Author's Note

I got the idea to write these poems while adding my latest packet of cards to my Bella Sara account. Each poem is inspired by the horse's card, and some gaps are filled in with things that I've learned from the site. Some stuff is ad libbed, though.

Disclaimer: I do not own Bella Sara or any of the horses.

Serilda, Serilda

Warrior horse

Powerful and beautiful

Running with wolves

I'll see you at sunset.

Giasa, Giasa

Ice horse

Elegant and wintry

Running with snowflakes

I'll see you at the winter solstice's moonrise.

Star, Star

Cosmic horse

Smart and quick

Running with comets

I'll see you at midnight.

Urania, Urania

Silverpelt horse

Fiery and glittering

Running with constellations

I'll see you at midnight.

Diana, Diana

Nature horse

Caring and moonlit

Running with rabbits

I'll see you at dusk.

Bella, Bella

Mother horse

Strong and swift

Running with rainbows

I'll see you at sunrise.

Author's Note

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