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There were certain things in Maka's life that he had become accustomed to after living with a girl for four years. Like how she liked to walk around in men's clothing or how to appease her during that time of the month or how, like now, she walked out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel. He had become quite used to those things, ignoring his bodily urges just to take his partner up against the wall and have his way with her. He just stole glances at her body and that was enough for him when he was alone in his room late at night taking care of the hard on she had given him. And then there were moments like these where she always surprised him...


Maka jumped in his seat, contorting his body from the sideways position on his favorite reading chair, to see Soul rush out of her room in nothing but a towel after only being in there for a couple of seconds, her choppy, white, neck length hair still plastered to her neck. Her face was red, from anger or embarrassment he didn't know but he figured the former since her mouth had formed a thin line as she glared down at the cat that was resting on the couch. "Blair! What the fuck did you do with my clothes!"

The cat opened one eye and peered at her, trying to appear innocent. "Nyah, what are you talking about? Your clothes are in your closet."

"This!" Soul seethed, holding up a piece of cloth that Maka hadn't seen before. "Is not clothing!"

"It's a skirt," Blair said happily as she got up from her spot and stretched. Maka felt his jaw drop as he looked at the piece of cloth that Blair had called a 'skirt.' It didn't even look like it would cover anything much less Soul's ass. Not like Maka would have noticed; nope he totally didn't check out Soul's ass in her skinny jeans, not thinking how great it looked- that would make him a perv, which he wasn't.

He stopped his thought process when Blair transformed into her human form, her outfit barely covering her assets, and came to stand next to Soul, looking overly pleased with herself. "Of course it is!" she said taking the 'skirt' and holding it up against Soul's hips.

'No. Way. In. Hell,' Maka thought his temper rising. The skirt stopped just at the top of Soul's thighs. It would show WAY too much skin to the male half of society than he was willing to be comfortable with. He liked that fact that he was the only one to ever see her toned bare legs and he would like to keep it that way!

"And it would give a chance to show off all that sexy underwear you have, nyah!"

'No way am I- wait? What?'

"Blair!" Maka watched as Soul grabbed with one hand the top of the cat's shirt and bring her close until their noses touched. "Give me back my clothes or I swear I will tear you apart and feed you to a stray dog!"

Maka realized he would have to step in or end up having a dead cat on their hands, though it confused him on why Soul didn't deny the claim about the underwear.

With ease he laid down his book, pushing back the bangs of his short hair, and got up from the chair and walked over to the pair. Carefully he stepped between the two of them, pushing them back until Soul had let go off Blair. He then gripped Soul by the shoulders and began walking her back to her room, ignoring the urge just to take her. "Soul don't threaten Blair," he said, surprised at how calm and collected he sounded.

"And Blair," Maka continued glaring back at the cat who had followed them. "Give Soul her clothes back."

"Nyyyaaaahhhh," Blair whined. "What's the point of having sexy undies if you don't show them off?" Maka felt Soul try to lunge at her and stopped his weapon while sending Blair a look that this was not up for discussion.

"Don't make me Maka Chop you Blair..."

"Nyah fine!" Blair pouted. She raised one hand and gave it a swirl saying, "Pum-pum-pumpkin transform!"

Instantly Soul wretched herself out of Maka's grasp and ran to her closet. Maka heard Soul let out a relieved sigh before running over to her dresser and opening all those drawers except for the top one. "Thank God...," Soul muttered before turning to the cat and giving her a glare pushing back her still wet bangs from her face. "Don't you dare do that again Blair! Or I will kill you!"

"What's the point of hiding your undies though?" Blair said coming to stand next to the young adult. "I didn't tell you about them for you to hide them." Maka remembered the time that Blair had first laid eyes on Soul and was now bound and determined to make the woman wear more girly clothing, which Soul despised.

"That's not the point Blair!" Soul said turning around to fish out a pair of basketball shorts and a men's t-shirt. "I will do what I please with my underwear! So stop doing shit like this!"

Soul must have forgotten that Maka was still in the room, or had left, because without thinking she opened her top drawer finally allowing Maka to see the contents inside.

Maka's heart nearly stopped and his blood ran hot as he looked at the colorful array of underwear. Pink, yellow, black, blue, and all sorts of colors and types, boy shorts, hip huggers, and all the underwear in between. They were made of various material, lace seeming to be the favorite followed by silk. Maka couldn't stop the mental pictures if he tried, envisioning Soul's fine ass in all of them and the matching bras that would hold her firm size C breasts.

But then a deeper thought struck Maka that made everything come to a halt in his body. That kind of underwear was only bought if someone was in a relationship and... having sex. A memory surfaced from his childhood, when he had gone through his mother's chest of drawers looking for candy she might have hidden there and came across his mother's stash of underwear she wore out when she... went out on the town... At such a young age he hadn't realized that but as he grew older that's what that kind of underwear became synonymous with- sex and cheating.

'Soul...,' Maka couldn't bring himself to think of Soul with another man; to think that someone else had seen what he had longed to see; to think she was cheating on him- cause damn it they were partners! They were promised to each other first! It nearly broke his heart. He tried to think of someone but that led to her either having something with Black*Star or Kid which was unlikely since both of them were in relationships with their respective weapons.

"Maka!" Maka snapped out of his thoughts to look at Soul looked at him with surprise. Apparently she had forgotten he was still in the room. When they made eye contact Soul's face turned from one of surprise to worry. "Maka is something wrong?"

"Ah... no," Maka said with a weak smile. Soul sent him a look saying she didn't believe him at all. "I-It's nothing. I'll just leave you to get dressed." Without waiting for a response he rushed off, slamming the door in his wake.

Quickly he dove into his own room and snapped the door shut. In the safety of his room the silence was welcoming as he slid his back down his door, falling to the floor. His mind couldn't process what he had seen or the connotations that went with it. Soul was with a guy... and it wasn't him.
'Should have gotten the nerve to ask her... now it's too late...'

He felt his eyes water up and a tear escaping from from the corner of his eye. It was quickly followed by another one which led to another one and soon he was silently crying. 'God damn it Soul... why?'

After letting his emotions out, Maka had decided to read until dinner since it was Soul's turn to cook tonight. But that was easier said than done because he couldn't focus on the words instead his mind wandering back between imagining Soul in her sexy underwear and the revelation that Soul was with another man. When the time came around he was frustrated and it didn't help that dinner was an awkward event. Maka had tried to play it cool but he couldn't find it in himself to even look at Soul. Soul wasn't helping matters either by staying more quiet than usual, just poking at her food and eating a bite here and there. Needless to say he was happy when it was over and Soul had offered to do the dishes.

In the confines of his room he tried to concentrate on doing school work but that plan failed and around nine he decided it was time for bed. Without saying goodnight to his housemates he changed into his pj's and climbed into bed to try and get some sleep.

Apparently that was also going to be denied to him as he kept tossing and turning in his bed, images plaguing his mind, some of them making his blood boil and others making it run cold. Finally, after two hours, he decided to forgo sleep and quietly climbed out of bed.

Exiting his room, the apartment was blessedly silent, meaning everyone was asleep and he could just think with no distractions. Silently he made his way over to his favorite chair and sat sideways in it, so his head could rest comfortably on the armrest. He stared up at the ceiling, his heart heavy. What was he going to do about this situation? Ignore it? Confront her? If he did what would that do to their partnership?

He didn't know how long he sat there, letting these thoughts filter through his head. He was finally deciding on whether he was going to go bed when he heard, "So you can't sleep either?"

Startled, he jumped in his chair, twisting his head to see Soul leaning against the wall that led to the kitchen. Maka felt his throat tighten as he took in his partner, boy pjs and all. He found it strangely attractive that she was wearing sweats and a t-shirt that was two sizes too big for her, the collar leaning to the left to reveal more of that tanned neck he loved. In her hands was their only carton of orange juice and he knew she had been drinking from it again.
"Soul, you really got to stop drinking out of the carton," he said finally, feeling it was safe territory.

Soul was not amused; she narrowed her eyes at him and a frown marred her usually neutral features. "You've been acting strange," she said moving toward the couch before taking a big chug out of the carton just to piss him off.

"Soul! Stop that!" Maka sat up straight and followed her to the couch and yanked it out of her hand, looking at her right in those beautiful red eyes. "That is a disgusting habit."

"Well it finally got you to look at me didn't it?" Maka nearly flinched and he broke eye contact feeling guilty.

There was a heavy silence between the two of them.

"What's wrong?" Soul finally asked quietly. Maka debated with himself on whether he should answer, to voice his insecurities but decided that it might not be the best. He didn't want Soul to think him uncool than she already thought he was.

"It's nothing."

"Nothing...," Soul mimicked, clearly not believing him. "Bullshit."

They made eye contact again and Maka had to resist the urge to lean down and kiss her, to confess that he loved her, had for a long time, and to leave whoever she was seeing and come back to him. He didn't do any of that though and remained stoically quiet. Finally Soul was the one to break the contact with a heavy sigh.

Taking his hand she forced him to sit down with her. Maka placed the carton of orange juice down on the table in front of them letting her still hold his hand. It felt good, it reminded him on how close they were, to them holding hands was natural as breathing. Even when she began to rub her thumb over the back of his hand, he didn't pull away, though he got a pleasant chill down his spine.

"Is this about what happened this evening?" she asked, snapping him out of his reverie and look at her. "Cause I swear I totally forgot you were in the room-"

"What? No that's not it!"

"Then what the fuck is it!" Soul shouted letting go of his hand. He desperately wished to hold it again but held back the urge. "You've been acting funny since then! So what the fuck is wrong?"

Maka wanted to pull Soul close to him and promise her that nothing was wrong, that he could figure this out himself. But the glare she was sending his way made him stop. "I..I..." He couldn't say it, no matter what, he couldn't find it in him to say it. He felt pressured, the tight feeling in his chest building up that he might crack.

"Just say it!"

"Are... Are you cheating on me?"

"...What!" Maka wanted to slap himself on how he phrased the question. 'Good going idiot.'

"I mean... are you seeing someone? That I don't know about?"

Soul looked at him like he was crazy. "What the hell are you talking about? Where is this coming from?"

"...the underwear...," he started, looking away embarrassed. "I... It makes me think you're seeing someone cause... you know... girls only get underwear like that when they are seeing someone and... and well you know..." At least he hoped she did.

What followed was a tense silence, so thick you could cut it with a knife. Maka sat, tense, waiting for some kind of confirmation for his fears.

"You're an idiot." Maka flinched at that. Not because of the wording but because of how the words were said. She said them in a monotone voice, completely void of emotions. Looking at her face, it was just as blank, that he could tell even though she wasn't looking at him. No tension in the jaw, eyes void of emotions... in essence Soul was pissed. And not the kind of pissed where she would yell, cry, and scream at him but the kind of pissed where at any moment she could explode and was detaching her emotions from the situation.

Maka had only seen this side once, when one of Maka's fangirls wouldn't leave him alone. Words were shared and things were said and the girl had made a comment about Soul's family. No one talked about Soul's family in a negative term and got away with it. No one. She wouldn't hesitate to kill someone when she was that mad, and if it hadn't been for Maka the girl might not have made it out alive.

"Soul..." The woman next to him stood up and began to walk away. She stopped though when she was heading for the hallway that led to her room.

"Contrary to popular belief Maka," Soul said with a little venom but still remaining neutral. "I am a girl. And every once in awhile I like to feel pretty. Just because I have sexy underwear, that makes me feel beautiful every day, does not mean I am seeing someone...or cheating on you. That's uncool."

With that she walked away and closed the door.

Maka sat there stunned. She wasn't cheating on him... she wasn't with someone else... she wore that underwear to feel pretty under her boyish clothing. 'Oh God, oh God, oh God! What have I done!' A quick panic built in his entire body as he began to think of huge mistake he had made based on his stupid assumption. How long had they been partners and Soul had every opportunity to leave and hadn't? How many times has Soul told him that they would be partners until the end? Even after he made her into a Death Scythe. 'YOU MORON!' he yelled at himself as the reality of the situation came crashing down on him. 'FUCK!'

Part of him wanted to jump up and barge into Soul's room, begging on his hands and knees for forgiveness, while the other half told him to wait until she was less angry and less likely to kill him. Instead he compromised.

Slowly he let tendrils of his soul out, reaching cautiously out to Soul's own. Just when he was about to touch his with hers, she suddenly withdrew from him, as he were on fire, leaving him more cold and empty. Quickly Maka drew back his soul feeling like more of a jerk than he had in his entire life. He had hurt his partner, his best friend, by accusing of things she didn't do. Oh God did he screw up royally this time.

Feeling more down then he had in his lifetime, in a zombie like state, he stood, forgetting everything around him, and went to his room to try and figure out how to fix the mess he made.

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