Here I stand on this wooden stage, watching, waiting, crying silently as my heart shatters slowly. The pieces slip on the plywood below me, making me an emotional train wreck and probably embarrassing you even further. I was never the man for you, we all knew, but hearing the words slip from your perfectly reddened lips made everything worse, little miss princess. I never wanted to admit the fact to myself, but you just rubbed my love in my face, in front of your friends, family, possibly the whole Mushroom Kingdom. They were but one giant face, watching, waiting, commenting loudly on what I had just done. The only friendly face I saw in the crowd was Wario who, for once, had stopped chewing on his garlic clove and was staring in disbelief at me. He actually wore something resembling- believe it or not- sorrow on his face, like it was his fault I had been put through this.

It was, in a way. But I refuse to let him take the fall for this. I was the one who had made the desicion to talk to you in the first place, right? It was a mistake, thinking about it. Perhaps if I hadn't, none of the troubles currently unfolding would be happening. We'd continue the party, and you'd sit with your sweetheart, holding hands and giggling like you'd just won the grand freakin' lottery. But even so, my heart would still be breaking in two, watching this little happy gathering, so maybe it wouldn't of made such a difference.

I stood on the stage, the light above beating on my back like a drum, as your heavily make-upped eyes fluttered to Luigi cautiously. You probably wanted him to do something, right? Jump up, save the day, take you away from the awful Waluigi like Mario was always doing with Peach. She would be in danger, the priss, stupid enough to allow herself to be captured again. Mario, the glorified hero, would come smashing through Bowser's hideout, defeating the firebreating brute and would save his darling. You wanted that, didn't you? A hero to save you from the likes of turtles and evil enchanters. But if this fool couldn't even save you from the fright of Waluigi, then what good was he? The truth is princess, no one will ever look upon you seriously, not even your own groom, for you live in the shadow of the all-powerful Peach. Nobody cares about that small little kingdom you supposedly rule. But that nobody? It could of been at least a population of one person- It could of been me, the one who cared. I could of cared about you more than any Luigi could, could of even ignore Peach's rule, her mere existence if only you had given me the key to your heart. Do you think Luigi cares? Do you think he knows about the kingdom of yours? I bet he couldn't even name it. Sarasaland, my dear. That's what it is called. And also, unlike Luigi, I could of cared for the people of your kingdom, if in fact you actually have a kingdom, and it wasn't all just gossip. Mario claims he's visited there once. But how should we know if he's telling the truth? I mean, he did supposedly save you once from danger, all those years ago. Maybe the idea of a hero saving you entered your head after he rescued you from koopa knows what. And not being able to snag the hero himself, you bombared all of your love onto Luigi, the next best thing. For all I know, you may not even truly love him, and his bloodline is all you're after.

All I know is, you certainly don't love me.

To any outsiders listen in on my tale, do not fret. Sit down, and attend to the tale of one heartless woman, a green-clad man, a planned, mechanical love, heartbreak, and me, Waluigi, trying to make sense of it all. My end starts at the mere beginning, and for such a cliche line, it holds true to my tale. Sit down, my dears. Stories are warmth in a world so cold.

AN: I'm planning on only updating this series when I run out of ideas for what to write, as I want to focus my attention on my other Mario fic, "Amongst the Stars". However, this idea popped into my head and would not let go. I mean, I don't even know why I of all people have decided to write this. I hate Waluigi. Maybe this story can change things for me. Enjoy!

Hopefully, you guys understand my tendency to write short stories and update often.