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Wendy's P.O.V

As the tubes were rising up this is what I thought: I would much rather be at my home in District platform rose out of the tube. I see dry bones step off the platform and explode. His bones went flying every where and one hit me on the head.

"Hey! Watch where your bones go!" I shout.

The gong goes off as the bloodbath started. I got this in the bag. I look around at the land around me. Looks like no one was stupid enough besides Dry Bo- WAIT Dry Bowser exploded also! Guess I was to far away to notice. I see an axe lying on the ground just 6 feet away from me.

I run over to grab it but just before I get to it someone jumps on me.

They spit in my eyes so I can't see. Oh how I wish for the person to have mistaken me for someone else. I can kind of make them out. It looks like Rosalina, but i'm not entirely sure. Wait it sounds like Pauline. My vision is still foggy but I can kind of make out thats its a princess.

I see more clearly that it is Daisy. Pauline is grabbing the axe. She lifts it high into the air. "Any lasts words?" she asks. "Shut the h*** up you b****" I say. "Very good" she says, as I take my last dying breathe before my head is split in two.

Bowser J.r P.O.V.

"Ha Ha Ha"! I laughed as I killed some little child my age. I stabbed her with a knife straight in the heart. I rememberd the confused look on her face as she tried to figure out what to do. Then I snuck up on her and killed her. I took the knife out of her back and it had fresh blood on it. I put it into the pea green backpack I found near my platform.

I decided it was an okay idea to go into the dark brush near the other side of the arena. I started up runing trying to dodge the weapons thrown either at me, or other people. I was so lucky with the last one though. Kammy had aimed towards me as I was almost at the other side of the arena. I missed just by a milisecond. I hurrily look in my backpack for a weapon. Ah, a slingshot. But I need something to throw it with. Hmm. The knife!

I try to pull it out but I can't get it out! I grab a rock and use it instead. It-it-it hits her! She died! Wow, I didn't know that could happen. I do a happy dance just until I see a toad coming. They circle around me with little knives and swords. "Get him" says Toad.

I grab my knife and through it at Toadette. Damn, it didn't kill her. But she is bleeding. She opens her backpack and grabs a bandage and puts it over her head. She falls over backwards but the other toads don't seem to notice because they keep throwing there knives at me.

I start to get weaker and weaker till I fall dead on the ground.

Mario's P.O.V

I totally tricked Bowser JR. He thinks he killed Kammy but I actually did. I think running with the arrow I took from her corpse. And I saw the whole fight with him and the Toads. Pathetic I must say. I run to meet with the rest of the Careers.

"Hey Mario" said Daisy.

"I killed Kammy". I said as we ran to the Career base.


"How many do you think died yet"? I asked.

I heard six. Luigi butted in.

We had gotten to the Career base.

The Career's [besides me] were Peach, Daisy, Luigi, Bowser, and Pauline.

There was a silence between all of us. We knew that the 53 Hunger Games had begun. And may the odd's ever be in our favor.