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Soul glanced at herself in the full length mirror feeling more self conscious than she had in her entire life. The red chemise nightgown barely covered her ass but Kassy had said that when her and Maka had been there last week he had said this outfit was his favorite.

"He said he liked you Soul," Kassy said as the girl started having doubts about getting the outfit. "Take the chance."

'This is so uncool,'she thought, spinning around to look at herself fully in the mirror. Aren't cool girls supposed to have confidence? Where was that confidence now when she needed it the most? Soul wanted to cry.

'Gah! Why is it so fucking hard to tell a guy that you love him!'Sighing heavily, she glanced down at her hands and saw the gold and silver ring that glistened off her right hand. A smile crept across her face as she brought up her hand and cupped it against her chest.

She laughed a little from the warm feeling she felt inside. The ring meant so much to her, more than Maka would ever know. It was such a nerdy, and surprising, idea but Soul loved it even though she hadn't said it out loud. Maka knew she liked the idea though cause he would smile at her whenever he caught her glancing at it, before looking at his own that Soul noticed he wore everyday. Besides taking it off for showers, Soul also wore hers everyday.

'I can't believe how girly I'm acting,' she thought letting out a dreamy sigh. Turning around, she faced the mirror again, placing her hand on her hips, to try and talk herself to go outside her room. 'You can do this Soul! Just go out there and tell him!'

It seemed Fate decided to help Soul along because just as the thought exited her mind the door to her room opened for Maka to step through. "Hey Soul what do you..." Maka's voice died off as he looked at his partner wearing the exact outfit he had imagined her in last week. All brain functions ceased and all the blood pulled down to a certain anatomy that was between his legs. He had been so wrong about that outfit covering everything; it barely covered Soul's rear and her breasts (and they were a fantastic pair of breasts too, Maka realized). The silk material clung to her body, showing off how thin she really was and showing off more of those toned legs than he had ever seen before.

They stared at each other for what felt like an eternity before Soul's face turned a lovely shade of red. "MAKA!" she shouted jumping on her bed and grabbing her comforter to wrap it around her. "God damn it! Haven't you ever heard of knocking!"

"S-s-sorry!" he said, still not able to look away. How could he knowing what was under the comforter?

Soul buried her head in her comforter, this was not how she wanted Maka to see her. This entire situation was uncool! She heard the door close and thought Maka had left but that theory was proven wrong when she felt the bed dip and the springs creak. She didn't dare raise her head up, too embarrassed to confront Maka in her state. Maka seemed fine with that though because he sat there silently, waiting for her.

"...What?" she finally asked, still not looking at him.

"I... So... What's the occasion?"

Soul knitted her brows together and finally lifted her head up to look at him. "Are you serious?"

Maka smiled down at her. "Got you to look at me."

Soul looked at him before letting out a sigh. "Yeah, I guess it did," she said, sitting up allowing her comforter to fall away. Maka forced himself not to look at her breasts, instead focusing on her face.

"You care to explain?" he prompted, kind of hoping he was the reason she had such an outfit now.

"I'm not cheating on you," Soul responded immediately as she repositioned herself for her feet to hang off the bed like Maka's.

"I know," Maka said quietly. "You wouldn't do that to me. So that leaves the question, why are you wearing... that."

"I felt like it was time to get more girlier sleepwear?" Soul countered falling back on her defense of witty banter.

"I'll believe that when the world comes to end."

Soul laughed a little, smiling, but quickly her mood dropped bringing her smile down. They sat together in a semi-comfortable silence.

"So... the outfit..."

Soul felt herself blush as Maka started to talk. "I..."


"I... It's totally uncool but... I... Iwantedtoimpressyou!" Soul stiffened waiting for some sort of response.

"Wait? What? You spoke too fast."

Soul inwardly groaned, god damn it he was making her say it again.

"I said... I... wanted to... impress you..." Soul sat tense, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

"You... what?" Maka asked staring at Soul. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. It was almost too good to be true!

Soul swallowed and took a deep breath. Her face was beet red and her eyes were looking anywhere but at Maka.

"I wanted to impress you," she said again, this time more confident. "I..." She struggled to find the words because she really didn't want to screw this up. She didn't want to lie but she didn't exactly want to tell the entire truth. She was scared that it would ruin everything they had worked so hard for. But that little voice inside of her was telling her to take that chance, to go for it. Then her eyes traveled a little over to Maka and she saw he was wearing his promise ring. 'Oh screw it!'

"I love you Maka," she whispered, her hands fisting on her knees and her heart beating fast that she was sure that Maka could hear it. "I have for a long time. I just wanted to wear something to get your attention- mpfh!"

Suddenly she was cut short as Maka grabbed her face and kissed her outright on the lips. It was chaste but the pressure behind it expressed Maka's pent up frustration and relief. Soul was frozen on the spot, eyes wide, even as he pulled away and they made eye contact for the first time.

Soul's breath caught in her throat, seeing how Maka's usual green eyes had darkened to forest green and his breath was coming out in little pants. "You didn't have too," he said, his voice a little deeper that sent shivers down Soul's spine. "I've noticed you for a long time I just..." This time a little blush crossed his face and he smiled a little. "Didn't know how to getyourattention," he admitted.

"Wha..?" Soul asked breathlessly, too scared and excited to believe this was happening. Her hands went up to cup his hands that still held her face allowing him to see the ring that he had given her which made him smile more.

"What I'm trying to say... is... I love you too. But I didn't know how to get your att- mphf!" This time it was Maka's turn to be cut off as Soul's lips crashed against his. This one wasn't as chaste as they began to work against his rough lips as Soul climbed into his lap, her legs straddling his hips. Instinctively Maka's hands grabbed hold of her waist, the thin silk material hiding nothing from his hands as they began to wander slowly over her body.

Soul's fingers tangled themselves in his hair as she moaned against him, writhing in his lap. Her chemise had risen up and Maka found his hands bringing it up even farther before they cupped the firm globes of her ass. He groaned when he realized that he was cupping actual flesh and not some other material but still he knew there was something cause he felt a string resting on the top of her ass. 'She's wearing a thong...'The thought made him groan more as he remembered Kassy's words about what kind of underwear came with the chemise and he brought her hips closer to his causing their cores to rub together.

Soul gasped and pulled away from their heated kiss causing Maka to groan again, missing the contact. Soul looked at him for a minute before a devious smile spread across her face. "Hmmm," she hummed, forcing Maka to look into her half lidded garrett colored eyes. "What do we have here?" She rocked against him which caused him to whimper and grip her hips tightly with both hands.

"Soul..." Taking advantage of his parted lips, Soul smashed hers against his diving her tongue in to entice him to play. Maka didn't know when she had gotten so much dominance over him as his tongue shyly started moving against hers before going all out in a wet makeout session. He didn't really mind though, especially when she started rocking her hips again.

She was teasing him, her strokes alternating between hard and fast to torturously slow. He needed something to hold onto or else he would slowly lose his mind. Without thinking his hands had traveled underneath her nightwear. He groaned as he finally felt her soft skin against his fingertips, having imagined this for so many months. 'Reality is way better,'he decided as he teased her, his hands only stopping just underneath her breast. Slowly his hands traveled back down her waist causing her to shiver before he repeated the process again.

Soul whimpered at Maka's tortuous pace and in retaliation she broke their heated kiss before latching onto his neck and lightly bit him. Maka groaned again loving the feeling and his breathing came out in heavier pants. Seeing this reaction, Soul bit down on him harder which caused him to moan and buck against her.

Soul continued to suck on the area, greatly enjoying her meister's reaction as he withered beneath her. Once she was satisfied that she had left her mark on him she kissed up his neck and jaw until she stopped at his ear. She nibbled on his earlobe and licked the outer shell before softly blowing in his ear that caused him to shudder. "Didn't know you liked it rough Ma~ka..."

Maka growled in the back of his throat. He was getting really tired of the teasing, turned on as hell at this point. He needed to be in control so he could torture her.

Quickly he turned his head to the side and used one of his hands to grab the back of her head to force her into an open mouth kiss. She gasped trying to pull back but Maka wasn't having any of it. Suddenly he stood causing Soul to squeak and wrap her legs around his waist. The sudden movement had caused them to break the kiss, Soul looking at Maka with a dazed expression.

"Maka? Wha-"

Soul didn't have time to finish the sentence Maka laid them roughly on the bed, Soul on the bottom this time and Maka hovering above her. Soul blinked rapidly in confusion at the sudden attitude change in her partner but would be lying if she said it didn't turn her on. In fact it turned her on a lot. Then all thought left as Maka kissed her roughly, bringing their bodies together.

Breaking the kiss, Maka began to pepper little kisses across Soul's jaw and throat, not staying in one area for long until he reached her collarbone and bit down harshly. Soul cried out from underneath him, arching her back in order to seek more contact. Continuing his ministrations, he felt her legs wrap tighter around his waist bringing their cores roughly together and she clawed at his back wishing for the clothes to disappear.

But Maka wasn't going to give into her just yet. Slowly his hands came back to life, stroking her sides slowly. The chemise had been pushed up to her breasts but Maka made no attempt to move the fabric further up, deciding to torture Soul more.

"Nnnngghh, Maka off!" Soul mewled unsure how to voice what she wanted off. She was too far gone to even care, wanting more.

"Mmmmm? What do you want off Soul-chan?" Maka replied pulling back to look at Soul as he continued to stroke her sides. He decided that it would be good for Soul to have a taste of her own medicine; to make her feel what he had felt for years every time she came out of the bathroom in only a towel. "What do you want off?"

Soul huffed in frustration before a little devious smile spread across her face. While Maka had leaned up, one of Soul's hands had gone between the two of them and had slithered down between their lower halves. Without preamble she reached up and cupped his package through the material of his khakis causing Maka to choke. Soul laughed darkly as she continued to fondle him, watching his face contort into pleasure and his hips try to hump her hand.

When she is sure he is distracted enough, she suddenly flipped them over ending up straddling his hips again. Before he could say anything, she reached for the end of the chemise and pulled it clean off her body, flinging the article of clothing somewhere. Maka sat there for a moment too stunned to do anything as he looks at the pair of perky breasts in front of him that he has been dying to see since forever and the scar that ran diagonally across her chest, running from her left shoulder to her right hip. The sight it used to make Maka cringe but now he found it sexy as hell.

Soul smiles seductively down at him before her hands reached up and cupped both of her breasts. "Like what you see?" she taunted as she used her pointer finger and her thumb to pinch her nipples, giving them a hard twist. She bit her bottom lip to keep herself from crying out as she continued to pleasure herself. She couldn't stop her hips through from grinding against his package but then she thought it wasn't such a bad thing when he used both of his hands to grip her hips tightly and started panting heavily as he continued to watch her.

Licking her dry lips, Soul let go of her left breast and let her hand slide down her body. Maka was torn whether or not to continue to watch Soul play with her breast or to watch the hand that was traveling down her toned belly and tracing her scar. The hand won once he saw where its destination was, causing his heart to nearly stop. "Thong's not crotchless," he muttered, kind of disappointed.

"Hmmm, maybe if you're a good boy I will buy a pair just for you to see," Soul breathed as she continued to play with herself. She didn't really want to tell him that she didn't feel confident enough to where something like that because that would be way uncool.

Soul's fingers lightly played with the string of her thong, running them lightly across her hips which caused her to buck more against him and made him moan as he mimicked the action. Once she was sure that his attention was solely focused on the area she let her hand slip inside the material. Maka's eyes nearly popped out of his head as he watched her, wishing desperately for the thong to be gone so he could see all of her.

Soul had to lift her hips a bit to allow herself to spread her nether lips before her middle finger reached out at lightly tapped at her clit. She decided to torture him by not removing the last bit of clothing on her body, not allowing him to see as she teased herself, letting her middle finger play with her outer lips. All Maka could see was the outline of her fingers through the silk material, playing with herself.

Maka's grasp on her hips became impossibly hard, matching the pressure he was feeling in his pants. Maka watched Soul biting her bottom, eyes knitting together as sweat started forming on her face. She closed her eyes and leaned forward a little, taunting Maka to sit up and start sucking on her abandoned breast. "Maka..." Soul mewled, jaw dropping to let out little pants.

Hearing her pleasure induced gasp, he pulled her down on top of his hard and began rubbing her against him. The friction caused her fingers to rub against her clit. She gasped in pleasure and opened her eyes to look into Maka's lust filled eyes."Soul..."

Soul smirked, loving the needy sound in Maka's voice. Slowly she removed her fingers slowly, pressing down slightly through thong onto Maka's package causing the young man to buck. Clear juices covered her fingers and she watched Maka lick his dry lips as she brought them to her mouth. Seductively, she brought her index finger into her mouth and began to clean it off slowly before following with the other two, all the while never breaking eye contact.

Maka watched the erotic sight in front of him, mouth wide, panting, and his pants growing even tighter; part of him almost not believing he was seeing this and the other half wishing he would be the one that cleaned her fingers off. Soul must have been gleaned a little of his desire because when she pulled her hand away she smirked down at him. She hummed as she placed her hands on his clothed chest and began to massage her way up. "You looked kind of hungry Ma~ka," she whispered quietly. "You wanna taste?"

Maka groaned out loud at the thought and nodded his head, voice gone long ago.

Because his hands were already on her hips, Maka gripped the strings and watched as the material finally slid away from his prize. Her juices glistened in the light making his mouth water. When the thong had been removed and tossed somewhere in the room, Soul kneeled over his upper chest. Maka used both his hands to grab Soul's ass and began pushing her toward his head.

Quickly catching on, Soul smiled and readily helped. The final position they ended up in was Maka's head in between Soul's thighs, her womanhood right above his face. Maka looked at his glistening prize before slowly slipping his tongue out and giving a slow tentative lick. Soul sucked in a gasp gripping the headboard as a shudder went through her body. God, if a lick could do this to her what would happen when Maka went all out?

Maka loved the tremble he felt and saw. He loved looking up to see Soul closing her eyes and gripping her headboard tightly as her eyebrows furrowed and her mouth slightly opened. He loved that he was the only one that could make her feel that way so he had to do it again.

When he licked her again Soul let out a little mewl, trembling again. To tease her more, he kissed and nibbled her thighs up and down, avoiding the area she wanted him to pay the most attention to. Maka listened as the her headboard creaked under Soul's vice like grip. "Maka please!" she finally begged opening her eyes to look down at him pleadingly, panting heavily.

Looking away from his torture, Maka looked into her pleading eyes and finally decided to have pity on her... in a way. Holding back a smile, he was able to maneuver his hands to cup the curves of her ass. He left them there for a moment making Soul groan in protest because he had also stopped doing anything to her nether regions. With that he did smile before roughly bringing her pussy straight to his mouth.

Soul screamed out in surprise and pleasure at finally feeling Maka's mouth on her. His mouth moved over her pussy in the most sensual, teasing ways and was hot as his tongue snaked in between her folds. One of her hands reached down to lace her fingers through his hair to grind herself against him as he jabbed and bit at her. She threw her head back, letting out mewls and pants of pleasure. "Maka!"

Maka groaned at hearing the need in Soul's voice. The pressure in his pants was becoming unbearably tight, so he reluctantly had one hand let go of her ass and went down to the zipper of his trousers. He wrestled with his belt and zipper before finally being able to push the material of his pants and boxers out of the way allowing his cock to spring free. He sighed in relief as he gripped himself, using his precum as lubricante as he continued to eat Soul out, moving slowly up and down like he had many nights in the past.

Eyes closed and head thrown back, Soul didn't feel his hand leave her body, just enjoying the sensation that he was causing through her body. There was a burning feeling in the pit of her stomach that was slowly building to consume her. She didn't know how much longer she was going to last; she opened her eyes to look down at Maka to warn him but then noticed out of the corner of her eye that one of his arms was straight.

Turning her head, she groaned out loud when she saw Maka pleasuring himself. The fire in her stomach was set more aflame at the sight, nearly cumming. For the first time she saw her meister's cock and had the overwhelming need to have it inside of her. She was about to voice this, when Maka's tongue snaked up to the bundle of nerves at her opening and his mouth and teeth soon followed. Soul sobbed in pleasure as he played with her clit for a bit before suddenly taking it in between his teeth and bit down roughly.

Soul screamed out as pleasure and pain mixed together as she let herself go. Her eyes blacked out, her body stiffening, as she continued to ride out her orgasm. Maka groaned as her juices flooded his mouth and her thighs tightened around his head to an almost unbearably. That didn't stop him though as he continued to lick her; it wasn't until he had rung the last drop out of her and felt her go slack against him did he finally pull away, sucking in much needed air.

Soul didn't look like she was going to move anytime soon, so he gently pushed her off and rearranged themselves until she was laying next to him, eyes glazed, a goofy smile on her face, and breathing heavily. A light sheen of sweat covered her body and Maka leant forward to kiss her shoulder, tasting the saltiness of it.

Slowly he kissed down her arm then up again, along her shoulders, and up her neck. He nibbled on her ear for a bit before kissing his way down to her lips and kissing her gently. Soul moaned as she opened her mouth and their tongues began to intertwine again. Soul sighed happily when Maka finally pulled away and the two of them looked at each other in the eyes. "That... was cool," Soul breathed as she turned her body to face him. "You seemed too good at that." She kissed him again before he could respond though her tone wasn't accusatory.

"Books," Maka managed to say as they broke apart to catch their breaths before Soul kissed him again. Soul hummed before chuckling a little.

Breaking apart again, Soul shivered in excitement at seeing the lustful look in Maka's eyes. The kissing had helped build back the growing embers in the lower pit of her stomach, the look her partner was sending her now adding to it. Breaking eye contact, Soul let her eyes travel down her meister's athletic built body, it having filled out over the years of fighting kishin, before her eyes landed on his cock. Now actually facing it in the bedroom light, she saw that it was pale as the rest of Maka's body, more long than thick, and veiny. "You're still hard," Soul breathed, reaching out and wrapping her her left hand around him. She felt Maka's breath hitch as she did so before coming out in little pants as she started moving up and down.

"I... won't be... for l-long...! If-If you don't stop!" Maka got out harshly, grabbing her hand to stop her before he lost it. Soul looked up at him, seeing his eyes closed as he tried to catch his breath and reign in his raging hormones. She leaned up to his ear, gently blowing on it to get his attention, before whispering,

"I need you Maka."

That got Maka's attention as he opened his eyes and looked down into her burning orbs. "You sure?" Maka asked, licking his dry lips.

"Never more sure of anything in my life," Soul said giving him her infamous smirk. She then kissed him passionately and reached out to start unbuttoning his dress shirt, his coat and tie having been discarded when he had gotten home. Quickly, Maka helped Soul in ridding him of the rest of his clothes, the need for foreplay now gone, replaced with the need to be one.

Soon Maka's clothes were gone, somewhere on the floor, and he was kneeling in between Soul's legs. Maka looked at Soul laid out in front of him looking up at him with the mixture of trust and adoration on her face. Her spread legs wrapped enticingly around his hips, encouraging to move forward. Maka wanted to, but he hesitated; Soul was a virgin after all, he didn't want to cause her too much pain. Soul huffed, probably feeling the hesitation through their link.

"It's ok Maka," she breathed as she started rubbing her pussy against his cock. Maka's breath caught in his throat as his hormones flared and he quickly grasped her hips to stop her. "I trust you Maka..."

Maka felt his throat grow tight at that, her words meaning more to him than she knew. Slowly he nodded and reached between them to position himself at her entrance when a new thought struck him. "Wait. Soul, I don't have a condom." He wanted to cry because nothing else but utter completion with his weapon could satisfy him but he didn't want to risk getting her pregnant. 'Yet...,'the darker half of his mind said, the side of his mind he had always ignored when Soul came out of the shower.

"It's ok Maka," Soul whined, lift her hips, rubbing herself against him again. "On pill. Now fuck me!" Maka stored that bit of information back into his mind later, right now his partner was begging for him to take her; who was he to deny her?

Trusting her, Maka gave a firm nod before gripping himself and slowly pushing his way inside her. He hissed as Soul groaned; God she was so tight! He tried not to close his eyes as her warmth enveloped him, wanting to watch Soul's face for any signs of discomfort, but it was so damn hard not to just ram into her! Soul's hands fisted in her sheets, her face scrunched together in what might have been mistaken as pain had it not been for the amount of pleasure she was sending in between their souls. Finally Maka stopped when he felt the resistance of her maidenhood.

Breathing heavily, he propped himself on his arms, stationing them on either side of her head. "Soul..." Finally opening her eyes, they stared at each other for a moment before Maka pulled back a bit before forcefully breaking her barrier and filling her all the way.

Soul cried out in pain, stiffening under him, with a few tears falling from her eyes. Maka leant down, kissing her deeply, before peppering her face and licking away her tears, mumbling soothing words as he did so. What felt like an eternity, Soul finally relaxed under him. "I'm... alright...," she whispered, her voice thick.

"You sure?" Maka didn't want to cause her any more pain than what he already had, no matter how bad his body was telling him to just take her like an animal.

"Yeah. It just... feels weird... I can feel you-" she reached between them, resting her hand on her lower stomach, right where her womb would be. "Here. It feels weird." She then shifted her hips, causing Maka to gasp at the sensation. Soul smirked and did it again causing the same reaction. In retaliation Maka pressed his hips down making Soul gasp. "Maka..."

Figuring now she was ready, Maka pulled out a few inches before pushing back in. Soul gasped and mewled under him as he did it a few more times to gauge her reaction before Soul growled and she glared up at him. "I'm not a doll Maka! Fuck me!"

Maka growled back at her but followed her orders, pulling back until his tip remained inside before plundering back in forcefully. Soul's reaction was instantaneous, a loud gasp and her back arching. "Maka!"

He had the sudden urge to hear her scream his name louder, so when he pulled back again he added more force. He wasn't disappointed. Soul screamed his name louder, her hands reaching up and latching onto his back. He still took it slow though, prolonging her torture as she continued to cry out his name. "Faster Maka! Please!"

Maka quickly found he liked it when Soul was begging. The way she sounded and how her hands scratched at his back sent the most delicious feelings to the pit of his stomach that was quickly building. Slowly, that slow pace he had wanted to maintain disappeared, as Soul continued to beg for him to take her harder and faster. The backboard began to bang against the wall, but Maka paid it no mind, his attention solely on the woman below him and giving them both pleasure they longed for.

He was close, the tension in him almost too much, but he didn't want to cum before her; he need Soul to let go before he did. Soul's face was scrunched together, body flush and covered in sweat. She started trembling and her voice started getting louder, like she had when she had first cum, so he knew she was close as well.

Leaning back, Maka looked at the area where their bodies connected. He almost came on the spot, seeing his cock going in and out of her but the overwhelming, and surprising, emotion of possessiveness overridden that. 'She's yours now,'his darker half whispered at him. Maka growled in agreement before he let one of his hands wander between them to grasp Soul's clit. Soul's eyes snapped open as she let out a loud gasp, looking at where his hand was before meeting his gaze. Maka smiled deviously before getting a better grip on the little bundle of nerves and giving it a hard twist.

Soul screamed out his name in the loudest voice Maka had heard that night and her pussy muscles clenched tightly around him that he could barely move. All he could do push forcefully all the way in one last time before Soul's muscles stopped him from moving and he came, crying out Soul's name.

It was like both of them went to heaven and back as they felt their own and each other's pleasure. Slowly, their orgasms subsided, the after effects leaving two trembling young adults. Maka collapsed on top of Soul as he tried to catch his breath. Soul wrapped her arms tightly around his waist, her legs still wrapped around his hips and refusing to let go.

Once Maka was able to feel his limbs again he pushed himself up a little to look into Soul's eyes. Without thought, their lips met, not to ignite their passion again but to express what words couldn't at the moment. "I love you"they both said as they continued to kiss, Soul running her fingers through Maka's hair as he ran his hands soothingly along her body.

Finally Soul released her legs, groaning as Maka pulled out his wet, softening cock. Trying to keep as much body contact as he could, Maka rearranged them to where Soul's back was up against his chest, spooning her gently. Maka kissed Soul's shoulder tenderly, making Soul sigh in contentment. Maka smiled as he pulled her comforter over their bodies; he had to do one last thing though.

Carefully, he let his soul reach out to his partner's completely, though they had made a small connection during their lovemaking he needed to lay it all out on the line. Feeling Maka's soul, curiously she accepted him before gasping. For once Maka was opening himself completely to her, she felt his fear, his longing, his need, but most importantly his love for her. Without a second thought, Soul sent hers out to him, projecting the same emotions, letting herself be bare to him. Maka's grip tightened around her but the tension melted away from his body and he snuggled against her more. "Love you," he whispered.

"Love you too, bookworm." Maka just chuckled as both of them finally fell asleep, both feeling complete for once in their lives.

A few days later, Maka walked down the halls of DWMA. It was lunch period, classes starting back up in a few minutes, but Maka had decided to spend his time in the library looking up stuff for a research project. Soul had offered to bring him lunch but he had turned it down, not feeling particularly hungry.

At the thought of his partner, Maka smiled brightly. God how he loved the woman. The didn't act differently toward each other but if one looked closely, one could see the subtle differences. They stood closer, held hands more often, and whenever a member of the opposite sex approached them their partner would send them glares clearing saying "Stay away. They're mine now."

Maka and Soul both had agreed the next day after their first lovemaking session (which was followed by many more in the proceeding days) that they would keep their new found relationship quiet. It wasn't that they didn't want to tell them, it was just that they wanted to enjoy it for as long as possible before it spread to the entire school thanks to Black*Star, who was still not forgiven after the 'Panty Incident.' Maka wondered though how long they could keep it a secret because he was pretty sure everyone in their group except Black*Star had noticed something was going on between the two of them.

It didn't matter to Maka though. All that mattered was that Soul and him were happy. She even confessed her final secret, the birth control, saying that she had gone on it because of all the stress with being a weapon, school, being turned into a Death Scythe, and the kishin had caused her periods to become erratic and for her to suffered from pains like no other. When asked why she hadn't told him about she looked at him and said, "Maka, no offense, but there are somethings that just don't need to be shared with a guy."Maka couldn't fight that logic, remembering hearing conversations with Liz and Patti saying something that offered way too much information than he wanted to know.

"There you are." Snapping out of his thoughts, Maka saw Soul from the other side of the hallway, approach him with her hands shoved in her leather jacket. Maka was happy to say that Soul was once again back into her old wardrobe, black jeans and t-shirts, just the way he liked her. The sexy underwear though, only Maka saw.

He was about to answer his partner when he noticed the mischievous look in her eyes. Instead he raised an eyebrow as Soul came to stop only inches from him. "Can I help you?" he asked.

"Hmm no. Just wanted to check up on my preciousmeister." Maka gulped his suddenly dry throat. Soul was using that voice. Her sex voice, adding to the look in her eyes.

"Soul! No! We have class in a few minutes!"

"Hmmmm," Soul said, feigning disappointment. "Too bad then." She turned away and started to walk but stopped a few feet and turned her head to look behind her. "I was hoping to show you my underwear for today."

Maka nearly had a heart attack at hearing how blatantly she said that out loud but a quick Soul Perception check assured him that no one was around, including the classrooms. "Soul... I've already seen most of your underwear..." Which was true because a few days ago she had modeled almost all of them for him, leading to another round of lovemaking (thankfully Blair was working late).

"Really? I just bought these," Soul responded. "You know the pair you asked me about?"

Maka bunched his eyebrows together as he tried to think of a time he had asked her about buying a new pair of underwear. It took him a minute but suddenly it came back clearly to him. The crotchless thong. "Maybe if you're a good boy I will buy a pair just for you to see."

Soul smirked when she saw the wide-eyed expression Maka had with a small amount of blood running from his nose. To tantalize him, she lifted a bit of her shirt, reached a little into her pants, and pulled out a red string. She bought the pair yesterday, embarrassed she might add when Heather had practically hugged her to death and her and Kassy congratulated her on her new relationship. The look on Maka's face now was worth it though.

Letting the string go she dropped her shirt and began to walk away, adding a little swish to her hips like Heather had told her to do on advice. Maka watched his partner walk away, loving how her ass swad and particularly wonder where she had learned something like that. But those thoughts flew out the window when, with one last smirk, she went into one of the empty classrooms. Suddenly it didn't seem to matter anymore that he had had class in a bit; his attention focused on the woman in the classroom and the wonderful image she had offered, one because of the underwear she wore and the other having to do the taboo in having sex in a classroom.

Quickly, he scampered after his partner, locking the door behind him before they attacked each other. His last thought being happy to know only he would ever get to see what underwear she wore under her clothes from now on.