Mission 2: Hold A Proper Conversation

I swiftly walk away from the benches while wiping my hands dry with a handkerchief from my pocket. As I took long quick strides towards a large tree nearby I made sure not to turn around and let Annie see my bright red face. I lean against the tree and stay there in silence for a few seconds…before letting my legs collapse beneath me. I bury my head within my hands in shame. That was ultimately, the most brazen thing that has ever happened to me…just thinking about it makes the blood rush to my cheeks madly. I will never be able get rid of my fear this way. I have no hope in the world if I feel conscious around Annie. I might as well turn in my uniform tomorrow and start working as a wandering musician or something irrelevant like that. What am I going to do? Is it really hopeless?

"Hey, Hans! Don't just leave like that. I got in trouble because they thought I was littering." A slightly annoyed voice calls from behind me.

I quickly got up and walk away as fast as I could. With a bright red face I block out all of my surrounds and walk forward. I could hear Annie's puffing from behind my but I didn't dare turn around. Argh! I don't want to see me flustered over something she thought so little about. How oblivious can she get? If things keep going like this I won't be able to look at her straight let alone talk to her.

"Waiiiit, Hans! You're walking too fast." Annie calls out while trying to match my pace.

"…." I quickly lengthen my strides as I hear her voice.

"H-ha?! Did you just quicken your pace?" Annie asks in surprise and then proceeds to jog after me. "H-hans! Slow down! My legs aren't as long as yours."

"….." I keep ignoring her and start to power walk a little bit faster.

"Haaaaans! Can't you hear me? Slow down. Geez!" Annie yells in frustration and fatigue. "Ugh. I haven't worked out since I won that competition…huff…puff…so tired."

I suddenly stop and turn around towards Annie making her cease moving as well. Without thinking, I took a few steps forward towards her and stare down into her eyes. She definitely looks like a girl…but not a sexy bombshell. No matter how she dresses up deep inside she's still Annie…so why am I so nervous right now? I can feel my hands shaking a little bit. I try to keep staring at her face but it's not good. My face is getting brighter by the second. I decide to use whatever strength I had left to lift my head towards the sky. I can't believe this...I can't even look at Annie without blushing now. I have lost all confidence as a man.

"Sorry Annie. This training is a lot harder than it looks." I sigh.

"Haha maybe you're not comfortable with the scenario?" Annie questions gleefully. "You should start off by learning how to talk to girls."

"Yes. I think I will leave the acting and leisurely activities aside for now." I sigh again. "And please. Try to speak like a normal person this time."

"Haaaans! That's uncalled for~ I do speak normally." Annie sulkily pouts. "Besides even if it was a mute girl you'd STILL be nervous around her."

"Ughhh." I groan knowing that she was completely right about this one.

"Anyway Mr. Hopeless-With-Women, we should get going. Let's go practice. Oh by the way, why do you need to fix your frigidity so soon anyway?" Annie asks nonchalantly.

"W-what?! I'm not frigid…I just get a little reserved and try to distant myself away from the opposite gender…that's all." I comment quietly. "I can't respond properly to women."

"Yes. Frigid. That's what I said." Annie smiles obliviously.

"I'm NOT FRIGID!" I yell loudly in frustration only to notice that half a second later a bazillion eyes were staring at me. "Oh god."

"Ahahahha! Hans! That was so embarrassing!" Annie laughs loudly. "Hahahahaa! A-and you said it so loudly too."

"Shhhh!" I panic and quickly cover her mouth with the palm of my hand. "Annie! Pipe it down!"

"Mmmfhhfdhhf" Annie tries to say something in a muffled voice. "Ahmmfhghf….lfgmmfgfuhuhfg!"

"This isn't working. I'm dragging you somewhere else." I keep my hand on her mouth and lead her slowly away from the Central Plaza. "Okay. Speak."

"Fuwaaa! Geez, Hans." Annie takes in a quick puff of air. "I was just asking why you wanted to get rid of this problem so badly."

"It's because I have to be a guide to a new female committee member coming in a few weeks. There's no way I can back out so…that's why I'm here." I confess.

"Ahhh I see." Annie looks at me with surprise.

"I really appreciate your help. You can be a real handful sometimes but…you're my handful." I say shyly.

My comment was met with a long and awkward silence.

"Bwahahahahahahah!AhahaAHAHHAA! HahahAAAAhhahaha! Hehehehahaheheheh! W-what was thahahahahahat? A-ahhh I can't breathe. Hans! You're killing me." Annie laughs vigorously as if she was the only one in the world. "Sorry-hihihihi! Pfftahahahaaha!"

"S-shut up! Beaux told me to say that sort of thing!" I retort in anger and embarrassment. "I don't go around spouting stuff like that all the time! ANNIE!"

"Ahahaha-haha-haaa…I haven't laughed like that in a long time." Annie then sighs with a smile on her face. "I don't think girls these days are going to be pleased by that sort of comment."

"Ughh…whatever shred of dignity I had left is now gone." I slump down feeling dejected.

"Haha. Hans let's practice having a proper normal conversation together shall we?" Annie smiles and holds her hand out towards me.

"Fine." I take it and pull myself up. "Hello. My name is Hans. I will be your guide for your first week her on this island."

"Good very professional! I like it." Annie beams. "Oh thank you very much. To be honest I was really nervous but seeing a handsome man like you here made me calm down."

"T-thank you." I twitch. "Anyway tell me about yourself. Since we are going to be working together we should get to know each other."

"I really like people with kind hearts. Yours seem to be very genuine." Annie says in a sing-song voice. "You seem very dependable and kind. I like you a lot."

"Oh…um. How very kind of you." I reply but I could feel my right eye twitch again. What is she even talking about?

"Ahhh! If only I can meet a man like you! You know what Mr. Hans? We should be more than acquaintances or even friends. You should be my lover! I like you a lot!" Annie declares suddenly.

"AHHHH! Stop! What the heck was that?!" I yell while pinching her cheeks. "This isn't a normal conversation and nothing would escalate that fast! I've only been talking with this woman for a few minutes and she's already declaring her love to me?!"

"O-ouchh~" Annie squeaks. "Oh my! Over there Hans! A cute girl is looking at you! I think she's checking you out!"

"Cute girl? Where?!" I let go of Annie while stiffening and turn my head around.

"Ahahah! I gotcha." Annie laughs blissfully. "I hope you don't act like that in front of that female colleague of yours."

"Ugh. You're such a joker." I comment unamusingly.

"Hans, you need to relax more. It's not as if she's going to attack you." Annie reassures me. "Cute girls aren't monsters you know? You don't have to be afraid of them."

"I-I'm not afraid of them in that sense. I just…don't want to look like a fool." I sigh. "I have a reputation to uphold and just thinking about how people might be judging me I just…get rigid."

"Oh Hans." She pets me on the head a little. "I think you're amazing the way you are. You shouldn't let these things stop your great personality from shining through…well what little personality you have anyway."

"Annie!" I say in a cold tone. "I think maybe that you just have too much of a personality."

"Ahaha I'm just kidding. You're so reliable and level-headed. I'm sure people will always think good things of you." She smiles warmly. "Even if you get nervous and blood rushes to your head when you speak to girls now I promise you that I will cure it! I'm always willing to help. If you need a new outfit I could always synthesis you 'Morning'. A really sharp suit worn by male elites. You'll be irresistible."

"Ahhh. There you go making bold statements again." I chuckle a little. "Well do your worst. There is a time limit you know?"

"Ehe, I'd be great if you could learn to talk to them like you talk with me." Annie laughs. "But is that because you don't see me as a girl?."

"Yeah…I'd be great if I can speak to every woman like I speak to you." I sigh and then ruffle up Annie's hair a little. "You suit this hair style more haha."

"Ahh! My hair! I made it all pretty for you, you know?!" Annie panics while trying to smooth out her curls. "Oh no, I think there's a tangle now."

"Pfft. Anyway let's go grab some proper food at the Restaurant. It'll be my treat. " I laugh at her a little and then proceed to walk the Business Area. "Come on. I'll even continue teaching you on how to use silverware properly."

"You had me at 'food'." Annie gleams and starts towards my side. "Haha! This kind of feels like a date."

I lightly whack her on the forehead with my elbow.

"Ouch." She mumbles.