Author's note: You will see this is more of a collection of short chapters/drabbles, and that is how It's intended. Enjoy! R&R!


The Moon.

The know, I never really minded it. It was just always there. I mean, don't get me wrong, It's pretty. I used to look at it when I had to work the late shift, but I never really cared much more than that. Funny, because now I better care...

She looked at her hand, it was sticking out from under the shade. She could already see how different it was, her nails were getting longer, her knuckles got sharper, almost like her hand was morphing into some claw. Sadly, she knew all too well.

looked up from the tree she was sitting under, past the leaves she could see the waxing gibbous. "Thank God." She breathed. She could be normal, for a little while. The changing woman stood up, walking out from the tree. "Is it time?" She wondered as she left the park she was sheltering in. "Ha, then again, what is time?"

A group of men rushed past her, she heard their excited whispers and laughter, all about nothing it seemed. But among the among the group, the words 'twisted metal' was heard. She grinned. "Oh! It's time already!" She threw the hood over her head, her ruby red eyes shinning.

"Time to celebrate our anniversary, dear."