zone?

I only knew one, and well, he wasn't exactly human.

But, seriously, this was pretty big. In some weird way, despite the obvious danger and high possibility of getting killed, I was kind of excited. It's the Ghost Zone! AKA, goth's galore. Ghosts, darkness-part of me was always curious about the Ghost Zone and what was in it.

When the bell finally rang, I gathered my things hastily, shoving them carelessly into my sack before rushing out to meet Tucker and Danny at my locker.

Or at least I tried too.

Paulina was blocking me the minute I stepped out of the doorway from my class. It looked like she was waiting for me. She was accompanied by two cheerleaders, one being Starr, the other I didn't know.

I rolled my eyes at the sight of them, knowing that they thought they looked intimidating, but really they just looked plain ridiculous. I walked right past them, but Paulina quickly fell into step with me before stepping right in front of me again, the other two girls flanking both sides of her.

I raised an eyebrow at her antics. "What do you want? I have to be somewhere," I told her levelly, not at all in the mood.

Paulina's expression darkened at hearing this, although I don't know why. I wasn't really good at understanding girl world. "To go be with Danny?" she said, glaring at me. "Well, that's exactly what I don't want."

I laughed. I couldn't help it. "This is why you waited for me to get out of class, which is pathetic by the way."

Paulina flushed, but quickly recovered, putting on a nasty look. "You are way out of your league; there is no way you can compete with me."

In the past, I would have gotten really mad at this, probably would have thrown a punch that would have definitely done some damage to that perfect face of hers. But, I didn't. I knew that Paulina's intentions were shallow just like her. She wanted Danny because he was the new shiny thing, the new guy in school. Casper didn't get a lot of new students, but when it did, they usually were the talk of the school just because it was something different.

"Whatever, Paulina," I said, before pushing past her, giving her a harder shove to the side than necessary.

I quickly made it to my locker. Danny and Tucker were already there waiting, which I'm not surprised since they didn't have to deal with a delusional Paulina.

"Where have ya been?" Tucker asked, knowing that I usually got here before him.

"Got held up," I said, not wanting to tell them about Paulina. Even though I really didn't take to heart what she said, it was still kind of embarrassing and something I didn't want to repeat.

"You ready?" Danny asked, perking up.

I nodded, adjusting my grip on the strap of my sack.

We walked to the Fentons in silence, very different how it was yesterday. The mood wasn't light or comical, instead it felt heavy and foreboding.

We weren't stupid. We knew exactly what we were getting in, and each of us was thinking about the millions of things that could go wrong.

We finally got to the Fentons. We all came to the stop in front of the house, looking at it's looming shape. For some reason, it felt more foreboding this time standing in front of the large structure.

"Okay, so I go first," Danny said, repeating what we discussed at lunch. "And, then you guys can sneak in. I'm sure it won't be that hard with everything that's going on, especially since they are probably going to be focused on me."

I nodded, then looked at him expectantly.

He gave me a confused look. "What?"

"Aren't you forgetting something?" I supplied, looking up and down him meaningfully.

He followed my gaze, then blushed, realizing what he missed. "Oh, yeah, right."

I smiled. "Come on, let's not do it out in the open." I led them to the open alleyway on the side of the Fenton's home.

"You know that sentence could have been taken in such a different way," Tucker snickered.

"Shut up, Tucker," I bit back, glad the alleyway supplied enough shadow to hide my blush.

Danny changed quickly to Phantom, not seeming to hear Tucker's and my exchange.

Tucker gave Danny a quizzical look. "You know you should really have a catch phrase when you change like that. You know, if you want to be a legit superhero and all."

Danny rolled his eyes, not answering, but Tucker didn't care since he just continued on. "How 'bout going ghost?"

I barked out a laugh, but managed to stifle it quickly while Danny just looked at Tucker cluelessly, at a lost for words.

But, his expression changed, smiling. "I kinda like that."

"Please, dear God," I said, grimacing, "don't use that."

"What?" Danny protested, still smiling, "It's cool, Sam."

"I like it," Tucker declared, his smile matching Danny's.

"Yeah, because you gave him the stupid idea," I said.

"You can't deny it, Sam," Tucker said. "I know you like it."

I shook my head. "We have more important things to worry about." I gave Danny a meaningful look.

He seemed to know what I meant. Giving both of us a short nod, he flew to the front of the house to be let in.

Tucker and I stayed where we were, both of us silent so we could hear what little exchange between Danny and his mom we could. Unfortunately, all I was able to hear was the opening and closing of the door.

"Well, at least I didn't hear any ecto-guns fire," Tucker said levelly. "Must be a good sign."

"Yeah, hopefully," I said, feeling uneasy about this because we weren't able to be with him.

We waited for a long five minutes until I got my phone out, pulling up Jazz's number to text her to let us in. Danny gave it to me, thinking that it would be easier to sneak in with her help.

I sent the message quickly to her, just saying we were ready.

The door was already open for us when we made our way to the front of the house. She was poking her head out, looking about expectantly. Her eyes widened when she saw us, somehow looking more alert, overly alert if you ask me.

"Hurry up," she said in a hushed tone.

I was about to comment that she was being a bit dramatic but Tucker elbowed me in the ribs, probably sensing my sarcastic comment.

She stopped us in the foyer, turning to look at us, blocking our way. She looked very frazzled compared to her normal calm self. She was looking at us levelly, seeming to try to get control of herself. "I still think this is a bad idea."

I remembered Danny muttering something about Jazz not approving of "Phantom" working with their parents, but when I pressed him for details, he didn't give anymore, saying it was no big deal. "Just let us go; we still need to get in position," I said sharply, looking down at my watch, acutely aware of how much time we were losing. I knew there was no reason to use that tone with her, but we didn't have the time for her to go al protective sister on us.

Jazz gave me a withering look, pressing her thin lips together disapprovingly, but she turned her back on us, leading us through the house to the kitchen where the entrance to the basement was.

"They're busy strategizing and setting everything up. They shouldn't notice us," she said, not looking back at us. "I walked in three different times, and they have yet to look up. So as long as we don't draw any attention, we should be able to sneak in."

"Wait," Tucker said, giving Jazz's back a look. "You said we?"

Jazz turned to us, giving us a steely look. "I'm coming too."

I really couldn't say I was surprised by this, but it still took me aback for a second by the sudden declaration. "Does Danny know this?" I managed to ask, knowing that he didn't mention this to either Tucker or me.

"It's doesn't matter," Jazz dismissed quickly.

"I think it does," I corrected.

Jazz huffed, taking a step closer to me, suddenly looking much taller and fiercer. "Look, I'm not going to go let my brother go into that place unless I'm with him. I'm not sitting on the sidelines."

"You won't be," Tucker interjected.

We both looked over at him. He was looking seriously at Jazz, matching her glare unwaveringly. Something that was unusual for Tucker. "We need you to keep an eye on everything on this end. We need to know what's going on here, and you're the only one that will blend in. That's why I got this for you." He dug into one of his pockets, pulling out two Fenton Phones. He held one out for Jazz to take.

Jazz looked at it warily, knowing that is she accepted it, it would mean accepting the post here, being left behind.

"I have one too so I will be communicating with you the whole time," Tucker said, smiling. "We need you, Jazz; but we need you here."

Jazz let out a breath, deflating. "Okay," she said at last, taking the Fenton Phone from Tucker's outstretched hand.

She didn't say anything else, instead leading us down the basement stairs.

It was easy enough to get by unnoticed. Jazz wasn't overexaggerating when she said everybody was too busy to even look up for thirty seconds. We were able to make it over to one of the pods and get situated in without any problems.

Jazz gave us another look, I couldn't really tell what her expression meant, before leaving us.

Tucker and I were crouched in the pod for what seemed like a couple minutes. Just when I thought we would have to just sit here and wait with little entertainment, I heard something or someone I'd never thought I would hear here. I heard the voice of my dad.

"Are you out of your minds!" I heard him all but scream.

Tucker gave me a look. I could practically see the question in his eyes; although he met my dad on few occasions, he still recognized his voice as well as I did.

I nodded.

We both pressed closer to the wall of the pod, wanting to hear every word possible.

"You are sending a ghost to rescue those people," my dad continued on. "Do you have any sense at all?"

"That's enough, Jeremy," Mrs. Fenton's voice rang. "Even though you are one of our top benefactors, even you will not speak to us that way. We made the decision that is best for the situation."

"A ghost?" My dad questioned, still sounding very put out by this fact. "And, not just any ghost, Danny Phantom?"

"He offered to do it," Mrs. Fenton said levelly, "and I don't see how this gives him any advantage. Besides, Phantom will be in constant communication with us; and if we even suspect anything, we will be sending our teams in."

There was a long, silent pause.

"It's true what they say about you Fentons," dad said breathily. "You really are crazy."

I winced at that statement, mostly at how disrespectful my dad sounded, especially since, although the Fentons are a bit eccentric, they were definitely not crazy.

"I suggest you leave now, Mr. Manson," Mrs. Fenton said, her voice having a hint of coldness in her tone. "You are interfering with the mission."

There was the sound of a slamming after a pause of silence; I'm guessing that was my dad making his dramatic exit. But, it was shortly followed by Mrs. Fenton's booming instructions. "Okay, enough gawking, and get back to work. I want us to be commencing departure in the next five minutes. Move!"

"Man," whispered Tucker, letting out a quiet whistle, "that was some heavy shit right there."

"Tell me about it," I said, biting my lip.

Tucker gave me a questioning look at the nervous tone I used.

"You didn't tell Danny about your crazy, Anti-Phantom dad, did you?"

I shook my head.

"And the plot thickens," he said sarcastically.

Before I could say anything back, the pod began to move; we lurched forward from the sudden movement but slowly settled, finding our footing again.

We waited about ten minutes until the coast was clear and made a move to look out the window.

To say that we were not in the human world was definitely an understatement. The Ghost Zone was completely opposite from the world I knew in every way. It was dark, frigid and somehow completely alluring in that dangerous way, still managing to have some beauty and wonder to it through the layers of malevolence. All I could see in the strange atmosphere was green, different variations of light and dark greens swirling around as if it were alive, as if the Zone was a living thing in itself. Tons of doors and pieces of lands resembling islands inhabited the green mass, floating and seeming to be in motion despite not really going anywhere.

Suddenly, Danny was peering through the window, looking at us. He smiled uneasily, then phased through the walls of the pod.

Tucker was the first to speak. "Are we here already?"

Danny shook his head. "We're almost there, but this is where the pods stop for now. We didn't want to draw any attention. So when I find the people, I'm going to press this." He stuck his wrist up, showing a metal band with a button on it. "And, it will signal for them to come."

He gave the window showing the Ghost Zone depths a very weary look. "We're very close."

"So what's the plan?" I said, getting both boys' focused on what we needed to do now.

"I'm gonna turn us invisible and try to get us in without being noticed," Danny said. "From there on, we will figure it out as we go; but I'm pretty sure I have a good idea where they are being held."

"Then, come on, we don't have a lot of time," I said, sticking my hand out for him to take.

Danny looked startled for a minute then his expression turned determined. "Right," he nodded.

He took both of our hands, lifting us with him into the air easily, which was kind of unsettling in a weird way.

I looked around but couldn't see either Danny or Tucker; then, I looked down at myself but couldn't see any part of me either.

Before I could give this any more thought, we plunged into the depths of the Ghost Zone at a fast speed, heading for the big prison looking building in the distance, something that I was sure was where the captives were being held. Looking at the menacing stone walls and barbed wire, for the first time, I felt uneasiness prickling my stomach.

After the ghost guards passed by the entrance, I'm guessing they were the ones assigned to patrol the perimeter, we touched down in front of the opening, huge, iron gates extended out into the courtyard before us.

Danny led us slowly to the inside of the prison while still under the cover of invisibility. I was surprised at how well he seemed to know the place, wondering how long exactly he was trapped here during that time he mentioned Walker keeping him prisoner here.

We were able to navigate the long corridors with ease, not seeing a guard in sight. Part of me was happy of this while the other more logical side, was scared shitless why this was happening. Not seeing at least one guard... That was definitely something to be paranoid about.

That thought soon left me when we came to a stop in a huge room filled with cells. Almost every cell housed a human occupant, some adults, teenagers, even children; all of them looking like they were halfway starving, wearing raggedy versions of clothes that were probably once nice and clean, but their expressions were the worse. They looked almost empty but at the same time scare like they were expecting something terrible to happen any minute. My paranoia left me when I saw this.

I ran to the nearest cell, jerking at the iron bars of the door, only for in not to budge. Danny was at my side at once, blasting the lock with a small concentration of his ectobeam. The door opened at once.

The occupants stared up at us, mostly out of disbelief; some were even blinking a few times as if convincing themselves this was real.

I smiled encouragingly at them, which seemed to do the trick, all of them beginning to stand up up and get out of the cell.

"I'll go do the others, make sure to explain to them what's going on," Danny said, leaving my side in the next second.

I looked at the group of people, most of them looked completely worn down, but I tried to not look at them in that way because if I did, I would just start imagine what kind of hell they were put through in the last years. "Okay, we're getting you guys out of here," I said, getting their attention. "We are calling the pods right now and Da-Phantom is going to get us out of the prison and into them. We will be heading to the Fentons."

I looked around to see mingled expressions of relief and anxiousness, but nobody really said anything until a feminine voice piped up in the back. "I'm not going anywhere with that ghost."

The speaker stepped to the front of the group, some of the surrounding people scooted to the side out of either respect or to feign no affiliation with her. I was surprised to see she looked my age. She had wild curly black hair framing her strong cheek bones and sharp facial features and dark chocolate skin. She had an extremely athletic body, tall and wiry muscles fit for a runner, looking very capable of taking on just about anybody; she looked exotic and dangerous. But, the most noticeable thing was her catlike emerald eyes, which happened to be glaring at me.

I felt a prickle of uneasiness at her glare, but I brushed it away dismissively. "And why is that?" I raised an eyebrow at her condescendingly.

"Because I'm a ghost-hunter," the girl said as if this was answer enough.

That's when I recognized her. She was Valerie Grey, aka the Red Huntress. She was practically the talk of Casper because she was the youngest hunter to be taken on by the Fentons. She was a sort of protege of theirs. Well, this was after they caught her trying to hunt ghost on her own.

"You do realize that this is the only way out, right?" I asked, rolling my eyes. I never really liked this girl; she was too unreasonable and hot-tempered in my opinion.

"We will find our own way," she said confidently.

I had to admit; I almost laughed at that.

She seemed to realize this, her eyes narrowing more. "How can you trust him? He's a ghost, not to mention Danny Phantom."

"Thanks for pointing that out," I said sarcastically. "And, as for trusting him, the Fentons seem to trust him enough to let him do this rescue mission."

Her eyes widened at this. "The Fentons?"

"How else you think we got the escape pods?"

She crossed her arms, not liking my answer at all. She glared in the direction I'm assuming Danny was, then looked back at me, releasing a forced fine.

"Follow me," I said, glad I was done arguing with her.

By the time our group made it over to the others, Danny and Tucker managed to release everybody from the cells, now all of them were just a big mass of people watching what as Danny began cutting a way out through the brick with a thin line of ectobeam forming out of one hand, his face scrunched in concentration.

"Really," Valerie huffed. I looked over to see that she was right next to me with her arms crossed, scowling at Danny with full out hate. I seriously wondered why she had to be next to me out of all people. I really lacked the patience right now, and all though I knew she could probably beat me into the ground, it still didn't stop me from itching to just grab her by the neck and strangle her.

"What?" I asked harshly, scowling at her. I really didn't like her.

"This is stupid," she said, gesturing towards Danny. "They are going to come the minute they hear the wall cave in."

"Do you got any better ideas?" I asked sarcastically. She opened her mouth to answer, but I cut her off quickly. "Besides sneaking through the castle, which I'm sure is crawling with ghosts."

Valerie growled at me, but didn't say anything, instead turning to glare at Danny as he was finishing up.

The last of the wall crumbled through easily, revealing the outside atmosphere of the Ghost Zone; the pods were already waiting for us.

Danny turned towards the group of captives, grinning slightly out of relief that the plan was going well so far. "Okay, try to get in the pods as fast as you can; they are already calculated with the course back to Fenton Works, so nobody has to worry about piloting. Just everybody try to be as quiet and calm as possible; I promise we are going to get you out of here."

Valerie huffed, muttering something to herself; but she didn't say anything loud enough for anyone to hear, thank God.

Everybody started moving towards to pods quickly, all of them muttering to one another, giving Danny appraising glances. Every now and then, I would catch some of them staring at Tucker and me as we helped them.

Just as the last of the people got loaded on, there was a loud crash.

Danny turned towards the opening to the prison with Tucker and I following suit. What seemed like a whole army of ghost guards were bursting through the entrance, charging, orders to stop us were mixed in with the loud noise.

Danny turned back, closing the last pod and pressing the button on the side, watching it zoom into the zone on its way to the Fentons, to safety.

His hand pressed against one of his ears, and for the first time, I noticed he had a Fenton Phone in it. "The pods are coming!" He yelled over the roar of he incoming ghosts. "Repeat, all of the people are in the pods and now they are coming to Fenton Works."

"Sam!" Tucker said, throwing something in my direction.

I caught it without thinking, then looked down to see it was a wrist way. I smirked at Tucker, attaching it to my wrist, aiming it at the ghosts.

Danny looked at both of us; I could tell he was starting to worry.

I nodded confidently at him, although I wasn't feeling as confident as I hoped I looked. I just didn't need Danny worrying about us while he was fighting because that would definitely not turn out well.

The ghosts, by this point, had us surrounded from all ends. They didn't seem to be worrying about going after the escaping pods, which made me anxious as to what was the true trap here. But, I didn't really have enough time to dwell on that because we were seriously outnumbered. Everywhere I looked, I saw Walker's guards, all looking the same: putrid green skin, that made me shiver, cruel grins, haunting red eyes, and prison guard uniforms, all holding very menacing weapons that were sparking electricity. And, they were all looking at us the same way. They knew they had us.

Danny back up towards us to the point where his back was pressing against Tucker and me, defending us. "The minute you see an opening, run," he told us, still facing the ghosts.

Before I could point out how useless that suggestion would be, all the ghosts converged, charging at us in one synchronized lunge.

Danny threw up a dome-like shield quickly, many of the ghosts ricocheting off of it, but that only dazed them. The began attacking the dome brutally, blasting it with electricity from their staff-like weapons, punching it with all their strength.

With every attack, Danny winced as if he was suffering from these blows himself. Sweat was beginning to trickle down his face as he kept the shield up. His knees were starting to buckle on themselves as his arms shook from their outreached position.

"Break the shield!" A loud, booming voice echoed throughout the room.

I didn't know where the voice came from, but I soon found out as a figure, clad in all white with acid like green eyes, came zooming down at top speed, attacking the dome with such force that Danny let out at scream. The shield cracked, which encouraged the rest of the ghosts more. Soon multiple blows were being thrown all around, each making their own little cracks in the green shield.

Danny crumpled to the ground, the shield breaking immediately.

Then, I saw nothing but green as they converged on us.

I don't know what happened exactly, but somehow, I was grabbed by multiple hands. And, before I knew it, two guards were dragging me down the long corridors of the prison. I looked over to see Tucker was along side of me with the same amount of guards towing him along, he had a busted lip, but luckily seemed fine.

I twisted around against the ghosts' grasp, which tightened in response, trying to see if Danny was okay.

He was behind us, with about a dozen guards near him, two were dragging him, but two more had hands on him, their eye trained on him although their wariness was not needed, Danny looked just about ready to fall unconscious, his eyes dim and unaware. His face was covered in scratches along with his heavily torn suit, revealing parts of his chest and arms. His hair was sticking up in odd directions, looking wild and mussed as if somebody pulled on it.

I looked to see if the Fenton Phone was still intact, but it was missing from his ear. I knew full well it was a long shot that he would still have it in his ear, considering the way they just converged on him. I'm guessing most of them jumped him quickly before he could even react.

We soon came into a large room, with a huge oak desk in the middle. The room was decorated like a warden's office with posters of wanted ghosts covering the walls. I noticed that a lot of them had Danny's face on it, saying Most Wanted on them. Jeez, what exactly did Danny do here to get that far up on Walker's list.

A ghost, the same ghost that cracked the shield first, was standing in the middle of the room, arms crossed, looking at us expectantly. He was smiling as if he just won the lottery, his eyes focusing directly to Danny's face the minute we walked in. The ghost was wearing all white pants suit, with a shiny sherif's badge on his suit jacket, and a hat sitting on his head, the only thing along with his boots that was black. Even his skin was white, looking deathly and somehow more frightening than the usual green skin type of most ghosts. So this is Walker.

"Well, well," Walker said, smiling maliciously. "The great Danny Phantom has finally graced us with his presence. I told you, you would be back again soon, ghost punk." His eyes narrowed. "I always keep my word."

I was surprised to see Danny lift his head, looking more aware than I expected. "Huh, I thought you wouldn't be so happy, Walker. I mean, you just lost all your prisoners." Danny gave him a cheeky smile, but I could see wariness in his eyes as he regarded Walker with the usual cocky air he normally had with his enemies.

Walker barked out a laugh. "They weren't my prisoners, boy. This was all meant to get you."

Danny raised an eyebrow at this, trying not to look to interested. "Then, who's were they?"

Walker looked at him mockingly. "You really haven't figured it out." He leaned in closer towards Danny, making Danny jerk in response but the guards held him back forcefully. "Think real hard, now. Who was put immediately into office after these 'dreadful kidnappings.' Who was put in charge of all ghost related sectors to stop this? It was part of the plan all along. Get the humans frightened and in a panic so he could swoop in easily and take over office, being given a position in the largest ghost-hunting sector of the world."

Walker wasn't really making much sense to me, but Danny seemed to get it almost immediately. "Vlad," Danny said his voice colored with both harshness and astonishment.

Walker smirked, straightening to his very tall height. "Took you long enough. This mission would have been a success even without you; after all, we want to make our dear mayor look good in the public eye. But, Masters came up with the idea to use this little operation to get you too. That's what you call killing two birds with one stone."

"So Vlad is the blame for all this," Tucker said. "The attacks, the kidnappings, even this!"

"You know I'm beginning to think Vlad is the blame for everything," Danny said, "Global warming, zombie apocalypse-"

"Danny, that hasn't happened," I interrupted with a frown.

He looked at me with a mock seriousness. "Hasn't happened yet, Sam."

"I'm with Danny on this," Tucker said, having the same tone as Danny. "After everything I've seen, zombies really wouldn't surprise me."

"Shut up," Walker growled, getting all of our attentions, but he was mainly glaring at Danny who was only giving him a cheeky smile in response. "He knew you would show, punk," Walker said, leaning in closer to Danny with a sickly smile on his face. "And, he is on his way as we speak for me to hand you over." His smile grew more terrifying. "But, that doesn't mean we can't have some fun first."

"And, here I thought you wanted me all to yourself," Danny said, having a fake sadness in his tone. His smile mocking Walker.

"Don't test me, boy," Walker spat, inches away from Danny's face now. He grabbed a handful of Danny's front suit, and in a quick motion, flung Danny into the nearest stone wall, his form breaking stone and making a sizable indent.

"Danny!" I screamed, hearing Tucker's voice echo mine.

We were both struggling against the guards holding us, but their grips on us only tightened.

Danny laid in a barely conscious heap. His eyes kept rolling back as if he was about to pass out, but it seemed he kept fighting it, managing to remain conscious despite the many times his body tried to force him into oblivion.

"I always keep my word, and I meant every word I said," Walker walked purposely over to Danny, taking him by the back of his hazmat suit, dragging him across the floor, I could see Danny was fighting to get some control over his still stunned body. "Don't you think I've forgotten all you have done to me, punk. Setting a riot in my prison, releasing all my prisoners, retaliating against me, mocking me, and on top of it all, undermining me every step of the way. You will be feeling every minute until Masters comes here. By the time I'm done with you, you will be begging for Masters to take you."

"I doubt that," Danny muttered to the ground, his head lolling to the side.

"Bring it in!" Walker barked at the guards behind him.

When the guards returned barely within a couple of seconds, one of them was holding some sort of mechanical collar. Danny looked warily at it, seeming to recognize it. "Vlad already tried that, remember?" Danny's tone was carefully nonchalant as if this didn't really affect him, but I could tell that he was unsettled by the appearance of the collar.

"It's new and improved, punk; made just for you," Walker smiled.

The guard holding the collar, gave it to Walker before joining the line of guards, smiling evilly at the prospect of what was about to happen.

"This beauty here, was designed," Walker said as he clipped the collar on Danny's neck, who tried to struggle away from it but was too weak, "to slowly but very painfully suck the energy right out of you." Walker smiled, getting in Danny's face. "Have you ever felt completely powerless, to the point where even lifting up a finger will be too much for you?"

Danny gave him an unfazed look. "Sounds wonderful," he said sarcastically.

Walker growled, throwing Danny across the room, rolling until he came to a stop near our feet.

"Leave him alone," I yelled, struggling against the ghost holding me.

Walker barely looked at us. "Lock them up. Put them in the special cell, so they can't get out."

The ghosts picked up Danny's slack form, and the others holding Tucker and me forced us to start walking.

We soon came to a cell, which was the only one that occupied the room, or quarter which it looked more like.

They threw us in, not really sparing a glance towards us, then, Danny came in right after, but there was less struggling on his part. He fell to the ground, looking extremely dazed.

He was trembling slightly, but he was obviously trying to hide whatever discomfort he was feeling.

Tucker was the first to knelt down next to him, supporting him in sitting position because it looked like he was about to lose consciousness any second. The mechanical collar was lit up, different parts of it blinking in and out, showing that it was fully operational and apparently doing what it was designed to do. "You're not looking so good."

I squatted down, feeling his forehead, which was really warm. His face was already turning grey, looking very sick. "Are you okay?"

Danny looked at me levelly.

"Sorry," I said, realizing how stupid that was to say. "Standard question."

Danny grinned, but it soon disappeared as he attempt to move, wincing in the process.

Despite the pain it was causing, he scooted back until his back was against the wall. His head dipped back against it, looking as if he couldn't hold it up for himself anymore. He tugged uselessly on the collar, then groaned, letting his hand drop.

Tucker and I exchanged worried expressions.

"I'm fine," Danny said, bringing our attention back to him. He was looking at us, having seen the exchange.

Tucker rolled his eyes. "No, you're not."

We sat down, circling him. In a strange way, this reminded me of when we used to meet up at the park to hang out; obviously I would rather the circumstances back then compared to now. "We have to get out of here," I said.

"The best bet we got are the Fentons," Tucker said. "I'm pretty sure they will figure out what happened."

"Great," Danny said, his eyelids drooping as his head rolled to one side. I was beginning to really worry about him. I looked at his still hands by his sides, noting how weird it was that they were unmoving, looking limp on the ground. I was used to seeing them move so much when he talked. "Just what I wanted to avoid, my parents coming into the Ghost Zone to get captured too."

I was about to argue with him, but Tucker stepped in with his own piece of logic. "I don't think they will be expecting them to come looking for us. They know the hunters don't exactly like Phantom."

"But, all the same, we can't rely on your parents as our escape option," I said, not liking the plan of just waiting around for somebody else to get us out. Then I remembered something, excitement bubbling in me, I turned to Tucker, "What about the Fenton Phone you gave Jazz?"

His eyes widened, digging through his pocket, but his face crumbled as he pulled it out. The Fenton Phone laid broken in his hand. "It must have got damaged when the guards grabbed me."

Tucker turned towards Danny. "How about that wail thing you did against Vlad; I bet these bars can't stand a chance against that."

Danny gave the bars a wary glance before looking over at Tucker. He really didn't look like he was in any condition to be using that particular power. He only shrugged, "Worth a shot I guess."

He stood up a little shakily.

He inhaled deeply, making me unconsciously inch back; I didn't want to be near him when he started the attack. My ears still remembered that last time he did. But, the caution was unnecessary, Danny collapsed instantly, twitching on the ground as if he was being shocked.

Tucker and I ran to his side, trying to help him as he silently convulsed.

His body finally stilled, he peered up at the both of us, clutching his stomach closely, looking worse than he did before, his eyes dim. "I don't think that's gonna work," he rasped, his mouth twitching into a smile but it turned into a grimace.

"Let's not do that again," I said, looking at him worriedly. I eyed the collar around his neck, watching as it gave a menacing spark, making Danny wince slightly. He looked at me; I could see he was hoping I didn't see that, but I did. "It's that collar," I said. "It's hurting you, isn't it?"

Danny shrugged. "I'm okay."

"We have to get that off of you," I said, grabbing the edge of it in an effort to get it off of him, but it sparked again, burning me. I gave a cry, pulling my hand back and clutching it close to me.

"Sam!" Danny exclaimed. The worry in his voice made me only feel embarrassed. It was just a burn; there was no reason for me to cry out. He was probably feeling much worse than me.

He gripped my hand, gangly pulling it away from my person so he could examine it. His concern just made me feel even more awful; I should be worrying about him. I was about to voice that I was okay, and he didn't need to be so worried, that it was only a little sting, but with a wince he produced a small ice cube from his bare hand, making me stop.

If I wasn't looking for it already, I would have missed the small tremor that went through him from no doubt using his powers. I frowned at this as he smoothed the ice over the burn on my hand. "You didn't have to do that," I said. "I'm fine."

"I know," he stated, looking me dead in the eye. His expression telling me he knew exactly what I was thinking, which somehow made me calm down and not want to wring his neck so much. "But, I wanted to. It was my fault anyway; I should have warned you."

I rolled eyes, and the need to wring his neck was back again. "I was the one who grabbed it, Danny. It wasn't your fault."

He only shrugged, looking down at his hands working the ice over my hand, by now it was half-way melted.

I growled at his lack of answer.

"Okay," Tucker said, appearing next to us. "No time for another one of your lovebird spats, we gotta think of some way to get out of here. I'm pretty sure Vlad will be here in any minute."

Danny's face darkened at the mention of Vlad, but he quickly replaced the expression with that of a lighter one.

"I-" He began but was interrupted with a loud crash, that sent us all tumbling to the ground from the tremendous earthquake-like tremor. Following the crash were sounds of shouts and more explosions.

"What the hell is that?" I yelled over the thunderous sounds. The walls around us were starting to crumble and pieces of the stone ceiling were starting to break. I could here a roaring sound in the distance that sounded strangely familiar to battle cries.

"Whatever it is," Danny yelled back, "looks like it's coming this way!"

He gestured towards the now crumbling hallway to the large army of ghosts that looked like giant white furred yetis, all clad in bronze and gold, elaborate armor, carrying shields and swords. I noticed the one leading the army had a frozen solid arm, made of nothing but ice, the only thing showing through it was the ghost's skeletal arm. Before I could look any further, I was being dragged up by Danny and forced behind him.

Danny was poised and ready in battle stance, blocking us from the army. Even though the only thing I saw was his backside, he still managed to look dangerous; for a second, I was reminded why exactly most ghosts didn't want to mess with him.

The army came to a stop at the leader's motion. His frozen hand waving in the air, delivering a halt signal. His red eyes looked feral and beastly, but for some reason, I didn't feel as intimated as I should be.

Danny positioned himself slightly, moving just so that both Tucker and I were completely defended from attack.

The leader looked at him, but I couldn't quite tell what emotion was passing through his expression. His animalistic features made it harder to gauge, but he didn't seem like he wanted to attack. "Great One," he said in a gruff, timbor voice. He took a kneel, bowing down to Danny, the rest of the yetis followed suit, rows and rows of giant beast kneeling down, dipping their heads in submission.

"Uh, what is going on?" Tucker said, looking extremely confused.

Danny's mouth was open, looking just as confused as Tucker. "I honestly have no idea. This is definitely," he broke off, still staring at the ghosts, ""

The leader rose, smiling at us, which was kind of weird-looking considering all the fangs, but somehow, the expression seemed friendly. He walked over to us, still smiling. "Great One, it is an honor to finally meet you," he said, his voice loud and jubilant. "I am Frostbite, leader of the Far Frozen. We have come to aid you in escaping this prison."

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