Well this is my first story in a while. I hate writing story's that I can't attach some semblance of possible to. I know that in a fanfic anything is possible, but I try to make it as logical as possible. So I'm actually looking over info about this subject as I write this story. It's really just a though that has been stuck in my mind for a while. While the technology doesn't yet exist to accomplish the reality of my story, I think it one day will.

So on with the story.

K tightened his finger on the trigger of one of his favorite guns. The artificial lights from above highlighting the hammer as it threatened to fall. He was a seconds away from screwing Touma's orders and blasting a hole in the floor of Bad Luck's recording studio. Once again they had stopped and had to restart a song thanks to a certain pink haired singer. Once again they had to waste time as Shuichi lost focus and drifted off into a la-la land all his own. While it was normal for him to do this two or three times a day, this had been the 12th time in the last hour and things were getting really ridiculous.

"SHUICHI YOU BAKA, if you don't start paying attention we're never going to get out of here." Suguru's voice sounded over the speaker, once again berating Shuichi's lack of attention. The red faced Suguru panted harshly, taking his seat beside his band mate Hiro once again.

Hiro for his part could only grin at his longtime friend's behavior. Letting out a chuckle he patted Suguru on the back. "Calm down, I told you earlier that it would be pointless to expect much from him today." He knew Shuichi was excited and in all truth he had every right to be. He himself was excited for his friend, and in a way he thought it was about time.

In the sound booth Shuichi started jumping up and down, his head phones almost falling off his head and onto his neck, his black tank top and bright pink shorts rippling over his thin form. "I'm sorry guys I can't help it, I'm just so excited, Eiri is picking me up today and were heading to the clinic." Shuichi`s voice cracked a little at the mention of the clinic. While everyone knew Shuichi hated to go to the hospital, the clinic was quickly becoming the most amazing place to him.

Shuichi smiled a little awkwardly at his friends, producer, and manager; the look on his face was that of pure joy and a little embarrassment from again being told off once again for not paying attention. Today is a very important day for Shuichi and Eiri; they were going to find out if they would have a chance at finally having a family all their own.

Hiro`s voice came over the speaker system next, "we know your excited Shuichi, believe us you've talked about nothing else for the last few months, but we have to get the last track done if we're going to have the CD released on time." A sigh leaves the guitarist lips, standing up he released the mic's button and headed for the small fridge in the studio. Reaching the fridge Hiro grabbed a bottle of water and laid it against his brow for a moment before he opened it for a drink. Really he loved Shuichi to death, but he needed to calm down or he would never get to the clinic on time.

So sitting back in a huff Hiro looked up at K from his own seat behind the control panel, "calm down K we'll get the song done in time. Shuichi always delivers." Setting the bottle of water on to the floor by his feet Hiro leaned back and crossed his arms over his chest.

Slowly lowering his gun K pointed at the sound programmer, "Alright let's try this again." Inside the sound booth Shuichi took a deep breath and started once more to sing their soon to be newest hit, "Thump." His eyes closed as he allowed himself to picture his lover, laying there in there bed. The same way he had looked when he first thought of this song only three weeks prior.

Later that day, outside of NG Eiri "Yuki" Usegi leaned against the side of his black sports car. He stood there with a cigarette in his right hand, the other sitting on the door handle beside him, wearing his normal black pants and light blue button up shirt. A pair of dark sunglasses hides his eyes from the rays of a late day sun. The seconds ticked by as he waited for his hyper, little lover to come running out of the building so that they could go to their five o'clock appointment at the Usagi Fertility Clinic. Taking one last drag for his cigarette Eiri watched as the doors of NG flew open and Shuichi ran head long into Eiri. At the last moment Eiri dropped his cancer stick and caught Shuichi around the middle, allowing the shorter male to bury his face into Eiri's chest.

"Eiri, I missed you, did you miss me." Shuichi`s sing song like voice filled the air and Eiri could only stand there and shake his head, long use to Shuichi`s over hyperness.

Clinging to his boyfriend of the last five years Shuichi giggled happily and placed a quick kiss on Eiri's mouth. "I hope you weren't too lonely without me today Eiri. I finished the song I was working on. Remember the one I wrote last month when we we…" Eiri quickly covered his loves mouth with his own, if nothing more than to shut him up.

Normally the site of two men kissing, especially with how loud Shuichi yelled out Eiri's name, would cause fans to come rushing and a few angered looks from some of the people that would flock over with them; the lack of either of these being a statement of how well the gun totting manager is able to keep people away with his presence alone. That isn't to say that a few people didn't stare, heck a few paparazzi did snap some pictures real quick before hightailing it out of the area, everyone just kept their distance.

Separating from his lover Eiri watched as Shuichi's eyes sparkled happily. "Yes brat, I missed you. Now let go of my neck so we can be on time for our appointment." While Eiri spoke in an annoyed tone, the smile on his face told Shuichi he wasn't all that upset. Either way Shuichi quickly let go of Eiri and climbed into the car. Going around to the other side Eiri climbed in as well and they were on their way.

Within the black sports car Shuichi's seat belt did nothing for keeping him in place. Instead he bounced in his seat, looking excitedly out the window the entire trip. The closer the duo got to the clinic the more Shuichi seemed to be channeling the spirit of a chocoholic kid on their way to Hershey Park.

Eiri for his part acted as though Shuichi was doing nothing out of the ordinary, then again this is Shuichi, and so what he is doing isn't really all that out of the ordinary for him. Instead of reacting Eiri just lets a simple smirk settle on his face, the only sign of his own joy. Outside the weather reflects the couple's state of mind as the sun beats down nearby parks filled with laughing children and gossiping moms.

Finally Eiri starts to slow down and makes a right turn into a small parking lot outside a simple brown two story building. Outside of the building a few people with signs in their hands yell profanities as the car passes. It is at this moment that Shuichi's mood starts to lessen. Tears dot the corners of Shuichi's eyes as Eiri speeds up a little bit to park the car behind the clinic in an enclosed lot. A security guard at the entrance nods to the couple and has to turn to push a protester back. "Children are a product of love, not science!" "Back you ingrate." The protester stumbles back towards the curb and his other like-minded friends.

A sigh escapes Eiri's lips as the tears in Shuichi's eyes begin to thicken. Slowly Eiri pulls Shuichi tight into his arms. "Calm down Shuichi, it'll be alright, people like that just need something to complain about."

Shuichi takes a deep breath and clings to Eiri's chest. "Eiri, why do they have to be so vile? Th...they think….our child is a product of our love. I love you and you love me, right?" Eiri place a quick kiss to Shuichi's lips, a kiss that quiets Shuichi instantly. "Yes, I love you. Now calm down, let's forget about them and go see the doctor." Shuichi nods before detangling himself from Eiri and climbing out of the car. Getting out after him Eiri locks his car before heading inside.

Within the plain looking building is a waiting room with calming cream walls and thick dull brown carpets. Soft backed chairs, also brown in color, sit around the room with a few other people in them. Near the door they came in through a young girl, appearing no older than 17 sits nervously. Her eyes staring down at her lap, while her shoulders sag towards her chest. The baggy deep blue hoodie hides her still flat abdomen from the entire world.

At the counter a 50 year old women in mint green scrubs smiles a smile that seems to fill her whole face at the couple. Her graying hair sits in a bun at the back of her neck. "Hello dears, please sign in and take a seat till you called." Eiri signs the pair in before leading Shuichi over to a set of chairs nearby. Shuichi keeps his head down the whole time, obviously still upset over the screams of the protestors outside. Shaking his head Eiri nudges Shuichi with his arm to get his attention. Slowly Shuichi looks up, only to notice Eiri pointing at something across the room, his eyes shining a little with a light that Shuichi rarely sees.

Looking in the direction that Eiri is pointing a smile breaks over Shuichi's face. There, only a few chairs away are two women and a man. One woman is elderly with greying hair and the gentleman has a pleased smile on his face. Between the two sits a woman with her hands lying softly on her obviously pregnant stomach.

"Soon we'll be like them Shuichi, getting ready to hold our own child." Tears of joy come to Shuichi's eyes as he nods his head repeatedly, "yeah." The smile staying on his face as he watches the scene Shuichi leans towards Eiri and lays his head on Eiri's shoulder.

It takes five minutes for a nurse that comes out to announce, "Mr. Shinsegi, Mr. Shinsegi." Looking up Eiri nods his head at the nurse before breaking Shuichi out of his thoughts, "come on brat, it's finally our turn." Shuichi, shining fully once again, jumps up and drags Eiri by his hand over to the waiting nurse.

Down a hallway with the same color carpet and walls as the waiting room, Eiri and Shuichi are led to one of the closed lightly stained wood doors. "Here we are Misters Shinsegi; the doctor will be right in." Eiri nods his thanks to the nurse as they step in and the door is closed behind them.

Inside is a simple office, a desk of the same light wood as the door is covered in a few files and a computer that looks like the latest model. The carpet here is cream, while the walls are pale blue. A pair of soft backed chairs, like those in the waiting room, sits before the desk. It is these chairs that Eiri leads Shuichi over to so they can sit and wait for the doctor to join them. Diplomas and bookcases sit against the far wall and it is these Eiri studies while he waits for the doctor to come in. Beside him Shuichi is once again vibrating in his seat.

It only takes a few minutes for an older man in his late 40s to enter the room. "Hello Mr. Usegi and Mr. Shindou. I'm Dr. Fumi." Heading over to the desk Dr. Fumi takes a seat in a sleek backed black rolling chair. Reaching into a draw on the left side of his desk Dr. Fumi pulls out a packet of papers.

Eiri tears his eyes away from the impressive diplomas that he was studying before he speaks to the doctor. "It's nice to meet you Dr. Fumi; we have come to you because from what we learned you're your website that you are an expert in this particular field."

Dr. Fumi nods his head as he one again looks through this particular couple's paper work. At Eiri's side Shuichi tries to hold himself still in his seat. "Yeah we were told that you can help me and Eiri have our own baby."

Looking up from the file Dr. Fumi smiles at Shuichi, "well I'm going to try." Setting the file down fully Dr. Fumi folds his hands together and begins to speak. "No Mr. Usegi and Mr. Shindou, I am going to be honest with you. This process will be long and you will have to pass a couple of tests."

Eiri raises his hand to pause the doctor, "what do mean by tests?" Dr. Fumi hands a paper from the file in front of him to Eiri. "Well first you need to prove that you can provide a nice and safe home. A home that is free of drug influence, is clean, and won't cause harm either physical or mental to any future children." Handing another piece of paper to Eiri Dr. Fumi continues, "Then you'll have to prove that you can not only care for your child, but that you have the patience to raise the child properly." Taking one last packet from the file in front of him Dr. Fumi adds, "then we'll have to test both of your DNA, and whichever one of you wants to be the 'mother' will have to have either their mother or a sister come in and give a donation of mDNA. While we can use yours in particular it would be better to have a second set of chromosomes from the 'mother' so they are not more you sibling and less your child. This is easily solved by taking the 'mother's' male parents X chromosome that they themselves never actually inherited."

Eiri nods as he flicks through the packet of papers that were handed to him. Beside him Shuichi starts to look worried, "that's a lot of stuff, we need to pass." Dr. Fumi nods his head with a faint smile, "yes, we like to ensure that people that use this technique to have children are able to care for the children they have, that the child won't just become another statistic for child services."

Setting the bundle of papers that he has just finished looking over into his lap Eiri chooses to ask his questions. "Well doctor, in all truth I'm not too worried about the tests you have brought up. Shuichi will be the child's 'mother' so I'm sure his sister or mother will be happy to donate some mDNA. Also his father is to my knowledge in good health and will be able to hand over a copy of his x chromosome. All I really would like to know is where our child will be growing?"

Dr. Fumi leans back in his chair as Eiri speaks; nodding everyone few words till Eiri is done. "Yes, well we have what we call an artificial womb. Essentially your child will grow here under ideal conditions. He or she will receive all of the proper nutrients that he or she needs. On top of that we can assure you that your child will only hear the sound of a steady heartbeat, any voice you want them to here, or only music you want them to here."

Eiri thinks it over, "well that sounds nice, but I would prefer to see one of these artificial wombs before we sign up for anything else." Beside him Shuichi nods in agreement, "yeah, Dr. Fumi we would like to see the environment where our child will grow in."

Dr. Fumi stands quickly and waves his hand to the door. "No problem sirs, if you'll just follow me." Eiri and Shuichi stand to follow Dr. Fumi out the door and back down the hallway. He takes them up a set of stairs and though a set of gleaming steel doors at the very end of the hallway Dr. Fumi slips a card into the scanner so the doors will open. On the other side of the door is another hallway of doors. Each door has a small window and the trio stops at the first door on their right so Eiri and Shuichi can look in.

Inside the room has pale green wall and a white linoleum floor. A few pictures hang on the walls. Against the far wall is a medium sized semicircular bowl with a dome of clear plastic over it. Tubes run along the side of the filled with what appears to be blood. A small ball sits inside the domed bowl.

From behind them Dr. Fumi speaks. "What you're looking at gentlemen is a child that is in starting its second trimester. The walls will be painted any color you want and you can decorate and way you want. You will be able to spend all the time you want with your child to give them the perfect start that you see fit."

Eiri tilts his head to look down at the awed face of his lover. Shuichi can't tear his eyes from the sight of the little bundle, a sight, that could soon be his, …their child. Smirking slightly Eiri looks back and Dr. Fumi "let's get the paperwork started."

So that's just the short start I've written out to test the waters. I have thinks planned for the story and I just want to see if people will actually look at it. I won't say, I'll write if I get some number of reviews, instead I'll write as long as people open it up. So I will try to post a chapter when the counter saying someone viewed the story goes up.

So Eiri and Shuichi have a lot coming to them before they can have their child. But that shouldn't be a problem. After all Eiri is a nice, honest, and patient man I'm sure he can raise a child. Also Shuichi can keep small baby calm and a house clean. Ok, I can't keep lying about this. We'll have to see if our fav couple will be able to pass the test. Or, will the protestors leak into the media and cause them even more problems.

See Ya!