# AP fanfic pt. 2 #
"How is this possible?" asked Dougie.

"Well," said Nigel. "She's not related to you by your mum, but she is your stepsister. I got married to a woman, and we had Audrey together. She divorced me right after since she didn't want her. So I raised Audrey. I'd been so busy with her, I didn't quite have time for you."

"It's so nice to finally meet you two!" Audrey said, giving Austin and Dougie a hug. "I've heard so much about you from daddy!"

"Um, you too...?" they said, awkwardly hugging her back.

"What's the matter? Aren't you two happy to see your new little sister?" said Foxxy.

"Well..." said Austin. "It's just a bit of a shock. Are you sure? ...Can you prove it? What has dad taught you?"

"Nothing, it comes easy to me by blood." Audrey said. "Watch this." She whistled and two stunt trainers came. "Judo chop!" she shouted as she karate chopped one trainer. Then she scissor-kicked the other one right after. Then she whistled again and three assistants came with small targets. Audrey took out her gun and shot all three targets straight on the bullseyes. "Yeah baby... Need more proof?"

"Um... we're good..." said Dougie.

"That's what I thought." she said.

"Heh, she's got some spunk, I like this girl already!" Foxxy said.

"So, why did you recruit her with us?" asked Austin.

"Well her boyfriend Damien joined here also, but he's been captured by Scott Evil along with many other recruits. Audrey's lucky to still be here... you all need to rescue them." said Basil.

"That's his whole evil plan? Just to hold a few spys hostage?" Dougie asked.

Basil informed them of his real plan. "Actually..."
Meanwhile in Scotty Evil's evil lair, all of the evil group was having a meeting.

"So," said Frau Farbissina. "Now that you have the freeze ray, everything should be according to plan."

"Correct, mother," said Scott. "I do have the freeze ray, but first, Austin Powers needs to take the bait... I have captured his allies, so when he and his little group come, I'll freeze all of them, and then, freeze the ENTIRE EARTH, BRINGING THE WORLD INTO A NEW ICE AGE! Hahahahahahaha!" He evilly laughed.

"Ahem, yes, but wouldn't you do it only if the World Organization doesn't give you money?" Number Two questioned.

"I'm not my idiot dad, Number Two." Scott said. "I'm not after the money... I'm after the world! Understand, Number Two?"

"Yes sir, Scott, but-"

"Alright, shut up Number Two." Scott said.


"I said shut up."

"Sir, you-

"OK, two words: Shut. Up."

"Will you-"

"Shut it WAY up, Number Two. To the moon."

"Scott do we really-"

"I said SHUT UP!"

"Yes sir..."

"The world... it shall be mine! Muahahaha, muahahaha!" Scott menacingly laughed. His evil crew did an evil laugh along with him.

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