Will Shuester sighed deeply as he looked at his food he wasn't hungry. "What's wrong?" Emma asked. He smiled, ever since she has moved in he felt better now he had someone to discuss all his thoughts with.

"It's Sebastian Symthe he blackmailed Rachel to back out of the competition. He has caused nothing but trouble first the slushie, than this I don't know what to do Emma." Emma pulled out her purse and said "I think I have just the pamphlet for you. Ah here it is." She pulled out a pamphlet and handed it to Will. The pamphlet read 'What to Do When a Psychopathic Teenager Named Sebastian Terrorizes Your Glee Club Named New Directions.' "Wow, Will mumbles. This pamphlet is surprisingly accurate"

"Read it Will." Emma says with a smile. Will opens it and reads it for a minute he then looks up with a shocked face. Emma smiles.


"It was written for Diana Ross!" Mercedes exclaims. "No Mercedes you are wrong, Rachel informs. The Bodyguard was written for Barbra Streisand" Rachel says with a smile as Mercedes rolls her eyes. "Actually, Will says as he walks in, It was supposed to be Diana Ross and Steve McQueen back in the 70s" "Thank you Mr. Shue!" Mercedes says with a smile. "Why did you call this emergency Glee Club meeting Mr. Shue?" Quinn asks. "Obviously Mr. Shue has called this meeting too pull a Clash of the Titans and beat that Sebastian kids ass" Puck retorts with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face. "What is that like a movie or something?" Joe asks with a confused look on his face. Puck looks at him with a weirded out face. "Hells yeah, Santana quips I will go all Lima Heights on his bitch ass!"

"NO! Mr. Shue yells, "Emma gave me a pamphlet that gave me the perfect idea what to do. What do you do when a person is making your life difficult?" Mr. Shue asks. "Strangle him" Santana says. "Make him stay in the same room as Rachel for a whole day" Quinn says. "I put Lord Tubbington In a headlock until he quit his smoking addiction" Brittany says. "No, Will says but close. "Then what?" Blaine asks. Mr. Shue smiles. "Three Words Tell, His, Dad. The entire glee club gives each other uncertain glances.

"I vote we go with Puck's plan" Santana says. "Listen guys. Will says, If we fight fire with fire he'll just fire back then we'll fire back and nothing will get resolved. I know it sounds lame but when I was a kid there was nothing scarrier than when I made a mistake and had to face my dad. Who here can honeslty say there not scared of there dad when he's mad?"

The entire Glee club goes silent.

Will smiles triumphantly. "Good. Now I have called Sebastian's principle and he has called Sebastian's dad. And he along with Sebastian will be meeting here in the choir room Saturday at 12:00 PM. If you have problems with Sebastian and want to air them out be here at that time to discuss them with him and his father." The entire glee club nods. Oh I've got some things to air out all right, Kurt thinks.

Please tell me what you think. And any things I can do to make to make it better. I'm having a little trouble trying to figure out how I should portray Sebastain's father. Should I make him manipultive like Sebastian, immature, abusive, give me your idea's.