"Mom's home! Mom's home!" Desiree grinned. Their front door was flung open long before she reached it. "Yessss!" Her daughter hugged Desiree tight. "That's right!" She picked her up. "And guess what I brought home?" Her blonde child made a face and jumped out of her arms. "More tea?" "Why of course!" Holding a tin can of pearl jasmine tea leaves. "Well OK, but this one better not taste like roots!" Her child held the door open for her mom. "It doesn't I promise, and It only tasted like that because you forgot the honey." "Well here is MY honey..." Arms were wrapped quickly around the returning wife. She laughed and leaned in. "Aw, such the romantic!"

Dreaming of your lost family girl? At least your getting one back...in the worst way possible...

The images of life long gone quickly went away as she became more aware. "What..." She felt herself going, but not sure where...A vision came. She saw, the entrance to a...office? a office...where he was! HIM!...Desiree wanted to speak, to kick down the damn door and...

"Wait! Why can't I feel my steps? the cold air, the-"

"No senses huh? Hmmmm..."

"Shut it you...damn..."

She then gasped. And gave in.

The demon had control.