Author's Note

I decided to go ahead and post quite a few more of my poems. I would greatly appreciate any reviews, and I will PM virtual cookies to all reviewers. Just tell me what kind you want!

Flame, Flame

Volcanic horse

Fast and adventurous

Running with lava

I'll see you at sunset.

Felise, Felise

Healing horse

Thoughtful and gentle

Running with deer

I'll see you at eveningtime.

Melusine, Melusine

Riverlit horse

White and sparkling

Running with water

I'll see you at midnight.

Moonlight, Moonlight

Moon horse

Daydreaming and trusting

Running with moonlight

I'll see you at moonrise.

Chitimacha, Chitimacha

Explorer horse

Kind and homebound

Running with geese

I'll see you at sunrise.

Colour, Colour

Rainbow horse

Bright and beautiful

Running with mist

I'll see you at the rainbow's end.

Tigrine, Tigrine

Tiger horse

Strong and peaceful

Running with tigers

I'll see you at sunset.

Rosebriar, Rosebriar

Ivy horse

Loving and free

Running with rosedragons

I'll see you at dawn.

Beau, Beau

Water horse

Elegant and powerful

Running with turtles

I'll see you at dawn.

Mahina, Mahina

Pearl horse

Watery and dazzling

Running with clams

I'll see you at midnight.

Halloween, Halloween

Ghost horse

Eerie and protective

Running with spirits

I'll see you at midnight.

Empress, Empress

Queen horse

Strong and noble

Running with glory

I'll see you at twilight.